Gareth and Nicola married!

About twelve months ago, Gareth and Nicola booked us on-line from where they lived in the UK.  Being x-pat kiwi’s they were both very excited about getting married at Te Mahai Bay Resort in the Marlborough Sounds.  We were also looking forward to their special day as we just love photographing destination weddings.

View of Te Mahai Bay Resort from chartered fishing boat

Chrissy and I arrived at Te Mahia on the Friday evening, where we were greeted by Gareth, Nic, friends and family and a yummy barbecue. Te Mahia Bay Resort is such an idyllic wedding venue in the Marlborough Sounds, surrounded by native bush, turquoise water and a private pebble beach – just beautiful!

Groom and groomsmen go fishing in chartered fishing boat from Te Mahai Bay Resort in the Marlborough Sounds

Our fishing trip was a three hour excursion around the Kenepuru Sounds, despite the fact that the fish weren’t hungry (good thing we weren’t also) everyone had a great time!

Arrrrrrr, captain.

Arrrrr, captain.
Brides perfume bottle

So much effort goes into the wedding day and it can’t be easy planning a destination wedding from overseas.  Nic and Gareth had thought of everything, notice that I put Nic’s name first (Sorry Gareth, the girls really do most of this planning stuff).

Silver wedding ring and silver lockett.

For keepsakes the bridesmaids were given an engraved silver locket each, nice touch guys.

Bride looking at herself in mirror

Nic, you look beautiful!

Mother and bride sitting on a bed at Te Mahai Bay Resort

A special moment between mother and daughter.

Bride and her bridesmaids smile during pre-ceremony wedding photos

And so do the bridesmaids.

Magazine style wedding photo of blue eyed bride

As part of the pre-wedding planning, we offer the bride the opportunity to have some glamour photos taken before the wedding ceremony. We really enjoyed taking these magazine style photos of Nic.

Glamour wedding photos by Nelson Weddin g Photography

Glamour wedding photography by Nelson Wedding Photography

High fashion wedding photography by Nelson Wedding Photography

Black and white wedding photo of bride looking at her beoquet.

Bridesmaide wearing bright blue dress walks down the isle at Te Mahai Bay Resort

“I love you” played in the background as the bridesmaids walked
down the garden isle.

Bridesmaide walks towards the groom at Te Mahai Bay resort in the Marlborough Sounds New Zealand.

Mother and bride walk down the garden isle at Te Mahai.

Emotions were high, there is something very special when the mother walks the bride down the Isle.

Marriage celebrant Jann Hook stand with the groom as the bride arrives.

Jann Hook, marriage celebrant and owner of Te Mahia Bay Resort shares this special time with Gareth.

Family and friends enjoy watching the wedding ceremony on grass lawn at Te Mahai Bay Resort

Family and friends had travelled from all over New Zealand to celebrate this wonderful wedding.

Tui bird watches wedding ceremony

They say it’s good luck if a Tui is present at your wedding. This Tui apparently turns up at most weddings at Te Mahia. Nice shot Chrissy, bird photographers would be envious.

Bride and groom celebrate their marriage with guests

“Yes” we are married!

Of course, we had to have the “All Black” look, especially after winning the world cup an all.

Brides girl friends lok at the brides legs

Come on girls, let’s check the garter out.

Bride and groom celebrate their marriage over a glass of bubbly while sitting on a seat on the beach at Te Mahai.

With the formalities over, it’s now time for fun location shots, ching, ching.

Bride and groom laugh during location wedding photos on the beach at Te Mahai Bay Resort in the Marlborough Sounds

Bridal party walk on road surrounded by native ferns.

Years ago my parents used to manage the campground at Mistletoe Bay, I never thought back then that one day I would be a professional wedding photographer photographing wedding photos here, funny how life works out.

Bridal party hich a ride in the Marlborough Sounds,

“Now boys, we need a ride, it’s not easy walking in high heel shoes”.

Unfortunately the car didn’t stop, so the guys thought they better take matters into their own hands (I mean arms).

Bride and groom sit in the Marlborough Sounds.

Our style of wedding photography comprises beautiful panoramic scenery; this is what we enjoy the most.

Romantic wedding photo taken in the Marlborough Sounds by Nelson Wedding Photography.

And so do the newlyweds.

Bride pulls a rope while groom sits in dingy.

Now, this was extremely funny. Gareth volunteered to get into the dingy, Nic wasn’t sure at first, as she didn’t want a drenched groom, so she reeled him in.

Groom holds Nelson Wedding Photographers flash while sitting in a dingy.

I was in the water with my pants rolled up and couldn’t quite get the flash at the right angle to photograph the girls. Captain Gareth to the rescue!

Bride stands on stone wall in the Marlborough Sounds.

It was very windy and Nic did really well to keep her balance – after all, Gareth didn’t want a drenched bride.

Bride holds her grooms face

Back on land and time for a little romance.

Bride and groom sit on park bench in the Marlborough Sounds.

Table setting at wedding reception at Te Mahai Bay Resort

The wedding reception was held in the large marquee back at Te Mahia, Jann and Trevor had done an awesome job setting up the guest and bridal tables, not to mention the scrumptious meal as well. The labelled whisky bottles that Gareth and Nic had provided was a real nice touch.

Bridal party laugh while sitting at the bridal party in marque at Te Mahai Bay Resort.


Bride and her bridesmaides laugh together at wedding reception.

Love this shot!

Guest laughs during reception in large marguee at Te Mahia

And this one!

Bride and groom look at each other during wedding reception at Te Mahai in the Marlborough Sounds.


Bride and groom kiss on Jetty at Te Mahai Bay Resort.

After the meal and between the cake cutting and first dance, we took the bride and groom out for a few more location shots.

Bride and groom hold each other while sitting on rocks at Te Mahai during sun set.

There is a special time just as the sun disappears that the sky is a dark vibrant blue, this colour is often not seen with the naked eye, but the camera picks it up. I often get asked if I photoshop these types of photos, we use lights to capture this look and don’t rely on post processing for effect.

Bride and groom on rocks at Te Mahia

The photos speak for themselves, and this is just a small amount out of many hundreds that Gareth and Nic will cherish for a life-time. It’s so much fun when Chrissy and I get away and photograph a destination wedding, we get to spend time with so many wonderful people and enjoy the beautiful scenery that New Zealand has to offer. Thanks Gareth and Nicola for a FANTASTIC weekend!


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