Vintage themed wedding at Fairfield House

Jon and Cara chose to get married at Fairfield House in Nelson for a number of reasons. Firstly, they loved Fairfield’s historic beauty which matched with their vintage theme perfectly. Secondly, Jon and Cara wanted to hold their wedding ceremony outdoors on the  lawn area above the house. Leading up to the wedding day everything was going to plan, but there was one potential problem looming and that was the forecasted arrival of cyclone Lusi!

Grooms black jacket, white tie and red rose

“The gangs back”, that was the comment made from Scott when we arrived to where the guys were getting ready. Last February we had the pleasure of photographing Scott and Vanessa’s wedding in the Nelson Cathedral. Jon and Bill were Scott’s groomsmen and today the roles had been reversed with Scott and Bill now Jon’s groomsmen (confused? hope not, there’s more to come soon).

Well how did this love story start?
Cara was single at the time and was invited to have dinner with her workmate and her boyfriend, whom just happened to be Scott. While they were enjoying a delightful meal at Scott’s flat, Jon (Scott’s brother and flatmate) walked in. Cara liked what she saw and mentioned to her friend that Jon seemed like a nice guy and he was also cute. From there a little match making took place and before long, Jon was accompanying Cara while walking her dog Sheba. Love story to be continued soon…

Groom and groomsmen wedding portraits

Meet Scott, Jon and Bill.

“Is it too early for drinking games”?

Groom laughing with his groomsmen as they drink beer

The boys looked really smart, red and black always go well together.

Groom and groomsmen cleaning Audi wedding car

Jon has many loves in his life, on top of the list is Cara of course followed by his two Alfa Romeo’s. “Come on boys, get them shining”, actually we were told by Jon that he had polished both Alfa’s three times each before the big day – looking good.

Groom kissing Audi emblem

That might be taking things a little too far Jon!

Groom having fun with his groomsmen

Cars cleaned, let’s go and have some fun.

Fun wedding photos

“Boys, the wedding is this way”.

As we were walking back to the house, I said to the boys, “go and look like that mailbox”. As you can imagine, they looked at each other rather confused, even Chrissy looked a little vacant. Just as we were taking these shots the owner of the house drove past very slowly in his car. I said hello and chuckled at the same time but all I got back was a grumpy look, I’m sure he was thinking, “what are these guys doing with my mail box”?

When we arrived to photograph the girls, we were kindly greeted by Cara’s lovely parents, John and Sue. Today Cara will be wearing her mothers veil and garter (something blue).

Bridesmother and bridesmaids help dress the bride

The red bridesmaid dresses were inspired by the red Alfa ‘s – very nice!

Bridesmaids wearing bright red dresses

So let’s pop back to their love story for the meanwhile….
The saying ‘good things take time’ is quite true when it came to Jon and Cara’s relationship. It took several months before they realised that they would like to live together and several more months before they finally moved in together along with other flatmates. A few years later they plucked up the courage and moved into a flat, just the two of them and they have been together now for 5 ½ years.

Mother places veil on brides head

How did Jon propose?
Unbeknown to Cara, Jon had already asked Cara’s father for permission to marry his daughter. It was now just a matter of time in between their busy lives to pop the question. On the 12th January 2013 they were enjoying the game of geocaching during a daytrip to Totaranui in the Abel Tasman National Park…

Bride and mother look at each other

Now you may ask, what is geocaching? I had to Google this one. Geocaching is a form of treasure hunt using GPS, in which an item is hidden somewhere and its coordinates posted on the Internet, so that GPS users can locate it. When Jon said to Cara that there was a geocache up on Skinners Point, Cara thought nothing of it. After reaching Skinners Point and finding the geocache, Jon finally seized the moment and proposed.

Mother holds brides hands

A mother will hold her daughters hands and heart forever.

Father places necklass on bride

Cara’s jewellery was gifted to her by her father John, her jewellery will be forever special.

Brides parents laugh with bride

Hmmm do I see a few tears?

Nridesmaids wearing red dresses lie on red Audi wedding cars

Time for some fun girly shots. Meet Rowina, Cara’s sister on the left and Zoie whom we  had the pleasure of photographing as a bridesmaid at Owen and Stacy’s wedding last year (it’s a very small world). Not to mention that we are going to be staying with Stacey and Owen at their home in Westport for a wedding in a few weeks time.

Brides walk down the road wearing red dresses

It was now extremly windy, cyclone Lusi hadn’t hit town yet, but she was certainly on her way (I have always wondered who actually comes up with these names?).

Bridesmaids wearing red sun glasses

Come on, work the camera girls.

Love the red dresses.

There goes the wind again, “hold on to that veil”.

Priceless moments on the wedding day with mum and dad.

Love the elegant detail.

All ready, time to get married.

Bride arriving ro Fairfield House for wedding ceremony

Fairfield house wedding venue

Nestled in seven acres of beautiful woodlands and gardens, Fairfield House is one of Nelson’s most prestigious historic homes.

Wedding reception at Fairfield House in elson

Jon and Cara’s wedding reception was held in a large marque positioned in the court yard, it was beautifully presented for the bridal party and guests.

Lady plays the harp as bride walks up the isle at Fairfield House in Nelson

Harpest, Annemeike Harmonie, played a beautiful soft melody as Cara and John walked up the isle.

Groom watches his bride walk up the isle at Fairfield in Nelson


Father and bride walk up the isle at Fairfield House in Nelson

The father of the bride has a lot of mixed feelings on the wedding day. Happiness intermingles with sadness as he gives his daughter away to another man.

Wedding ceremony on top lawn at Fairfield House in Nelson

Outdoor wedding ceremony at Fairfield House in Nelson

A very special day for both parents.

Introducing Mr and Mrs Sheppard.

Yahooooo, married!

Guests laugh during wedding ceremony at Fairfield House in Nelson

Chrissy gets in on the closeup action.

A super big kiss for a very reluctant MC for helping us organise everyone for the family photos.

Wedding photos taken in The Queens Gardens Nelson

With it being so windy we needed some protection, the Japanese Gardens were perfect.

Wedding photos from Japenese Gardens in Nelson

Everyone was having a great time including Chrissy and myself.

Fun wedding photos taken at The Queens Gardens in Nelson

Very cute…

Natural wedding photos in The Queens Gardens in Nelson

With it being so cloudy the light was beautiful to work with – “stay away Lusi, we still have another hour of photos”.

Bride and groom laugh while sitting on a rock in The Japenese Gardens in Nelson


Bridal party in the Japenese Gardens in Nelson

Photo bombing wedding party at teh Queens Gardens in Nelson

Now, while we were setting the scene for a bridal party shot we were photo bombed by another wedding party…

I think that this is the most serious that these two love birds looked all day.

Fun wedding photos in the Queens Gardens Nelson

Right, time for more girl shots.

Bride and bridesmaids laughing in The Queens Gardens in Nelson

Groomsmen holding parasols

Boys can work it too!

Groomsmen laughing during wedding photos in The Queens Gardens Nelson

As I posted on the Nelson Wedding Photography Facebook, these guys have watched the Matrix too many times.

Bride and groom kiss on white bridge in The Queens Gardens Nelson

Time for another kiss…

Bride and groom laughing in The Queens Gardens Nelson

“Phew, hot flush”.

Bride and groom having fun by water wheel in The Queens Gardens in Nelson

We are not sure what Jon said to Cara, but he’s now paying the price. ” Cara, start how you want to finish”.

Fun wedding photos with red wedding cars

Cara works for the Cawthron Institute down next to the Nelson Boulder Bank at The Glenn, so off we went for a few more shots. What was really strange was when we arrived there wasn’t a single breath of wind. Have you ever heard the saying, ‘the calm before the storm’?, well that was certainly the case here.

Bride and groom kss through sunroof of Audi wedding car

Groomsmen arm wrestling on Audi wedding car

“Get him down Bill”.

Bridal party change car tyre

Now, if anyone knows anything about Alfa Romeo’s, they would agree that they have a reputation for breaking down. That wasn’t really the case today, so we pretented a little.

Fun bridal party photos with red Audi wedding cars

“Come on girls, hurry up”.

Bridal party having fun through cyclone Lusi

The weather was now changing for the worse, the wind had picked up along with a few drops of rain.

Groom and groomsmen jump in the air with parasols

The guys battled the storm, well kind of.

Bride and bridesmaids sitting on log along Nelson Boulder Bank

The girls thought that it was more sensible to leave the Mary Poppins stuff to the tough men.

Dramatic wedding photos of bride and groom taken along Nelson Boulder Bank

Seriously you can’t really tell from this shot, but Lusi had arrived.

Bride and groom walk along Nelson Boulder Bank

Jon and Cara, what an awesome and fun wedding, thank you so much for choosing us to be part of your most special day.
Daron & Chrissy X


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