Romantic wedding at Pollard Park in Blenheim

Today is the 22nd of March 2014, this is Emmett and Kim’s wedding day. When we first walked into the Marlborough Vintners Hotel for the bride’s getting ready shots, we read a beautifully decorated black board…

04/12/2010, they Flirted
04/02/2012, they connected
05/02/2012, they kissed
10/03/2012, “I love you”
18/04/2012, Cohen called him Daddy
21/06/2012, he moved in
28/10/2012, she said, “Yes”.
22/03/2014, “I do”.

Bridce and groom sunset photos Vitners Hotel in Marlborough

The beginning…
It was December 2011 when Emmett and Kim first met during their mutual friend’s, Daryl and Tara’s engagement party in Northland. Once they were introduced to each other the flirtation started (I’m sure that Emmett’s lovely Irish accent added a touch of charm). But, it wasn’t until February 2012 that they were reacquainted at Daryl and Tara’s wedding in Rotorua, neither had forgotten the other.

Bride getting ready at Marlborough Vintners Hotel

During the wedding reception, Emmett and Kim spent hours talking throughout the night, many of those hours sitting on a jetty at Lake Okareka. Emmett finally convinced Kim to take a swim together and while they were in the water he kissed her.

So what does Emmett do for a job (other than wearing super hero t-shirts)? Emmett works in the wine industry for Constellation Brands as a National Account Manager. Emmett really loves his job and having a wine sampling allocation, makes it even more enjoyable. Outside of work Emmett enjoys scuba diving and riding his motorbike, seeing the world is also a major passion.

What bought Emmett to New Zealand – Emmett’s words.
“In 2004 my father died of cancer at the age of 59 and so I decided to change my life away from a pure career focus to more of fun and adventure. After a few months of soul searching and saving money, I booked a one way flight to Ecuador with the plan to travel through South and Central America for nine months. While I was travelling I met a Kiwi who convinced me that NZ was a country I should visit. Within a few weeks of arriving I decided to stay and before long I had made New Zealand my home.  After seven years in NZ, I received my citizenship.

We’ll be back soon to continue with their love story, for now we are heading to where the boys are getting ready. Emmett and his brother Nick along with Kim’s son Cohen got dressed in an apartment complex in Blenheim. When we arrived Cohan was full of beans and we couldn’t do much to slow him down, that was until Emmett bought out the super hero T- shirts.

Groom wearing a Super man shirt

Hmmmm, who’s the toughest? Spiderman would take out Superman any day of the week, aye Cohen!

“Looking very cool Cohen”.

Emmett’s brother Nick is his bestman today, he travelled all the way from Dublin with his family to share in this special day. This is how the Irish shake hands.

We never want to risk anyone getting hurt on their wedding day, but we couldn’t let this opportunity go by, “good view, boys”?

Rose bouquet in Vintners Hotel Vinyard Marlborough

Next stop, bride and bridesmaid getting ready at the Marlborough Vintners Hotel.

Brides white shoes in marlborough Vinyard

Peral necklass with bouquet

So what does Kim do other than being a busy mother?
Kim is the Sales Manager at Ellerslie Event Centre and Auckland Racing Club, she loves the buzz of working in this industry. With so many seasonal events she is always looking ahead to something new and of course horse racing dominates a big part of the summer and a lot of weekends. She has seen and organised a lot of weddings, but nothing compares to organising your own, (that explains the two page wedding itinerary down to the minute Kim).

Out of work, Kim enjoys spending time with her son Cohen as well as reading when she gets a spare minute to herself. Emmett has bought out in her a passion to travel the world, so I’m sure they will have many exciting adventures to look forward to.

Bride getting dressed at Marlborough Vintners Hotel in Blenheim

Kims mother Sue made her wedding dress, it looked absolutely stunning. Like Chrissy and I, Sue also lives in Nelson, in fact we were the only people at the wedding from the South Island.

Bridesmaide puts veil on bride

A big hug for Kim’s dear friend and bridesmaid, Nic.

Wedding photos from Marlborough Vintners Hotel

Marlborough Vintners Hotel wedding venue

How did Emmett propose?
Well, you might want to grab a coffee or a glass of wine for this one. First we are going to have Emmett’s perspective in his own words, followed by Kim’s.

“When I decided to ask Kim to marry me, I thought long and hard about how and when I was going to do it. My plan was to ask Kim on Christmas in an elaborate way. However, every day the excitement built and I found it really difficult not to ask her. My parents died several years ago and so I had my mum’s rings and really wanted to use these to allow my past to become part of our future”.

“During a Halloween party at her dad’s place this excitement got the better of me and I knew I couldn’t hold out any longer. I unfortunately didn’t have the ring on me but I felt that the timing was perfect. I decided to go and ask Kim’s dad for his permission, thankfully he said, yes. The next person to ask was Kim’s mum.  As she lives in Nelson, I decided to call her, but as soon as she picked up, it died. It was then that I realised that it was in the middle of the night and I immediately realised that Kim’s mum would be concerned to receive a phone call, only to be cut off right at the start of the conversation and not knowing why I was calling”.

“I had to quickly borrow another phone to call her back before she called Kim to find out what was going on. I was able to find Kim and borrow her phone before it was too late.  When I finally got to speak to her she was wide awake and again, thankfully, I was given permission”.

Wedding ceremony at Pollard Park in Benheim Marlborough

“Upon returning to the party to find Kim, I met her brother and he said “welcome to the family”. After a brief chat he told me that his dad was very excited and was telling people already.  So with the pressure now truly on, I needed to find Kim quickly before she heard it accidentally from another reveler”.

Intimate wedding ceremony at Pollard Park in Blenheim

“I took Kim outside and under the beautiful starry night I got down on one knee and asked her to be my wife. For the third time that night I was delighted to be told, yes!
Later on that night when we got home I got my mum’s ring out and proposed again, what a night it was”.

Wedding ceremony in Rose Garden at Pollard Park Bleneim

Before we hear Kim’s perspective, we are now enjoying their wedding ceremony next to the Rose garden in Pollard Park in Blenheim. It was a stunning cloudless day – just perfect in every way!

Pollard Park wedding ceremony in Blenheim

Kim’s perspective;
“Each year my brother and sister organise a big Halloween party at my dad’s house, it always draws a big crowd. Emmett and I went along even though there were a lot of people that we didn’t know well. After Emmett’s famous chocolate vodka shots we had a nice happy glow and we were enjoying each others company while talking about our lives and the future. Emmett had something on his mind and the more we talked, the more I thought he wanted to say something”.

Bride and groom kiss during ceremony at Blenheim's Pollard Park

At about 2am that morning while dressed as a Werewolf and a Fallen Angel, Emmett proposed to me in my dad’s garden. Apparently he had wanted to wait but we were having such a wonderful night, he just had to do it. I found out later he had asked my dad at the party and rang my mum in Nelson in the middle of the night to ask her permission as well. When we got home he once again got down on bended knee and proposed with his mother’s engagement ring that he had been holding onto until the right time. It was so special because it just felt so right”.

Pollard Park Blenheim wedding ceremony

Wedding photos from Pollard Park in Marlborough

What makes Emmett and Kim work as a couple?
“We make a great team, we work well together sharing all responsibilities and communicating well. So well in fact that some of the most memorable nights we have had are talking into the wee hours about everything important to us. Plus, most importantly we love each other”.

Bride and groom walk up the isle in Pollard Park in Blenheim

What Emmett loves about Kim;
“As a natural sales person with a large dose of cheekiness and sarcasm I love when Kim calls me on my BS. I tend to be overly elaborate, so it is obvious that I am chancing my arm, but I love it when Kim does it right back at me.
Prior to meeting Kim, I always made rapid decisions but now I always want to know Kim’s opinion before I make a decision, as I trust her so much. When anything happens, Kim is always the person I want to tell first. Kim also made me a dad, so for that I am forever grateful and I love her and Cohen with all of my heart”.

What Kim loves about Emmett;
“I love how much he looks out for me, he always has my best interests at heart. I feel adoration and he is never shy to do wonderful little things for me that make me feel special. He is the same with Cohen, from the moment they met they got on and Emmett has been such a loving and fun father to him, in fact Cohen has a very cheeky side at times that I know comes from Emmett. I also know that I can talk to him about anything and he really is the first person I want to tell about all aspects of my life”.

What do Emmett and Kim want as a couple out of life?
“Love and adventure and exploring the world together – gaining happiness, education and humility.
We have a family values chart printed on canvas that we wrote for our family,
-    Dream, explore, live
-    Encourage each other
-    Know you are loved
-    Protect the planet
-    Seek adventure
-    Do what you love
-    Squeeeeeeeeze (our special family hugs)
There are many things on there that are important to us and these are just a few”.

More immediately they are planning to spend three months in Europe at the end of 2014, visiting Ireland, England, Italy, Greece, France, Croatia and who knows where else. Some of these places Emmett has considered home over the years, while Kim has never been to Europe. They want to travel before Cohen starts primary school and as Kiwi’s, Kim and Cohen will get to enjoy their first winter Christmas in Ireland with Emmett’s family.

Bridr and groom with son walking across bride in Pollard Park

Back to the wedding day. For Emmett and Kim having some of their wedding photos taken with Cohen playing was really important to them and so play they did.

Bride and groom play with their son at Pollard Park in Marlborough

Bride hugs her son

Everyone was having a great time and there were a lot of snuggles.

Page boy plays with his balloon

Bride and groom walk through Pollard Park in BVenei

This time of the year Pollard Park in Blenheim is absolutely beautiful with some lovely Spring colours starting to come out.

Bridal party enjoy picnic in Polard Park Blenheim

A little further down the park we met up with Nick and Nic (I know, it got confusing for us as well). While the bridal party enjoyed a little time out, Chrissy spotted some really nice light shinning through the willow trees – good spotting babe.

Bride and groom walk hand on hand through Blenheim's Pollard Par

Bride and groom kiss under Willow trees in pollard Park

These two required very little coaxing, their natural love for each other shone through making them an absolute pleasure to photograph.

Romantic wedding photos taken in Pollard Park Bleheim

Bride holding her parasol

Fun wedding photos from Nelson Wedding Photography

“What did you whisper in Kim’s ear Emmett”?

Bridal partylaughing during weding photos in Pollard Park in Blenheim

While we were taking these shots, Emmett and Kim told us that they had previously found a cool old partly burnt out tree and did we want to have a look?

Bridal party under old tree in Pollard Park

Now this tree was impressive and the perfect backdrop for some very unique wedding photos.

Bride and groom kiss under tree in Pollard Park in Blenheim

Bride and groom sit under a tree holding balloons

Emmett & Kim up a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G, (well close enough).

Black and white wedding photos

Chrissy zoomed in for the closeups.

Bride and groom kiss up against a willow tree

Love it!

Next port of call a row of willow trees on the way back to the Marlborough Vintners Hotel for the wedding reception.

Bestman wearing a Batman T shirt

“What, another Super hero”?

Groom jumps in the air wearing a Superman shirt

“Hold on Kim”.

Bridal party walk up road betwen willow trees in Marlborough

Great times with the people that you love!

Bride and groom under the road in Tunnel at Marlborough Vintners Hotel

With a few minutes to spare before the wedding reception coverage we went underground.

Sunset wedding photos taken at Marlborough Vintners Hotel

At the end of the speeches we quickly headed outside for a few shots, the light had pretty well gone and my camera was telling me that it was too dark to work, manual over ride, lighting on – got the shots! Emmett and Kim, what can we say other than you are true romantics and the most awesome couple. It was a huge pleasure spending this day with you both and we hope you’ll call in next time you’re in Nelson.
Daron & Chrissy X


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