Chris & Kara married at St Michaels Church

At the end of 2006, Kara and her friend Bren (head bridesmaid), left for the UK for their big overseas adventure. Basing themselves in London, they traveled to Europe from there. Bren’s visa only lasted for two years, so after Bren left the UK, Kara stayed on under an ancestry visa.

Groom wearing traditional coat tails

It would be a few years later that Kara would meet Chris, story to be continued….

We met with Chris and Kara for the first time two days before their special day. It is certainly not an easy job organising a wedding from abroad. The night before the wedding, Chris and Kara along with friends and family were extremely busy organising the last minute bits and pieces. They didn’t get to bed until well after midnight.

Orange flower on the lepal of the grooms jacket

On the morning of the wedding we met up with Chris along with his father and groomsmen at the Wheelhouse on the Port Hills. We were certainly impressed with their traditional English wedding attire, they all looked extremely handsome and were just a great bunch of guys to photograph and have a few laughs with.

Groom standing with his father

Chris’s parents Brian and Carolyn traveled out from the UK to enjoy the wedding and to have a look around New Zealand while they were here.  They had already met Kara’s parents, Colin and Christine, in London previously, but they hadn’t yet met the rest of the family.

Meet the boys – Constantine (starkey), Matthew (Ozzie), Chris (groom), Brian (father) and Nick. Now Daron thought that these guys were a good bunch of blokes, especially after he found out that they loved rugby. From that point on he mentioned (rubbed in) the fact that the All Blacks where the World Champions! Hope that you weren’t showing off too much Daron, next year the Rugby World Cup will be on their turf.

The love story between the handsome English guy and the pretty kiwi girl started in June of 2010. They met in Canary Wharf in London at a combined birthday/work leaving party. As it worked out, Kara knew the birthday boy and Chris knew the guy leaving his work. Strangely enough Chris and Kara found out that they had previously worked in the same bank, possibly even on the same floor, but they just hadn’t meet each other. It’s funny how fate works things out anyway.

So what do these guys do for a job?
Chris is a banker and what we heard during the reception speeches, he’s a very good one. Kara also works in the banking industry as an executive assistant. They now work in separate banks.

The bride and bridesmaids got dressed at Kara’s parents house in Stoke. Kara had previously warned us that she didn’t really like having her photo taken. I Don’t know why, she looked absolutely gorgeous on her wedding day.

Karen from Artistic Beauty finishing off the final touches.

“Now time for the pressies girls”.

As you can see from the reactions, the girls were rather delighted with their gifts.

As usual, lots of pretty things for us to photograph.

Kara received a special gift from Chris which would be saved to wear another day.


There are a number of things that can really enhance beautiful wedding photos, one of them is vibrant bouquets.

Bridesmaids wearing bright red dresses

Meet the girls, Laura, Denni, Kara and Brenda.

You have probably already guessed by reading the sign where Chris and Kara got married.

Bride arrives at St Michaels Church in vintage car

And here they come in vintage style, mum, bridesmaids and the bride. This is a classic old Cadillac which came from the Motueka Museum – very awesome.

Vintage wedding car arrives at St Michaels Church in Waimea West

We have had the pleasure of photographing weddings at St Michaels Anglican Church before. It’s such a beautiful setting and we were delighted to be back here once again.

Wedding ceremony in St Michaels Angilican Church in Waimea West Brightwater

Rustic St Michaels Church wedding ceremony

Love the rustic look.

Bride and groom getting married in St Michaels Church in Waimea West

Bride and groom laugh during wedding ceremony in St Michaels Church in Brightwater

Bride and groom kiss during wedding ceremony at St Michaels near Nelson

And they sealed it with a kiss.

Bride and groom walk down the Isle in St Michaels Church Waomea West

Welcome Mr & Mrs Wiseman.

Gusts hug bride and groom outside St Michaels Anglican Church

Special times with friends and family.

Group photos in front of St Michaels Church near Brightwater


The day before the wedding Daron and I went for a little drive, we were concerned that the forecasted storm would rain on our parade. The sand at Rabbit Island beach was very wet so that wasn’t really an option. At the southern end of Rabbit Island is a place that we sometimes take our little dog for a walk, it was perfect for taking wedding photos today.

Red double decker bus carries bridal party to Rabbitt Island

The wedding reception was held at The Playhouse Cafe and Theatre Restaurant. Most of the guests were travelling from the Church to the Playhouse in this big red double decker bus. Firstly, the driver had to take a wee detour and drop off the bridal party, returning to pick them up a little later after the location shots.

Bride and groom standing on rocks at Rabbit Island Nelson

This place worked out a treat, but we were ever mindful that those dramatic looking rain clouds were moving our way really fast and along with that the temperature was dropping just as quick.

Romantic wedding photos taken at Rabbit Island near Nelson

So how did Chris propose?
It was a rainy Sunday on 12th of May 2013 and Chris and Kara were floating down the river Thames in their hired boat. Armed with a bottle of Vodka & Coke and a little picnic, they were just cruising around when Chris popped the big question. It turned out to be a boat trip they will never forget.

Bride and groom sit on rocks at Rabbitt Island near Nelson

I know I’ve said this a million times before but “WE LOVE VEILS”.

Black and white dramatic wedding photos

While the newlyweds were looking at Daron, I took a selection of shots from a totally different angle. Two photographers are so much better than one.

Groom standing on rocks at Rabbitt Island near Nelson

Moody wedding photo of bride holding out her veil.

We asked Chris what he loves about Kara?
“I love a lot of things about Kara, but the things that I love mostly is her one in a million sense of humour as well as her very caring big hearted nature. She loves her family and friends and is so supportive of them, plus she is really hot”.

We asked Kara what she loves about Chris?
“I love the way Chris would protect me without question along with his fun loving personality. Chris really values family and friends to no end”.

Bridal party laughing ar Rabbit Island

What do you like doing together?
“We both love our sport playing & supporting.  We have loved playing hockey for most of our lives and we come from big hockey families. We like a good party, but we also enjoy each others company on our own as well”.

Bridal party dancing around the bride and groom

The entire bridal party travelled a long way to be here today. Chris and Kara from London, Bren from Perth and Denni, Laura, Starky, Nick and Ozzie all from London. Some of the English based bridal members were only in New Zealand for a few days before they returned to London. Such amazing friends to have travelled all this way.

Bride and groom walk in long grass next to vintage wedding car

Ozzie (Matt) was surprised that the bridal party where also staying for the location photos, he said that in the UK it is mostly the bride and groom that get photographed at this time. I think that he was more concerned that they didn’t have any beer. We couldn’t have the bridal party just standing around – let’s dance.

Bride and groom walk and on hand through long grass

Romantic black and white wedding photos taken at Rabbitt Island

It still wasn’t raining, but it wasn’t far away.

Dreamy wedding photos from Nelson Weding Photography

As it started to drizzle, the bridal party jumped in the bus and we quickly headed to the vineyard for a few shots.

Bride and groom walk up isle in Vinyard

Groom dips bride inbetween vinyard

Having a few vineyard wedding photos was really impotant to Kara, “hold of rain, we won’t be long”.

Seriously, it started to rain right at the end of the shoot – there is a rain god after all.

Wedding reception hels at The Playhouse Cafeand Theatre Restaurant near Nelson

Guest throw confetto over bride and groom at The Playhouse Cafe and Theatre Restaurant

Back at the Playhouse Cafe and Theatre Restaurant, the guests were armed and waiting!

Wedding reception in the Playhouse Cafe and Theatre Restaurant near Nelson

Bridal party augh during wedding speeches at The Playhouse Cafe and Thearte Restaurant

As you can see the speeches were a lot of fun and the laughter was non stop.

Bride and groom laughing during wedding reception at The Playhouse Cafe and Theatre in Nelson

Chris and Kara, what are the highlights from your wedding day?
“Having so much fun the whole day and night. Even though we could not get a lot of family and friends over from the UK, we were so happy that those who came enjoyed themselves so much. It was great to see that our two sets of family and friends got to know each other, that’s all we could have wished for”.

Funa nad laughter from guests at wedding reception at the Playhouse Cafe and Theatre

Good times with your best mates…

Fun wedding reception photos taken at The Playhouse Cafe and Thretre Resturant in Nelson

The guests were mingling and having a great time and Daron and I were having just as much fun capturing it all.

Chris and Kara it was an absolute pleasure photographing your wedding day. When you are back in Nelson let’s catch up over a drink or two.
Chrissy & Daron X

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