Scott and Janice

This one is a love story with a sad ending, well not quite. Scott who lives here in Nelson befriended Janice, a young German girl. Janice was employed for a twelve month period to nanny Scott’s young nephews. During the twelve months Scott and Janice developed a romantic relationship. unfortunately Janice’s New Zealand visa was due to expire and it was now time for her to return to Germany and that’s where we came in.

boy with bear at the queens gardens

For security reasons I don’t name children on my blog site,
we’ll just call this guy, the little fellar.

boy sitting on tree

The other little fellar, like his younger brother was well behaved
during out photo shoot; I think that the bribe for an ice cream
afterwards might have had something to do with it?

two brothers together sitting on tree

This old tree at the Queens Gardens is really good to photograph against.

two boys playing in the leaves at the queens gardens

For the boys, now the fun begins.

Janice posing for camera

Janice looked absolutely gorgeous; I can see how Scott fell for her

guy sitting on rock posing for camera

On the other hand, I’m sure that Scott is a catch to.

couple sitting on tree lokking at each other

At first I really wasn’t sure if these two were a couple,
I soon figured it out!

couple in tree

It always seems to be me climbing tree’s to take photos of people,
now its their turn.

boy freind and girl freind kissing

Maybe not!

couple kissing against a tree

By now I had certainly fiqured it out.

boy running towards his brother

I left Scott and Janice to themselves for awhile and went and
photographed the boys playing.

couple walking down the path at the queens gardens

Back up the tree again!

boy and girl lying in the leaves

This fairytale story does really have a good ending; Scott and Janice are going to continue with their long distance relationship. Good luck guys.

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