Dave & Amanda’s wedding day!

Dave and Amanda are two amazing individuals whom we were very honoured to meet. They are both so genuine and down to earth, loyal, honest and full of integrity.


Their relationship began about 6 years ago in the realm of internet dating when Amanda happened to notice Dave’s profile. Anybody that knows Amanda knows that she has quite strong opinions at times and as such thought she would message Dave to let him know what a horrible bike he owned (a Suzuki Hayabusa at the time), and what a tosser he sounded like in his profile. Upon seeing Amanda’s profile (and noticing a girl with a purple and black wig with funny clothes on), Dave took this as an opportunity to antagonize who he thought was one of the many nutters on the internet.


Now usually this type of interaction has a rather swift ending but as the conversations and arguments wore on into the following days and weeks, they found themselves more and more drawn to each other.


Being that they lived at opposite ends of the country, it wasn’t easy for them to just pop over for a coffee and meet, so emails turned to messages and messages turned to phone calls and they drew closer until they finally met. From this point the relationship they had established blossomed into what they share today, but it wasn’t an easy road and they came to realise many things along the way. Firstly Dave and Amanda appreciate that neither of them are perfect but they realise that rather than trying to be perfect, they love the imperfections in each other perfectly. Hmmm, I think a lot of us could take a rule out of that book.


Anyway so here we are today with Dave turning up for photos on his Harley Davidson (which Amanda likes by the way) and looking pretty suave. He’s seriously one cool dude.


Dave’s bridal party was rather a mixture with Seth (his new stepson whom he has become an awesome father to), and good friends Adelaide, Dan and Gareth.


Riding is one of Dave’s passions so it was great to have two bikes for the photoshoot.

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Eeekk, so many pretty things to photograph!


Amanda had a vision for her wedding dress and spent many hours with bridal designer and dressmaker Lainee Hermsen to bring it to reality. Covered with the most intricate lace and detail it was an absolute dream wedding dress, a real masterpiece.


It was all go with the girl’s preparations as hair and makeup by ‘Kiss and Makeup Nelson’ were underway and excitement and nerves were building.


Oops, spotted by a couple of the guests.


One of my favorite moments of the wedding day is when the bride puts her wedding dress on and parents and bridesmaids look on with so much love and pride in their eyes.


The two bridesmaids Sammy and Kelsea were looking as pretty as a picture when Amanda’s ‘bridesman’ jumped in between them…


Nathan who has been one of Amanda’s best friends since their late teens, thought he was just the bees knees sitting between two gorgeous girls. He is the craziest funniest guy I have ever met with a laugh I can’t even put into words. He certainly made a good job of entertaining everybody throughout the day.


Total gorgeousness right here.


A pretty epic way to arrive at the ceremony.

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One very adoring groom watched as his bride walked up the isle towards him and every ounce of his being exuded love – ‘GULP’.



Daron and I have witnessed some very special and personalised wedding ceremony’s written by Nelson celebrant Dianne Strong and the beauty of these few lines really stuck in my mind; “What Dave and Amanda share is a unique and diverse collaboration, like two brushes sweeping across a canvas, full of colour and energy… and painting as one, as yet unfinished, masterpiece together”.


Dave’s vowels to Amanda were so beautiful they literally reduced me to tears.


Most people get married believing that marriage is a beautiful box full of all things they have longed for…companionship, intimacy, friendship and so forth. The truth is that marriage at the start is an empty box. You have to put something in before you can take anything out. There is no love in marriage…love is in people…and people put love into marriage. There is no romance in marriage…you have to infuse it into your marriage. A couple must learn the art and form the habit of giving, loving, helping, praising to keep the box full. If you take out more than you put in the box will be empty. Not always big things are needed, just the day to day little things that end up meaning so much.


To signify putting something into their marriage, Dave and Amanda wrote notes to each other, saying how they felt and put them in this box with some ‘suitable liquid’. The box was nailed shut and will be opened at a later date so they can read what they have said to each other.


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A special mother and son moment.

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We headed to the very beautiful Nelson Cathedral for the location photos. I like that it looks a bit like a castle from this angle.


As you can see, Nathan was the life of the party and so the fun began.

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A lovely selection of Dr Martin boots.

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Fun times.

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You gorgeous humans!


We love some of the fabulous old trees around here, they’re quite mystical really.



I told you Nathan was the life of the party.


After a fabulous afternoon spent with these lovely people, it was time to head back to the venue for the evening’s festivities.

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Back at the reception the newlyweds were applauded in amongst cheering and clapping. They had not one but three delicious wedding cakes, all with different flavours, made by Vicki at ‘Icedelites’.


We love capturing the speeches, it’s fun watching and waiting for those perfect moments.

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Awww… a little sweetness right here!

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With the sun setting, it was the perfect time to head outside and make use of the last of the beautiful light which was getting more spectacular by the minute.

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The mood of the night was just spectacular.


Dave and Amanda you’re both amazing, a match made in heaven and we’re honoured to call you our friends. Keep on filling your marriage box and we look forward to many, many more laughs with you both in the future.

Chrissy & Daron x

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