Iain & Leah’s wedding day


Iain and Leah are a delightful couple who have travelled to many different countries around the world.  They currently reside in Melbourne and decided to celebrate their special wedding day in their home town of Nelson.  For Iain and Leah, their wedding day was all about having fun with plenty of laughs and relaxing with friends and loved ones.

Groom and groomsmen playing cricket

We had previously arranged for the guys to be dressed by the time we arrived, well this was close enough, grab the camera Daron!


Bestman,groomsmen and groom playing cricket on lawn

The game now, was to see who could hit Daron with the tennis ball, this one might be close?
Groomsmen fitted a tie on the groom

Iain has been asked to sign many an autograph for people who think he is our All Black Captain, Richie McCaw.

Silver wedding rings on red place mat

Silver wedding rings are very popular these days.

Page boy looks around the corner


Groomsmen play fight with the groom

Now boys, get him!

Groom rips a hole in his pants

You can blame Daron for this – good news, mum came to the rescue.

Bride sharing a tear with her grandmother

Nana and Leah couldn’t stop the tears from flowing once they saw each other.

Bridemaides look at the photo that they just took.

“Jody, did you get that shot?”

Bridesmaide laughs while having her hair styled

Weddings are so much fun.

Glass of sparkling wine with strawberries

Bubbly with strawberries anyone?

Glamour photo of the beautiful bride


Model wedding photo of bride taken by Nelson Wedding Photographers Daron & Christine Graham

Bride and grandmother hug each other

Here they go again…

Wedding ceremony at the Holy Trinity Church in Richmond

The wedding ceremony was held at the Holy Trinity Church in Richmond. Philip was holding back the tears as they walked up the aisle.

Bride and groom laugh during their wedding ceremony at the Holy Trinity Church in Richmond,

Tears don’t last long with Celebrant Tony Barnett.  I have known Tony for many years, he also married Daron and I.  He really makes a wedding ceremony very personal and special.

Guests outside the Holy Trinity Church in Richmond

Guests mingle outside the Holy Trinity Church.

Black and red classic wedding cars

Two very hot Cadillacs – I want one or two.

Leah looked so beautiful on her wedding day, such a
pleasure to photograph.

Bridal party having a few drinks and food

Time for a break.

Bridal party have fun in a hay shed with parosols

There is always one funny guy in every wedding party, Greg was this one (top row, third on the right)

Bridal party laugh while sitting on hay bails

By now, we were all giving Greg a hard time, especially Daron.

Groom and groomsmen drink beer during wedding location photos

Ok, time for another break!

Model photo of bride


Bride and groom kiss with the brides veil floating in the air.

Lets kiss…

Bride and groom kiss in field covered in flowers

Bridal party dance in a field

Music blasting, people dancing, so much fun.

Bride and bridemaids walk down dirt road

While the girls go for a stroll…

Groomsmen drink beer in Cadiliac wedding car

Well, say no more…

Bride and groom ride in bright pink Cadilliac wedding car

Time to go to Woollastons Estate for the wedding reception.

Bride and groom in the wine cellar of Woollaston Estates

Daron had five minutes before the bridal party were to be seated to capture these romantic wedding photo’s in Woollastons wine cellar.

Bride and groom in Woolaston Estates wine cellar

Low light wedding photos from Woolastons Estates wine cellar


Bride laughs with guests at wedding reception held at Woollaston Estates near Nelson

The wedding reception speeches were full of laughs and the odd tear.

Guests laugh during speeches at reception at Woolaston Estate

Wedding reception at Woolaston Estate

Greg and the guys gave Leah eleven out of ten on the beauty stakes.

Candle burns at wedding reception

We’ve had such a glorious day with you guys, looking forward to seeing you both again next January where we will have the pleasure of photographing Jody’s wedding.


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