Nicole & William married!

William and Nicole have been inseparable for 9 years since meeting as teenagers. They have grown and matured together and today with hearts full of love and joy, they became husband and wife on this glorious summer day in February.

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We knew William was feeling a little uncomfortable about having photos taken but with his best mates by his side, a little banter from the photographers and a beer in hand, he totally owned it.

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Glen, Jayme, William and Troy have been friends forever. They went to school and grew up together and also spend a lot of time hunting together.


William lives and breathes hunting. Whenever he isn’t at work or with Nicole, you can 100% guarantee he is out in the hills hunting with these strong looking lads.


Next Daron and I headed out to picturesque Mapua where the girls were getting ready in a stunning waterfront property. We love spending time in Mapua, it’s such a gorgeous place, so peaceful and relaxing with great views over to Rabbit Island.


Nicole was waiting rather excitedly for us to arrive so she could put on her beautiful wedding dress. Buying a wedding dress called for a girls trip to Wellington with her mum and sister, and funnily enough she found the perfect dress in the very first shop they went into.


Another stunning bouquet, so soft and pretty, from Karin at ‘Got it Covered’.


Heart melt moment – proudest parents ever!



With lovely makeup by Michelle from Glitter and Blush, the girls all looked stunning. There was a lot of giggling going on while they got ready and we were all in a very happy place.


Nice view through the window of the Jellyfish Cafe and Bar.

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Nicole has the biggest brown eyes ever, they deserved a photo all of their own.


And this is why our job is so gratifying; it’s capturing special moments like these that make our hearts sing for joy.



Nicole’s sister Hayley and her best friend Sophie were her bridesmaids today. I’m a pink girl so utterly in love with the colour theme – so pretty.


When you have a sister who is also one of your best friends you are blessed.




Such a beauty Nicole!


When family loves shines as brightly as this you just want to bottle it up forever.



Arriving in style in this super cool pink Cadillac.


William and Nicole were struggling to find the perfect venue and couldn’t quite agree on the same place. Luckily for them Nelson wedding celebrant Rachael Schepers saved the day by suggesting a property she had recently done a wedding at. It’s always exciting for us to be photographing a wedding somewhere new.



Nicole had never felt so nervous in her life as she did walking down all those steps towards William. She was a vision in white and William never stopped grinning from ear to ear.

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The engagement proposal was a big surprise as William had always said he wasn’t keen on getting married. While staying at a friends bach in Collingwood, they took a day trip to Anatori as it’s been a special family place of Williams for many, many years. On the way home, William stopped at a gorgeous lookout above the beach and sand dunes and wrapping his arms around Nicole, he placed a box in her hand. She was so nervous opening the box that the ring fell out into the long grass but thankfully quickly retrieved and the answer was YES, YES, YES.



William loves that Nicole is so caring and loves and supports him in everything he does and Nicole loves that William is so honest and genuine and can always put a smile on her face no matter what.


With glorious views of Tasman Bay in the distance, William and Nicole became husband and wife.

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We didn’t have to go very far for location photos, everything we needed was right there on our door step.

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William was looking a little too relaxed so time to bring out the bubbles…

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Cute as couple right here!

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We had so much fun hanging out with these fabulous people, it was a bundle of laughs all day long.


Girl time with Chrissy…


Boy time with Daron…

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Williams father Graeme had a special request. When he married Williams mother Maree 22 years ago, this was the same wedding car they used and he asked that we take a replica of a picture they had taken. Pretty awesome idea I thought.


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Picture perfect!


William and Nicole, it’s been an absolute pleasure capturing so many precious moments of your special day and we wish you many many years of love and happiness. Thanks for being so awesome.

Chrissy & Daron x

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