Björn & Nina

Hi Daron & Chris,

Thank you both so much for the awesome pictures we just received !
While looking at the pictures, we felt like being back in NZ and living again this fantastic time! There’s so much love and fun in the photos, it’s simply unbelievable?!

Both of you really did a great, great job. The combination of having photos looking straight into the camera and taking photos at the same time from the side is outstanding! What an excellent choice to take both of you! And it was so much fun!

As you can appreciate getting married during our vacation in New Zealand was our dream. A professional wedding photographer keeping these moments as memory was of course very important. For sure, we wanted to have fantastic pictures for ourselves, but also communicate the feeling of this most beautiful time in our lifetime to our family and friends  back here in Germany.

We only had one chance to make our decision based on photos we saw in the Internet. After looking at your  photos we knew that these would be the kind of photos we would like to have for our wedding. If you have any plans to travel to Germany in 2010, let us know , as we are arranging our church wedding and would love to  to have you both as our Wedding Photographers and quests here also!

Thank you both so much for a wonderful day!

Björn & Nina

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