George & Jessica Married!

We were really looking forward to George and Jessica’s wedding, Chrissy especially was as she likes a man in uniform. She was in for a treat today, because there were going to be six of them.

Groom wearing his US Navy uniformGeorge grew up in Nelson and is a kiwi boy. He is now a Lieutenant for the US Navy and pilots F18 fighter jets. Today George is going to marry the, “love of his life”.

US Navy officers in Nelson for wedding

George’s friends and fellow officers travelled from their base in San Diego to share this special day. These guys were so much fun, the poor Marine (dressed in black) was a little out numbered, not that he couldn’t stand up for himself of course.

US Marine lies con the grass during grooms pre-ceremony wedding photos

The night before the wedding I watched the movie Top Gun with my eight year old son. Young Sam couldn’t stop talking throughout the movie, he couldn’t believe that we were going to photograph real fighter pilots that had flown numerous combat missions in the Middle East.

US Navy F18 Fighter plane Photos

George kindly supplied these photos that he took.

Interesting enough, when I asked George why he chose this vocation, he told me that Top Gun had inspired him. Even though the movie was very, “Hollywood” it did portray some aspects of the strict training that young pilots must go through to a be an elite pilot for the US Navy and US Marines. George is currently instructing trainee pilots to take-off and land on aircraft carriers.

George’s medals.

Pre-ceremony wedding photos of US Navy officer.

There is nothing quite like a handsome man in uniform!
(By the way, Chrissy wrote that, not me)

Bride has her veil fitted by bridesmaide as the mother watches.

Jessica’s mum Silvia happily watches her daughters, Jessica and Ange getting dressed for this big occasion.

Bride and her sister and mother talk while standing on a lawn at Mapua.

For their wedding photos, George and Jessica wanted to capture not only the day as it unfolded but also the beautiful scenery that the Nelson area has to offer.

Bride and her mother laugh with the bridesmaide

Not sure what was said, must have been very funny!

Wedding sign hangs from old bike in garden

George’s uncle used to own Hervey Motors years ago – very cute!

It had previously been raining, it was now a beautiful bright sunny Nelson day – perfect for an outdoor wedding.

Soon after they got married, George’s parents, Bob and Gay spent many years living in Saudi Arabia. Their good friend Pat travelled all the way from Saudi to share this wonderful time with them all.

Vintage wedding cars arrive at wedding ceremony held in Mapua Nelson

This is what dream weddings are made of.

Vintage wedding car arrives at wedding ceremony

Guest at wedding takes photos

Might have some competition here.

Groom and matron of honour walk down the garden isle near Nelson

Nelson went through the Navy academy and flight training school with George. He’s not only George’s best friend he’s also about to become his brother in-law.

Bride walks with father and mother down the garden isle

What better way to walk down the isle than with both of your loving parents.

Groom has tears in his eyes as he watches his bride walking down the Isle

This photo says it all…

Bride hugs her father after walking down the isle.

George wasn’t the only one with tears in his eyes, I think that most of the guests did as well (not to mention my wife, she’s such a big softy at weddings).

Beautiful wedding ceremony held on private property in Mapua near Nelson

The wedding ceremony was held at George’s parents house just out of Richmond. Bob and Gay had everything looking just beautiful!

Bride places the grooms wedding ring on his finger

A look of such devotion.

US Navy officer places his brides wedding ring on her finger

George recites his wedding vows while slowly placing the wedding ring on Jessica’s finger.

Bride and groom laugh while walking up the isle after their wedding ceremony held near Nelson

“Yes” married!

Bride and groom smile and kiss while sitting inside their vintage weding car

Moments like this are priceless!

Bride laughs as guests wave to them as they leave in green vintage wedding car

Bridesmaide and the groomsmen leave ceremony venue in convertable wedding car.

Love the wedding car…

US Navy officers wearing their white Navy uniforms carry their swords for sword arch during wedding ceremony.

To keep with Military tradition, we were all privileged to see a genuine wedding sword arch display.

US Marine instructs Navy officers during sword Arch during a Nelson Wedding.


Bride and groom kiss at the start of the US Navy sword Arch

Before the bride and groom can enter, they first must kiss.

This was very cool…

Mother of the groom hugs her new daughter in-law.

Time to relax and spend some time with friends and family.

Grooms father smiles at the bride after garden wedding ceremony near Nelson.

Best friend hugs the bride

Best friends forever.

Groom cuts wedding cake with Navy sword.

Cutting of the cake – with a sword?

Bride ang groom laugh amd smile after their wedding ceremony.

Wonderful moments…

Bride and groom kiss while sitting on front seats of vintage wedding car.

Now time for the location shots – we didn’t have to go too far.

Creative wedding photo of bride and groom sitting on classic wedding car.

Bride and groom sit in vintage wedding car on a gravel road next to a vinyard near Nelson.

The horse stood there on queue.

Bride and groom drive along country road in their vintage wedding car.

Panaromic wedding photo of Bride and groom holding each other

Romance is in the air…

The light was now dancing in and out of the clouds, this helped us to create a moody look.

Navy officer celebrates his marriage with his bestman, bridesmaide and his new wife.

Everyone kicked back, enjoyed a glass of wine and each others company.

Panaromic wedding photos taken by Nelson Wedding Photography

US Navy officer and his wife walk along btyhe beach at Rough Island near Nelson.

I’m sure that Jessica is going to love these shots.

Brides veil flies in the air as she kisses her groom.

Bride and groom arrive at the Boat House for their wedding reception.

“Introducing the bride and groom”

Bride, groom and guests enjoy their meal at the Boat House during wedding reception.

The reception was held at The Boathouse in Nelson.

Bride and groom laugh during speeches at weddingt ceremony at the Boat House.

There was so much humour throughout the speeches.

Brides father had tears in his eyes during speeches

And tears…

Groom smiles at his bride during their wedding reception at The Boat House in Nelson.

Broom kisses his bride during speeches at the Boat House wedding venue.

Mother hugs bride on dance floor during wedding reception at the Boathouse

Wedding guests laugh at wedding reception.

Navy officers laugh during wedding reception.

Bride and grooms first dance at wedding reception at the Boat House Nelson.

The first dance…

An intimate moment between bride and groom during their first dance

George and Jessica, we loved your wedding, it was such a beautiful day. We wish you both the very best with your life together and look forward to visiting you during our next visit to the States.

Daron & Chrissy


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