Dobbie & Jodi married!

We first met Jodi in January of 2011 where Jodi was the bridesmaid for Iain and Leah. Not long after the wedding Jodi and Simon (better known as Dobbie) asked us to photograph their special day. They had chosen Jodi’s parents property situated in the hills south of Wakefield for their venue. As if that wasn’t enough to photograph a wedding in such a beautiful location, they also mentioned that Jodi and her bridesmaids were arriving to the ceremony by helicopter. Given the fact that I love choppers, we knew back then that this wedding was going to be awesome and it sure was!

Pre-wedding ceremony photos of groom laughing.

Our day started with us photographing the guys at Dobbie’s parents house, Dobbie’s father is also called Dobbie, so when I said, ” Dobbie look up”, they both did.

Groom and groomsmen walking down a country driveway.

This day may not have ended up so well. Chrissy was standing at the end of the driveway taking this shot when a car slowed down to turn off the main road, right behind it and travelling at speed was another car. To avoid contact the second car drove up on the side of the road missing Chrissy by about half a metre in the process. Chrissy said that someone was looking out for her that day, I agree!

Flower girl wearing her white wedding dress.

Jodi and her bridesmaids got ready in Wakefield; when we arrived we were greeted by this wee cutey. This is Jodi’s neice and she followed us around like a little puppy, asking us all sorts of questions about wedding photography and cameras, maybe a wedding photographer in the making?

Bride spraying perfume on her bridesmaide.

Everyone in the house was buzzing with excitement.

Bride having her veil put on.

Jodi’s hair amd makeup looked gorgeous.

The laughing never stopped all day, it was really good to see Leah again.

Bride wearing her white wedding dress standing in her bedroom.

Jodi was walking into her bedroom, “stop” I said, I then quickly
got the shot of the back of this amazing wedding dress which
Chrissy fell in love with!

Bride poses with her hands on her hips.

Prior to her wedding, Jodi told us that she was worried about
being in front of the camera – yeah right Jodi you’re such
a natural!

Bride looks down at her green and white lillie wedding bouquet.

Stunning! Actually that comment brings up a good point, how
many guys get to tell woman every week how beautiful they
look with their wife standing next to them?

Bride wearing her white veil dreams about her wedding day.

Bride wearing her white wedding dress puts on her gumboots.

Jodi planned to walk up the aisle wearing gumboots (she did).
It was very funny.

Bride and bridesmaids arrive to wedding ceremony in a helicopter.

Now, this is a seriously cool way to arrive to your wedding ceremony. Jodi’s father is at the controls. I remember hearing Jodi’s mother say, “just get them down safely”; nice flying John.

Loving this…

Bride gets out of the helicopter apon arrival at wedding ceremony.

After capturing shots of the chopper from in front of the house, I made a very quick dash to the landing site on a nearby ridge. Yeap, got there in time, certainly helped that the chopper had to wind down before everyone could get out.

Bride and bridesmaids walk along grassy ridge.

This is Chrissy’s shot…

Brides father and bridesmaids arrive at wedding ceremony in a Robby 44 helicopter.

And this is my shot taken at the same time (our cameras are time synchronised).

Bride takes off her gumboots during her wedding ceremony.

Off with the gummy’s and on with the shoes, the guests (and Dobbie) certainly had a good laugh – Jodi is such a character.

Wedding ceremony on a hill.

It was a delightful sunny day with just enough breeze to keep the heat down and what a view.

Bride and groom exchange their wedding rings.

Check out the detail in the wedding dress.

Bride and groom leave for wedding location photos in a red chevy truck.

With the formalities over for now, it was time for the location shots. Transportation – an old red Chevy pickup. “Dobbie, you’re not going to drink and drive I hope”.

Bridal party drive in old Chevy truck.

It was one thing to be bounced around while hanging out of the window of our car, but to also be covered in dust – errrrrrrr. This shot makes it all worth while though!

Bride and groom kiss in a field next to an old rustic house.

We had cased this location out a week before the wedding, all we needed was a beautiful sunny day and a gorgeous couple – YES!

Bride holding her paraol walks hand on hand with her new husband.

Bridal walk through a grassy field.

Bride and her bridesmaids push red chevy truck.

How this shot came about was, while we were taking a group shot, the pickup started to roll backwards (Apparently the handbrake doesn’t work so well). That gave us an idea for a photo.¬† Dobbie’s also working on the theory, start how you want to finish, note that I said THEORY.

Bride poses for Nelson Wedding Photographer on top of a rock bluff.

Sometimes photos do not give the perception of height, this is one of those. The rock that Jodi is standing on is about nine metres up from flat ground. Hence the challenge Рwith one hand Chrissy had to hold a very heavy light stand and at the same time make sure that the strobe light was pointing in the right direction, with the other hand she was busy swatting off sand flies. To get these shots I had to virtually lie on the side of the hill at about a 60 degree angle. In the meanwhile Jodi was standing on a rather narrow rock edge holding her veil out and taking  directions from Chrissy and I РLOVE doing this stuff!
Bride and groom standing on a rock high in the air.

Now to get Dobbie into the scene.

Bride holds out her wedding dress on top of a rock.

MAGIC – these shots are going to look amazing in Dobbie and Jodi’s photobook.

Nest stop, horse racing...

Next stop, horse racing of sorts…

These unique wedding photos were taken looking into a horse training mirror.
‘Ok girls, jump on their backs’ – Get ready…

Bride jumps on her grooms back.


Bridesmaids piggyback the groommens.

This was hilarious – Go Dobbie – slap him to go faster Jodi – you are allowed to now, you’re married!

Nelson wedding photographer photographs bride riding on the grooms back.

Crazy stuff.

Bride and groom kiss in loft.

Time for a kiss in the horse stables.

Bride and bridesmaids ride in the back of a red chevy truck.

Next stop – a romantic bike ride in the grass (maybe not).

Bride and groom ride around in a field on an old black bike.

Come on Dobbie put some effort into it.

Bride rides a black push bike in grassy field.

That’s it Jodi, you show him who’s the boss!

Groom chases bride on a bike.

“Catch me if you can”.

“I can”.

I reckon these two are going to have such a fun married life, they’re both game for anything.

Bride and groom lie on the ground after ridding bikes.

“I’m bug…d”

"This is better".

“This is better”.

Bridal party laugh at Nelson Wedding Photographer during wedding location photos.

Now, I won’t tell you what I said to make these guys laugh, it’s a little X rated.

Black and white wedding photo of bride and groom riding in the back of an old Chevy truck.

Next stop – hanging around.

Bride swings on a rope.

Jodi style.

Wedding reception held on private property near Wakefield.

Back to Jodi’s parents place for the reception where the marquee looked absolutely amazing, so much time and effort was put into setting it up – well done guys.

Bride and groom celebrate their marriage at wedding reception.

Ching, ching. It’s been the most amazing and funfilled day and the time just seemed to fly by for the location photos, I think Chrissy was rather disappointed when it ended.

Bride and bridesmaides laugh at wedding reception.

But the fun goes on, told you that the laughing never stopped all day and evening.

Bridesmaide has a speech at wedding reception.

We were kindly invited to stay on and enjoy the meal and speeches, not to mention that a couple of beers went down well also. A lot of planning goes into having the perfect day, this was the perfect wedding day! We had a ball guys and I know that Chrissy is itching to start designing your photobook – it will be awesome. Can’t wait to see you soon.

Daron and Chrissy

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