Beautiful wedding in Nelson Cathedral

The Couple : Greg & Rachel
Ceremony Location : Nelson Cathedral
Reception Venue : The Yacht Club - Nelson
Nelson Wedding Photography Storybook

Thank you so much for the fantastic photographs of our wedding.

Choosing the right wedding photographers in Nelson was a big decision for us and you didn’t let us down!

You are incredibly talented and we were so impressed with your professionalism and determination to get those magical shots. We love that you are always looking for new and unique ways of taking images – we never thought that the bride would end up in a tree but it was definitely worth it.

Greg hates having his photo taken and somehow you succeeded in getting him to relax and look like a model.

Thank you so much for your efforts – we will treasure our photos always.
We would highly recommend other couples to you.

Best wishes
Greg & Rachel
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Adam & Sarah married!

The Couple : Adam & Sarah
Ceremony Location : St Mary's Church - Nelson
Reception Venue : The Boathouse - Nelson
Nelson Wedding Photography Storybook

One of the best decisions we made for our wedding was having you both as our photographers.

You were able to perfectly capture so many special moments throughout the day, and the photos we received were absolutely amazing.

We could not have asked for more! You certainly have many fans back home in Australia!

Leading up to the wedding you were only more than happy to provide us with your advice, and on the day your ability to work so effortlessly together as a team and your fun, happy personalities only made our day more perfect.

We loved your creativity and willingness to try new things….really, the end results speak for themselves!

Thank you so much again, we are so grateful that we have such beautiful images to cherish forever.

Love, Sarah & Adam

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Scott & Vanessa-723

Nelson Cathedral wedding

The Couple : Scott and Vanessa
Ceremony Location : Nelson Cathedral
Reception Venue : Grand Mercure Monaco Resort - Nelson
Nelson Wedding Photography Storybook

After looking through many Websites, Magazines and Facebook. Daron and Chrissy from Nelson Wedding Photography really stood out and their work was exactly what we were looking for.

We had actually tried to book them once before, but they were booked on that date. After moving our wedding date we were really happy to confirm their services.

Daron & Chrissy went the extra mile to check out our suggested photo locations prior to our wedding. They provided us with their professional opinion which greatly helped us find the perfect place.

Daron seems to have an unlimited supply of positive energy which never failed to lift our spirits and keep the smiles coming. While Chrissy moved quietly in the background taking those unplanned and beautiful candid shots.

Daron with the keen understanding of photography and Chrissy who really knows what a bride wants, they make the perfect team.

We highly recommend Daron and Chrissy because you are not just getting one great photographer you are getting two great wedding photographers that complement each other perfectly, you couldn’t ask for more.

Thank you so much for capturing all those magical moments on our special day and making it such a pleasurable experience.
Scott & Vanessa
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Mark & Katie married!

The Couple : Mark & Katie
Ceremony Location : St Mary's Church - Nelson
Reception Venue : The Yacht Club - Nelson
Nelson Wedding Photography Storybook

Daron and Chrissy,

We were absolutely delighted with our wedding photos. We were so fortunate to have you as our wedding photographers, your experience, professionalism and friendly nature ensured that we were completely at ease and the day ran so smoothly.

Neither of us are natural posers and do not smile on demand, we always knew that the photographers we choose would have their work cut out for them to get some good photos.

Your excellent photography skills backed by your wonderful manner ensured you captured numerous smiles and some really magic moments that we had during the day with our family and friends and with just the two of us so that we can go back and re-live the day for years to come,

Thank you once again for our truly special photos.

Katie and Mark
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Adam & Tanique married!

The Couple : Adam and Tanique
Ceremony Location : Fairfield House - Nelson
Reception Venue : Fairfield House - Nelson
Nelson Wedding Photography Storybook

We both wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for capturing our perfect day. The photographs are absolutely breath-taking and far exceeded our expectations, we have had so many comments from friends and family that have been totally blown away by the amazing images you produced.

We had such a great time and taking the photographs was one of our favourite parts of the day

It was so helpful to sit down with you guys and plan the structure of the day beforehand too, it really helped the wedding run smoothly, put us totally at ease and left us free to enjoy ourselves!

You really did a fantastic job Daron & Chrissie, love your work!”

Adam & Tanique Sweeting
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Craig & Jodie-222

Sunny Jacket Island Wedding

The Couple : Craig & Jodie
Ceremony Location : Private venue - Motueka
Reception Venue : Petite Fleur at Seifried Estate - Nelson

Daron & Chrissy

We couldn’t be happier with the wedding photos. They have blown away all of our expectations. We have looked at them so many times already and are struggling to find favourites…we have so many to choose from!! Family and friends from around the globe continue to rave about our pictures.

Having the photos taken was one of the highlights of our day as you both made it so easy, fun and relaxing for us. You certainly both have the eye for exciting and original shots, wherever your location!!

It was fantastic to have two different perspectives of the same moments throughout the day, creating a bigger range of photos.

As we look through the photos over the many years to come, we know we will be forever grateful for your excellent work in capturing our big day.

A huge thank you to you both!!

Craig & Jodie xx
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Mark & Jen married!

The Couple : Mark & Jen
Ceremony Location : Nelson Cathedral
Reception Venue : Trailways Hotel - Nelson

I have tried over & over again to put in to words just how amazing Daron & Chrissy are, to start with, I would just like to say that we would have to be two of the most awkward people to photograph. All of our friends would agree that when it comes to cameras, we (well especially me), run a mile. So having someone we felt comfortable with was going to be vital when it came to choosing our wedding photographer.

As soon as we met Daron & Chrissy, we felt like we had known them for years. When we left their house after our first meeting, Mark had a chuckle, because I never explained to them just how much of a difficult client I was going to be. When it came to the day, I was hesitant when the camera’s came out, but once Daron showed me a photo, I was blown away with what he had captured and was instantly put at ease.

What we loved most apart from their personalities which blended perfectly with the guests and ourselves, so much so, that it felt like they were part of the bridal party. What they capture is 100% real and not created using editing programmes. I’m glad that in the years to come, we are going to have amazingly sharp, natural photos that aren’t edited to death like so many ‘photographers’ do these days.

So Daron & Chrissy, thank you so, so much for what you have done for us, we will be forever grateful for the amazing moments you captured.
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Kaiterteri Beach wedding

The Couple : Kerry and Alice
Ceremony Location : Kaiteri Beach
Reception Venue : Private venue - Motueka

From the moment we started organising for our big day, 10-11-12, we both decided that finding the right Nelson wedding photographers was top of the list.

It took only one search in Google when we came across Nelson Wedding Photography. Looking through the photos, reading the stories and talking with Daron and Chrissy we knew we’d found our perfect photographers.

From the first meeting, we had lots of laughs and we always came home feeling inspired, excited, but also relieved in knowing our memories of our wedding day would be captured by the best photographers around!

On the day, we had a blast with Daron and Chrissy, they put us at ease while taking absolutely stunning shots!
Even our guests commented on how awesome and professional they both were.

We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day, our expectations were well and truly blown out of the water when Daron and Chrissy showed us some of the shots they were getting – these two are artistic geniuses who are so passionate for wedding photography and dealing with people.

Daron & Chrissy thank you so much!

Kerry & Alice
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Destination wedding photos with Tasman Helicopters

The Couple : Kerry & Alice
Ceremony Location : Private venue - Motueka
Reception Venue : Private venue - Motueka

It’s not very often that the bride and groom get to put their wedding clothes back on only a few days after their wedding, Kerry and Alice did.

We were all very excited about heading off into the hills with Andrew Gillatt from Tasman helicopters…
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Dobbie & Jodi married!

The Couple : Simon (Dobbie) and Jodi
Ceremony Location : Private location - Wakefield
Reception Venue : Private location - Wakefield

“What a awesome day we had with Daron and Chrissy. We are really glad that we chose a two photographer team with so much energy and excitement.

They made our day relaxed, fun and most of all rewarding. Prior to our wedding day,Daron & Chrissy came and had a planning session with us, so on the day we all knew what was happening and where and when we were going. This meant we had maximum time getting some amazing shots.

We believed that the photographs taken on the day were the most important aspect to us, as these are what will remain when it’s all said and done. We could not be happier that we invested in Nelson Wedding Photography and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone else.”

Dobbie & Jodi
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