Grand Mecure Nelson Monaco Resort wedding

Today is the 8th March 2014 and we’re very excited to be photographing the wedding of Brad and Jenna. They’re the sweetest young couple, so much in love and the way they looked so adoringly at each other just made my heart melt. If I could, I would have bottled up their cuteness and stored it away in a safe place.

Gold wedding rings

Brad & Jenna met for the first time in 2007 during their first year at Architecture & Design School at Victoria University in Wellington. Jenna was having trouble with a computer project and Brad (the class computer whiz), offered her a helping hand. Sparks began to fly (not from the computer) and it wasn’t long before they became the new team on campus.

Pink roses wedding bouquet

Jenna grew up in Nelson and Brad spent most of his early days north of Auckland in Whangaparoao. It must have been fate that they found each other in the middle of it all, in Wellington.

Groom and groomsmen getting dressed at Grand Mecure Nelson Monaco Resort

As they settled into Uni life they saw some of each others most ungraceful moments during the pressures of intense study. Knowing that they were meant to be together they stuck around for the wonderful moments as well.

Groom putting is cuff links on in mirror in Honeymoon suit at Nelson Monaco Resort

Brad asked Janna’s dad Graeme for permission to marry his daughter right after the final year project hand in, talk about timing. While they were enjoying a wonderful meal at their favourite Italian Restaurant (Nicolini’s) Jenna’s parents were patiently waiting by the phone for the big announcement. Jenna couldn’t believe it when Brad pulled out a little white ring box and told her a beautiful story about how the ring inside was given to his mother by his father when he was born. Down on one knee he went and offering Jenna the ring, asked her to be his wife (that makes me feel all goose bumpy).

Groom walking down stairs in Honeymoon suit at Monaco Resort Nelson

Brad and Jenna moved back to Nelson two years ago where Brad got a job at Redbox Architects while Jenna followed a different path working in the radiology department at the Nelson Hospital.

Grooms pre-ceremony photos taken at The Grand MeCure Nelson Monaco Resort

Brad and Jenna chose the Grand Mercure Nelson Monaco for their wedding venue. The Monaco was the perfect place for them to hold their ceremony and reception. This is where our morning started with photographing the guys getting ready.

Father shakes grooms hand

One very proud dad.

Groom and groomsmen laughing at Nelson wedding venue Monaco Resort

For groomsmen, Brad chose his brother Kane and cousin Hayden (pictured left). Hayden traveled all the way from Australia with his wife and newborn baby. I’m not quite sure what was said here, but whatever it was it must have been a goodie.

Pink rose wedding bouquet

Jenna got ready in the comfort of her family home which was full of memories from her childhood.

Bridesmaide putting necklass on bride

Jenna’s sister Lisa was there to help with the finer details.

Brides wedding detail

I’m right in my element photographing all the pretty wedding detail. It makes me laugh every time we start to edit a new wedding, especially when Daron gives me that look and asks, “how many detail shots did you take and how many different ways can you possibly photograph the bouquets?” Hehe, trust me there’s always a tonne more detail shots than what we choose for Storybook.

Bridesmaids helping bride to get dressed

Jenna’s parents, Diane and Graeme were having a sneaky wee cuddle in the background  – love it!

Bride with veil over her face

Pretty as a picture Jenna.

Bride holding her yellow and poink rose wedding bouque

Oops, there’s those gorgeous flowers again!

Bride glamour wedding photos

Bride laughing with her bridesmaids

Three blue eyed beauties – Jenna’s sister Lisa (left) and her best friend Kim.

Bride putting on her pearl necklass

High fashion wedding photo

Father watching bride getting ready

Dad had a grin from ear to ear when he saw his gorgeous daughter looking so beautiful on her wedding day.

Bride and bridesmaids having fun

Seats on Village Green at Grand Mecure Nelson Monaco Resort

The Village Green at the Monaco Resort was beautifully set up for the ceremony, it was an absolute stunning sunny Nelson day for an outdoor wedding.

Bride arrives to Monaco Resort in Nelson

Daron ran out to the road and photographed the girls arriving in these very cool old vintage wedding cars, a 1937 Jaguar and a 1934 Dodge.

Vintage car brings brings bride to wedding ceremony at Monaco Resort in Nelson

Bride and father walk down isle at Grand Mecure Nelson Monaco Resort

Jenna walked up the isle to one of my favorite songs titled ‘A Thousand Years’. Like me, Jenna fell in love with this song the minute that she heard it.

Nelson wedding venue Monaco Resort

Groom smiles at his bride walking up the isle

Brad couldn’t take his eyes off Jenna, seeing her for the first time was one of the highlights of his day.

Bride and groom laugh during wedding ceremony at Monaco Resort in Nelson

The bride was rather excited as well.

Groom resites wedding vowls to bride on Village Green

Guest watch wedding ceremony on Village Green at the Monaco Resort in Nelson

This lovely ceremony was officiated by Nelson marriage celebrant Rachael Schepers.

Speeches during Monaco Resort wedding

Bride places gold wedding ring on grooms finger

Bride and groom laughing during wedding ceremony

“Well hello Mrs Beazley”.

Bride and groom kiss during wedding ceremony at the Monaco Resort in Nelson

Sealed with a kiss.

Intiamate wedding ceremony

Guests congratulate the bride and groom at Monaco Resort Nelson

Congratulations guys!

Groom holds brides hand while walking along beach

We were driving past Atawhai the day before the wedding when we spotted this location, we particularly liked the tall grasses and the Toi Toi’s.

Bride and groom kiss in long grass

Bride and groom laugh while sitting in long grass

Now, I have to tell you about these two, they just couldn’t stop giggling all day, it became quite infectious. First I thought it may have been nerves, but as time went on I’m pretty sure it’s just the way they are – a cute little pair of giggling gerties.

Bride and groom walking next to old boat

Not far in the distance we spotted this boat so we went for a wander.

Bride and groom standing next to Nelson boat

Bride and groom walk next to pond in The Queens Gardens in Nelson

Location number two – The Queens Gardens in Nelson City.

Bridal party at The Chinese Gardens in Nelson

This time of the year being early March, the Chinese Gardens is a really good option for lovely wedding photos, the colours are vibrant and the light is really nice to work with.

Bride and groom in arch way in the Chinese Gardens Nelson

The window of love.

Romantic wedding photos from the Chinease Gardens in Nelson

Bridesmaides wearing purple wedding dresses

The purple bridesmaids dresses looked really lovely against the green foliage.

Bridal party having fun during wedding location photos at the Chinese Gardens Nelson

Good times….

Hmmm, I hope that this wasn’t your idea Daron?

Bride and groom walking in Chinese Gardens in Nelson

Chines Gardens Nelson wedding photos

The official name here is Huangshi Chinese Garden at Queens Gardens (thanks Google).

Bride and groom kissing in The Queens Gardens Nelson

Wedding photos from The Queens Gardens in Nelson

What did I tell you, giggling gerties…

Intimate wedding photos from The Queens Gardens in Nelson

Two hearts and two souls entwined forever, these two bring out the best in each other and that’s how marriage should be.

Wedding cars arrive to Nelson Cathedral

Vintage cars in front of Nelson Cathedral

The Nelson Cathedral has got to be one on Nelson’s most majestic Churches. Recently while sitting in the waiting room at the dentist’s, I saw a very old black and white print showing the back of the Cathedral from Trafalgar Street. There were no steps back then and horse and carts could actually drive right up to the church, I found that very interesting.

Bride sitting in Vintage car outside Nelson Cathedral

Loving these cars.

Bride and groom kiss outside Nelson Cathedral

Tree next to Nelson Cathedral with bride and groom

One very old tree, two very much in love.

Nelson Cathedral wedding location photos

Work it boys!

This is actually one of my favorite shots of the day, I love the old tree and the afternoon light giving a soft mystical look.

Wedding reception at the Nelson Monaco

It’s a great atmosphere when the bride and groom get greeted into the reception, love fills the air, people grin from ear to ear and the hooting and cheering is just like being at a rugby game.

Bride and groom laugh during wedding reception at the Monaco Resort in Nelson

From the beginning to the end of the speeches there was a whole lot of awesomeness.

Guests laughing during Monaco Resort wedding reception

“That’s a great laugh Kain, I think that Brad got you one there”.

Cutting of the cake during reception at Monaco Resort Nelson

Wedding cakes date back all the way to the Roman Empire. The custom was for the groom to break the cake over the bride’s head to symbolize the end of the bride’s virginal state, ensure fertility and the beginning of her husband’s power over her. It’s no wonder that the Romans got wiped out with an attitude like that, Boy things have changed (thankfully).

First dance wedding reception Monaco Resort Nelson

The first dance…

Sunset wedding photos traken at The Grand Mecure Nelson Monaco Resort

During the reception we headed to the front of the Monaco for some potential sunset shots. It’s probably worth mentioning here that sunset shots are planned into the reception itinerary.

Bride and groom next to pond at Monaco Resort Nelson during sunset

Stunning sunset wedding photos taken at Monaco Resort in Nelson

The sun goes down on a beautiful day, but the evening’s festivities have just began.

Monaco Resort elson sunset wedding photos

Beautiful sunset wedding photos taken at The GrandMecure Nelson Monaco Resort

Brad and Jenna you are the cutest couple ever, it was lovely to spend this wonderful day with you. We wish you the very best with your future together.
Chrissy and Daron X



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