Rob & Jess married!

“I love you Jess – please say yes”, this was written on a large sign Rob erected at Tahunanui Beach when he asked Jess to marry him, a year on and it’s now their special day.

Groom adjusts tie on the bestman while getting dressed at The Mudcastle

At The Mudcastle wedding venue, the guys got dressed in the Gold Turret Room. Boy, did the groomsmen sure give the groom a hard time – it was so funny, even Daron got in on the banter.

Bestman tightens belt on cream coloured waiste coat during dree at The Mudcastle Nelson

Rob was put to work.

Groom adjusts tie on the bestman while getting dressed at The Mudcastle

Robs cufflinks are very special as they belonged to his grandfather.

Groom stands in front of a mirror while getting dressed at Nelson's wedding venue The Mudcastle.

Final touches before we headed outside for a few shots of the guys.

The groom and his groomsmen sit on the road outside The Mudcastle near Nelson

Rob was a bit anxious as Jess hadn’t yet arrived at The Mudcastle to get ready. “Shouldn’t she be here by now”? he asked. “Relax Rob – have a beer”.

Grooms hids his face as the bride drives past in a red car

Of course Rob wasn’t allowed to see his bride before their wedding ceremony.
” Quick, hide Rob, here comes Jess” (phew).

Groomsmen run after the groom surrouned by pine trees at The Mudcastle in Nelson

The groomsmen, Troy and Scott are Rob’s cousins, so of course there was a lot of hilarity going on. When we said “boys get him” they certainly didn’t need to be asked again.

Groom laughs as his groomsmen pick on him.

Rob’s trademark smile – honestly, I don’t think he stoped smiling all day. His smile and laughter was infectious. Rob was now a lot more relaxed knowing that Jess had arrived at The Mudcastle where she was now getting dressed in the Peach room.

Bridesmaide helps to tie up the brides beautiful white wedding dress during dress at The Mudcastle.

The early preparations on the wedding day are so much fun with anticipation and excitement for what’s to come.

Bridesmaide places bracelet on brides wrist during makeup and hair styling at The Mudcastle

There’s something quite special about beautiful hand shots.

Beautiful bride wearing a white wedding dress with long train looks out the window at The Mudcastle Nelson

Jess was peeking out the window to see if Rob had left yet.

Beautiful red headed bride smiles as she looks out a window.

We both captured these beautiful shots from different angles.

Wedding photo of brides long white train

Wow, what a beautiful classic wedding dress.

Bridesmaide smiles at bride from doorway of The Mudcastle Nelson wedding venue.

I love the rooms at The Mudcastle, they are so luxurious and the perfect place for a bride to get ready on her special day. Jess really did look look like a princess getting ready in the castle. Funnily enough, some of the guests at the wedding said that she resembled Helen of Troy – I would have to agree with that.

Bridemaide holds the brides wedding dress train as they walk to the Ford weding car at The castle

The time has come…

Bride and bridemaides laugh and smile while sitting in the wedding car

Girls were really excited and ready to go to church.

Father of the bride opens the wedding car door as the bride arrives at St Michael's Waimea Community Anglican Church in BrightwaterChurch

Jess’s dad was such a gentlemen all day, he kindly drove one of the wedding cars to and from the location shoots – thanks Steve.

Bride and bridesmaides walk towards  St Michael's Waimea Community Anglican Church

The ceremony was held at St Michaels Church in Brightwater. Rob & Jess had come across this quaint little church by accident. When they first saw it, they instantly fell in love with it. With the beautiful wooden interior, it’s architecture and intimacy is perfect for romantic wedding celebrations.

Happy groom watches his bride walk up isle at  St Michael's Waimea Community Anglican Church

Rob was bursting with excitement as he waited for Jess to walk up the aisle.

Bride walks hand on hand with her father as she walks up the aisle at  St Michael's Waimea Community Anglican Church

I love the anticipation of the bride’s arrival, you can just feel the love in the air.

Bide and groom laugh during wedding ceremony at  St Michael's Waimea Community Anglican Church

The ceremony was filled with lovely moments like this.

Wedding photos from  St Michael's Waimea Community Anglican Church

Jess’s mother Gwynn put all these lovely lavender bouquets on the end of each pew. Little touches like this are so special.

Bride and groom resite their wedding vowls  at St Michael's Waimea Community Anglican Church

Throughout the ceremony Rob & Jess couldn’t stop gazing adoringly at each other – just too cute for words.

When Rob and Jess walked down the isle they broke out into some crazy dance moves, this really had the guests cracking up.

Guests and family congratulate the bride and groom outside of the  St Michael's Waimea Community Anglican Church

They sure don’t make churches like this any more. Being an architect, I’m sure Jess appreciated it’s true beauty.

Bride and groom laugh outside the  St Michael's Waimea Community Anglican Church

The muffin is very significant, here’s why: Rob manages Post Haste Couriers and he happened to be out on the road one day when he delivered a package to Jess’s work place. It was love at first sight for him so he decided to woo her with muffins. It took Rob three muffin deliveries before he had the courage to ask Jess out.Groom pretends to roposes to his bride at  St Michael's Waimea Community Anglican Church

Rob intends to keep Jess in the lifstyle that she deserves with a constant supply of fresh muffins – Rob, you’re priceless.

Guests through rose petals of the bride and groom at  St Michael's Waimea Community Anglican Church

These guys are so clever, they made cones for the rose petals out of doilies which they painted black. The guests had a lot of fun throwing these and the most amazing thing is that when everybody had moved away, the rose petals had formed the shape of a love heart on the ground, very uncanny.

Bride in front of stain glassed window at St Michael's Waimea Community Anglican Church

After the ceremony the guests got picked up by bus and driven to Kahurangi Estate for lunch and drinks. Before heading off for the location photos we went back inside the church to make use of the rustic wood panelling and stain glass windows that provided us with such beautiful natural light.Groom kisses his bride on the neck at St Michaels Church

This was only the start…

Bride and groom hug and kiss in St Michaels church

Rob loves this shot which Daron took from the balcony.

Groom displays his gold wedding ring and black cufflinks

While Daron was upstairs capturing the full church perspective, I  took these beautiful intimate shots. It certainly wasn’t hard work getting amazing photos with these two love birds.

Romantic wedding photo of bride and groom talking at St Michael's Waimea Community Anglican Church

Black and white weddingt photos taken from  St Michael's Waimea Community Anglican Church

Bride stands in the doorway of St Michaels Church in Brightwater

We captured many beautiful shots inside this church, it’s going to be
fun designing their wedding day photobook.

Bride and groom kiss with wedding car in the background at Old Coach Road near Nelson.

We headed out towards Kaiteriteri Beach, with a quick stop at the top of Old Coach Road  for some hilltop wedding photos. Today the sky looked amazing and the colour was further enhanced with the use of our portable lighting, without it they would have looked dark up against a bright background.

Bridal party with bride and groom and vintage wedding car on top of hill over looking Nelson

The bridal party looked really awesome in their orginal wedding atire.

Bridal party sitting on rocks at Little kaiteri beach Tasman Bay

Rocks are definitely cool for bridal party photos, they certainly give the dramatic look.

Bride and groom sits on rocks at Kaiterteri Beach

Believe it or not, it was a really windy day and these guys did so well out on the rocks at Kaiteri. Poor Jess, the wind kept catching her veil, a good thing it was secured tightly.

Bride holds her wedding bouquet as her veil blows in the air at Little Kaiterteri Beach Tasman Bay Nelson

Fun wedding photo of groom jumping in the air holding a parasol at Kaiteri beach.

Is this cool or what, only took two shots to get it – No photoshop!

Bridal party have a tug of war on Kaiterteri Beach

The funniest thing was, while Daron was lying on the sand taking this photo, his pants split! I’m not really sure who was laughing the hardest, but I’m sure it had to be me. Daron is big time on carrying back up equipment, he always carried two of everything. “Where’s your spare pair of pants now Daron?”

Bride and groom laugh while having a tug of war with bridal party at Kaiterteri Beach.

While I was laughing hysterically, I still managed to capture this image without any camera shake.


Bride and groom walk hand on hand along the golden sand at Little Kaiteriteri Beach near Nelson

Time to leave Kaiterteri beach and head back to The Mudcastle for the reception.

Bride and bridesmaids hold parasols as they have fun togeather outside an old house along Nurdolf Rd in Upper Moutere

We had a quick stop on the way back at this cool old derelict house. Actually, we only had 8 minutes to stay with the planned time – we are still laughing about how quickly we had to move – it was worth every minute.

Bride holds out her white wedding dress while her groom smiles at her.

Last shot, out of there.

Bride sits on stairs in the turrett room of The Mudcastle.

Before meeting with the guests back at The Mudcastle we took a few more gorgeous photos of Jess – its so great when we can capture two different angles at the same time.

Bride holds her beautiful wedding bouquet from inside The Mudcastle.

Guests clap as the bride and groom arrive at Nelson wedding venue The Mudcastle with Nelson profesional wedding photographers.

Friends and family clap as our happy couple arrive for the reception.

Photobooth wedding photo

Today has been such a magical day in every way. Rob & Jess have so many beautiful wedding photos to share and Daron & I have made new friends – how cool is that.

(The weddings displayed on Storybook randomly change order).

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