Another beautiful Marlborough wedding…..

Meeting as young teenagers in Te Awamutu, Tony and Stacey have literally grown up together. Walking into town with a friend one afternoon, Stacey waved at the handsome guy in the car that drove past. Pulling over, he asked them if they wanted to go for a drive. Being young and naive they freaked out at first but jumped in and went for a drive with Tony around Hamilton Lake. Stacey’s mum was rather worried when her daughter arrived home three hours late at 6pm – she was in big trouble. Funnily enough Tony got home but couldn’t get in as his key was in Stacey’s pocket. He had no choice but to go back to her place and face Stacey’s mum who gave him a lecture then invited him in. In later years Stacey asked her mum why she did that and her reply was that any guy who has the guts to come back and face a lecture must be alright.


After a couple of years they broke up and went their separate ways until three years later their paths crossed again at the Warehouse. It was awkward and they both walked out with the CD’s they had purchased, jumped into their cars and drove away. Stacey noticed Tony following her and funnily enough his hand came out the window telling her to pull over. For the second time they connected on the side of the road.


One year later Stacey arrived home from work to find rose petals all through the kitchen, up the hallway and leading to the bar in their house. Tony dropped to one knee and told Stacey he always loved her and asked her to marry him. A wise women once said to them “if it is meant to be you will find each other again” and she was right. No matter where those three years apart took them, there was always love for each other and it was obviously destined to be.


A few years later they moved to Picton for a job opportunity and have never looked back. This is their home sweet home and today, 17th December 2016, is their wedding day.


As well as being madly in love with Stacey and their two boys, Tony is also madly in love with his Ford Falcon GT. Being a spray painter this car is immaculate.


These two cuties are their boys Jayden and Liam. They were super proud to be the ring bearers today.


Tony, his brother Kyle and best mate Shannon decided to go casual for their pre ceremony shots so into the garage with the car and a few beers we went.

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Tony thought it was about time to get dressed and he was looking pretty smart in his suit and bow tie.


Just around the road Stacey and the girls were getting ready at the home of her bridesmaid Diane.


While Stacey was getting hair and makeup done, we had heaps of time to photograph all the pretty things. The silk flowers were really lovely and I especially liked the addition of the butterflys mixed into the bouquet.

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Stacey’s parents Vaughan and Marion are the most lovely people. We had lots of laughs with them and they were just bursting with pride as they watched their beautiful daughter prepare for the big day.


Rachel Lee Hair and Makeup did a fantastic job.


Those special mother daughter moments…

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Vaughan was loving being part of it all as well.

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What a beauty!


Stacey’s sister Hana was her bridesmaid as well as best friend Diane. We were absolutely loving the purple colour theme and just wait until you see what the reception looked like.


Awww so precious!

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The wedding ceremony was held at Woodend Gardens in Blenheim. Liam and Jayden were looking super handsome and they waited excitedly for the arrival of their mother.

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Stacey had become increasingly nervous during the morning but I think as she walked down the isle towards Tony, excitement took over. Seeing each other for the first time in all their wedding glory was such a magical moment and they will never forget it.




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I really love this image of Jayden. The rose is holding Stacey’s ring and he was grinning from ear to ear as he handed it over to his father.


It was a lovely ceremony by celebrant Carol Taylor and before they knew it they were holding hands and walking back down the isle as husband and wife.


Hip Hip Horray!


For location photos we headed off to Rarangi Beach which we were very excited about as it has the most amazing trees with big roots coming out of the ground.


Tony’s vowels were very cool and this is my favorite part: “Stacey you are my best friend, the fuel for my carburetor, the spark for my plug, the tyre for my wheel and the paint for my gun”. As you can see they absolutely adore and love each other and today they have created so many beautiful memories to look back on in years to come.





Such a romantic Tony!


It was a sweltering summer day and Tony and Stacey braved the heat and climbed out onto the rocks and then this happened……


OMG the biggest wave came in and Stacey’s dress nearly got drenched, and so did Daron but he made sure that he got the shot before jumping up out of the way.


Stacey’s wedding dress was custom made by Sandy at Trade My Craft in Blenheim. Inspired by Cosmobella it was simply stunning and full of flounce which we loved.


We decided to go to safer rocks; no water was going to come up this high.


What a good looking bunch of people!



The Marlborough Pavilion in Picton is the perfect place for a wedding reception. Tony and Stacey, along with their mums and the bridesmaids, spent the previous day decorating it. It was well worth the effort and we were blown away with how pretty everything looked – well done guys.


Stacey’s friend Keri made this glorious wedding cake. I especially loved the cake topper and had a wee chuckle to myself as I imagined Stacey dragging Tony away from his car like this hehe.


We love photographing the wedding reception, so much laughter all night long and the speeches are just hilarious.



Tony and Stacey danced the night away to the groovy sounds played by DJ Matt from BPM Disco in Blenheim. Daron and I said our goodbyes and headed back to Picton for the night feeling thankful for the awesome people we get to meet and thinking how much we love our job.


Thanks so much Tony and Stacey for letting us share in your special day and don’t spend too much time on that car Tony hehe. Seriously though we wish you all the very best as you journey through life together.

Chrissy and Daron x

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