Deliarna & Jesse married at Maruia

When we received an email from Deliarna and Jesse asking if we were available to photograph their wedding at Springs Junction, we were rather excited. Every time we drive through the Lewis Pass, we stop at the start of the St James Walkway for a leg stretch. We’ve talked for years about how we would love to photograph a bride and groom here. When we put the idea to Deli and Jesse to go there for some location shots, they were also very excited at the prospect of getting some really cool scenic mountain shots Two very happy photographers were counting down the days until their wedding.

Stunning wedding photos taken at the top of Lewis Pass

The day before the wedding, car loaded up with camera equipment, three kids and a dog, we set out on our journey. It’s been a really busy summer with not much downtime, so we decided to turn this trip into a family holiday after the wedding. While our children went to stay with their Aunty in Rangiora, Daron and I stayed in Hanmer Springs the night before the wedding. The hot pools were absolute bliss and we were looking forward to coming back to Hanmer in a few days with our family.

The morning of the wedding, we planned to be at Jesse and Deli’s home at 10:30am to photograph the guys, she had even left them a note on the blackboard (above). We arrived a little earlier expecting to see the guys all dressed, the groom and some of the groomsmen were nowhere in sight. 10:30am came and went and still no groom, 10:40am and Jesse walked in looking very relaxed. After introductions, Jesse asked how long we were going to be there for? Daron replied “about 30 minutes”. Jesse then said, “It takes me longer than that to have a shower”. Daron looked at me and I read his mind, “Jesse hasn’t had a shower yet”? We have been doing this job for long enough now to know that on the wedding day, you take it as it comes.

Deli sent us a thank you email soon after the wedding and she mentioned the following:
“We are looking forward to getting our photos. I have a photo wall at home and I’ve taken them all down and put the photos in other places. Our friend made us a rustic wooden sign that says “Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favourite”. We will pick our favourite photos to put on the wall around it! Ahh, such a photo freak”.

Groom next to hay bales

Now we hadn’t met Jesse until today and Deli had warned us that Jesse wasn’t a really big photo person. We were expecting a rather shy quiet kind of guy, however we were pleasantly surprised. Instead was a good looking young man who wasn’t at all shy. We asked Jesse what he loved the most about Deli, “I really love Deli because of our unique and special relationship, we make each other laugh and smile, we have a lot of fun times and I look forward to living our lives together”.

Groom with groomsmen in hay shed

Let me introduce you to the boys from left, Nick (Jesse’s brother), Sam, Jesse, Ethan and Sunny (Jesse’s other brother).

Job done in a timely fashion and now onto the girls.

This sweet wee flower girl is Biunka, the daughter of Deli’s good friend Bailee (also her hairdresser today). It’s such a small world, in the mornings when we take our dog for a walk we often pass Bailee dropping Biunka off at school, we didn’t know who she was then, but we do now.

Cowboy boots – perfect for a farm wedding.

The girls got ready at the home of Deli’s parents (Aaron & Rachel). This stunning location was also used for the ceremony venue, as they say ‘there’s no place like home’.

Deli and her younger sister Samantha adding the final touches.

Followed by Becca helping to put the veil on.

Mmmmm, those grapes look good.

Deli looked absolutely stunning on her wedding day. She normally dresses for work on the farm but today she was dressed like a princess.

Deli -”We both grew up riding farm bikes and have a pretty big love for motorbikes as well as racing them competitively. I started racing cross-country and motocross when I was 15 and love the thrill and adrenaline of getting out there and racing around! Jess only started racing when we got together after I’d drag him off to events and got him into it”.

Bride sitting on dirt bike

The things that Deli loves the most about Jess is that he has a huge heart and is so caring about his family and friends, he puts everyone else before himself. Deli loves that they are always joking around laughing with each other so much. “As soon as we first got together I knew that Jess was the one for me. We’d known each other for so long and I had never thought of Jess that way and then it just happened, and it was perfect”.

Fifteen minutes to go before the wedding ceremony, everyone was having a great time.

Especially Rachel, it’s not every day that your eldest daughter gets married.

Who would have thought that we would end up with such a nice day, the few days prior it had bucketed down, big time!

What a stunning backdrop with views of the mountains, imagine waking up to this every day.

Bride arrives at wedding ceremony on the back of a tractor

The girls arrived to the ceremony in class (farm style).

Deli – “I’m not able to pick out a favourite moment of our day, because it was all so special and perfect to me. But if I had to choose, it would have been arriving on the tractor trailer and jumping off to walk up the aisle to see Jess. We had spent the night before apart, so there was a lot of anticipation to see each other”.

Jesse – “My favourite moment at our wedding was seeing Deli walking up the aisle, she looked so beautiful and I could tell she was very happy. The whole day was so special and we had the best day ever”.

Nathan spoke beautifully about love and marriage, his words were very touching.

Sealed with a kiss.

Growing up in Maruia, Deli has always been a country farm girl. No matter where she may end up living, Maruia will always be her home. Deli moved to Nelson in her late teens and one summer while riding her dirt bike with friends in the Moutere Hills, she noticed one guy in the group that she hadn’t met before. It’s funny how life works out, back then Deli would never have imagined that this good looking boy would end up being her husband.

As it turned out, Jesse was a bit of an all round goon on a dirt bike. Deli was rather impressed as she watched Jesse wheeling (for the older folks reading this, that means wheel standing) up some steep firebreaks. She later found out that he was doing this because he had a flat front tyre and it was easier to just fly up on his back wheel.

Over the next few years, Jess and Deli became good mates, enjoying many adventures out riding bikes and getting up to mischief with close friends.

In the summer of 2012, Deli decided to move back to her parent’s farm in Maruia. It was only after she moved that Jesse told her that he really liked her and then asked her out. Deli had no idea that going out riding dirt bikes and spotlighting was Jesse’s way of taking her out on dates! Things were now starting to quickly cook up between these two and a fortnight later, she travelled back up to Nelson for the weekend…and never left!

Jess and Deli had been together for a year now. One weekend while looking after the family farm in Maruia, Jess suggested that they take a ride to the top of a nearby hill overlooking the farm. They both jumped on Deli’s bike and made their way up the hill. Upon arriving at a point that overlooked the valley (pictured below), Jess jumped off, turned around and pulled something out of his pocket, but then dropped it. He bent down to pick it up then turned around to face Deli, got down on one knee and asked her to marry him! Deli was stunned, it was perfect, the man she loved proposing to her on her dirt bike!

This is Dave and Susan’s pride and joy, a beautiful old Chevy Impala, perfect for their wedding car today.

Just as we were leaving the hilltop, Sonny who had parked the Hilux in front of our car went to drive off and his wheels started spinning in the mud. So what did he do then? he put his foot down. Next thing mud was flying in all sorts of directions, but mostly at our car. When Sonny realised what he had done, he along with the groomsmen laughed hysterically, while the bridesmaids who were sitting in another 4×4 had a look of shock horror on their faces. Sonny apologised and offered to clean it off; Daron laughed and said “there’s no hose up here, how about you lick it off”….. he did!

The plan was to take photos of everyone together and then the bridal party would leave for the reception at the Springs Junction hall. Jess and Deli would then follow us up to the top of the Lewis Pass (yeah right, our Honda Stream up against the Chevy Impala? That was never going to happen, we followed them).

Awesome, I want some (the boots I mean).

Bridemaids wearing cowboy boots and brigh blue dresses

The blue bridesmaid dresses looked stunning in this native setting, not to mention so were the bridesmaids as well.

Ok guys, you all looked mighty fine to.

Time for a little ring around the rosie, in this case Jess and Deli.

Next stop was on top of another hill overlooking the valley. While Daron took some shots of the bridal party, I captured some shots of young Biunka.

This just happened to be the very spot that Deli’s parents had their wedding location photos taken, how cool is that!

A kiss for the girls…

Nothing can pull these two lovebirds apart!

Bride and groom walk along path at St James walk way in the Lewis Pass

It was about a 30 minute drive to the top of the Lewis Pass, then here we were in this magical place.

Romantic wedding photos from St James walk way in the L:ewis Pass

It was very, very cold with a light wind. We just don’t know how Deli didn’t feel it like the rest of us. To keep warm I had a blanket wrapped around me compliments of Dave and Susan.

Moss covefed tress surround the bride and groom on the Lewis Pass North Canterbury

Deli – “Another part of our wedding day that I loved was having the photos taken on the Lewis Pass. Everyone was so cold and I could feel Jess shivering but I didn’t feel cold at all, I think I was too high on happiness while taking in the moments of just being married.

Dreamy wedding photos taken at St Jame walkway in the Lewis Pass

So many dreamy moments, we were in complete heaven.

Groom standing next to moss covered trees in the Lewis Pass

The moss covered trees remind me of scenes out of a Doctor Seuss book – I LOVE this place.

Dramatic wedding photos taken next to a tarn on St James walk way Lewis Pass

I think that these pictures define our company statement, “Your emotions, your moments, your day”.

Jesse and Deli, with the risk of repeating ourselves after photographing so many weddings this summer, we truly loved spending the day with you guys. Jesse, even though you were late, you cleaned up pretty well and Deli you looked like a princess. All the very best with your lives together.
Daron & Chrissy X


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