Josiah and Rachel

Josiah and Rachel married

The Couple : Josiah and Rachel
Ceremony Location : Kina Peninsular - Tasman
Reception Venue : Founders Park - Nelson

“Finding the perfect photographer in Nelson was number one on our wedding to-do list, finding two Nelson photographers surpassed our expectations. Once the rush of the day is over we wanted to ensure we had a variety of captured memories to look back on”.

I have worked as a makeup artist with Daron & Christine before and have been impressed with how they are always in amongst the action, snapping away, capturing the feeling and emotion as well as the details. Needless to say, they were fabulous.

We wanted action, artistic, classic, dramatic and romantic and between the two of them they captured it all. We are thrilled with the results. Josiah even commented how he didn’t feel the slightest bit nervous or uncomfortable in front of the camera as Daron and Christine were so friendly and fun to work with.

We really did have the best day of our lives and it shows!!”

Josiah & Rachel
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Rob & Jess married!

The Couple : Rob & Jess
Ceremony Location : St Michaels Church
Reception Venue : Mudcastle - Neudorf Rd

When we first met Nelson Photographers Daron & Chrissy Graham we found them so easy to get along with and they were open to our crazy ideas for our wedding photos.

They make the perfect husband and wife team, Daron & Chrissy work in sync with each other so they can seamlessly get the perfect shots from different angles and varying perspectives.

Bare feet on sharp rocks and standing in the sea was no obstacle for Daron to get the right shot, even splitting his pants didn’t slow him down! We had such a laugh which made the whole experience so much fun!

It was over a glass of wine with Daron & Chrissy that we first saw our fantastic photos professionally displayed in a wonderful wedding day slideshow. The slideshow uniquely told the entire story of our magical day. It brought a tear to our eyes; we were in awe at how talented they are.

Thank you Daron and Chrissy, you have beautifully captured our special day, and we will always be grateful for the incredible job you have done.

Rob and Jess Lyver
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US Navy Wedding in Nelson-3001-2

George & Jessica Married!

The Couple : George and Jessica
Ceremony Location : Private venue - Nelson
Reception Venue : The Boathouse - Nelson

Daron and Chrissy

I am writing this Sunday evening Dec 18 as I listen to some of my favorite Christmas CDs, sipping on a double martini…reflecting on the past year; the highlight being our trip to New Zealand and “The Wedding”.

I would like to thank you for your exceptional work! I cannot scroll through the pictures posted on your web site without emotion. You and your lovely wife, whom I do not believe I had the pleasure to meet, simply nailed it. You captured the essence of the day.

Your pictures have been shown to many back here in the states and all are amazed with your talent! You have provided our family with a wonderful pictorial record of a special day in beautiful country with wonderful people!

Again, thank you for all the extra effort. We are most grateful! Should your travels ever bring you to Wisconsin, by all means please look us up! Our house is open to you anytime!

Joe Hemauer
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Simon & Amy-2

Neil & kirsty married!

The Couple : Neil and Kirsty
Ceremony Location : Grand Mercure Monaco Resort - Nelson
Reception Venue : Grand Mercure Monaco Resort - Nelson

Daron & chrissy were so approachable and easy to deal with right from the start. Even on the days when I called Chrissy for advice on one thing or another, she was always happy to help.

Our wedding day was very wet and cold, with rain and wind, the outlook was pretty grim for our wedding pictures.

None of this was a problem with Daron and Chrissy, they were happy to brave the weather and get some of the most incredible shots that never would have been possible on a sunny day.

I think that we were more concerned about those cameras getting wet than you were!!

Their enthusiasm and energy was contagious and we had an absolute blast getting photos done despite the weather, what a great memory.

What a fantastic husband and wife team they make, it’s almost like they both were reading each other’s minds at times, especially with two cameras clicking away in small areas, carefully avoiding to get in each other’s photos.

Our guests have commented “we never even noticed they were there!”

We can’t thank them enough and we really look forward to seeing our leather bound photobook!

Kirsty & Neil
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Kirsty & Mathius at sunset.

The Couple : Kirsty and Mathius
Ceremony Location :
Reception Venue : Rabbit Island
Nelson Wedding Photography Storybook

A week after Neil and Kirsty’s wedding we met up with them again this time at Rabbit Island for a bride and horse photo shoot.

Chrissy, being a horse lover and during the early years of her life leading western riding treks, was rather excited about this photoshoot.

“We LOVE our sunset beach shots with Mathius, WOW!!
What an amazing collection of photos, and again it was so much fun”.

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Mike and Laura

Mike & Laura married!

The Couple : Mike & Laura
Ceremony Location : The Holy Trinity Presbyterian Church
Reception Venue : Grand Mercure Monaco Resort - Nelson
Nelson Wedding Photography Storybook

From the very start; their work stood out from all of the other Nelson Wedding photographers -amazing, unique and magical was our first impressions. Then we met them and their friendly, down to earth, fun personalities confirmed our decision was right to choose them as our own wedding photographers.

Our wedding day was perfect! Daron and Chrissy played a big part in that! We all had such an awesome time getting the photos taken. They both have such unique and individual styles which is such a bonus! They made us all feel relaxed around the camera and their enthusiasm, professionalism and love for photography made the day extra enjoyable as well.

Thank you so much Daron and Chrissy! You are the BEST! Your work is AMAZING! You are both so TALENTED!!

Love Mike and Laura
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