Kiwi boy marries French girl….

Well, how did a boy from Nelson get to marry a girl from France? In 2009 Nick travelled to France as part of an student exchange programme and that’s when he met Emma. Over time, they began to get closer and closer, a few months after they started dating Nick was due to return to New Zealand. At that time Nick and Emma thought that their relationship would come to an end. But thanks to skype they ended up talking to each other nearly every morning and night (love was in the air).

Six months later, Nick returned to France to visit Emma. Over the proceeding four weeks they had a great time together and this gave them strength to keep going for another six months apart. In June 2010 Emma made a big move, she came out to New Zealand to complete a Masters in Law at Victoria University in Wellington. Nick was in his last year of high school and they saw each other every month, until they finally moved in together in Wellington during January 2011.

In July 2011, Emma fell pregnant, so they decided to return to France to have their baby.

Back home in Northern France, Jack was born. Since then Nick has been on an internship in an institution that promotes the integration, autonomy and communication of children with hearing problems. Emma works for an organisation that combats social and cultural discrimination and promotes the equality of chances by giving kids access to culture, music and sports. By now you would have figured it out, these two are pretty sharp cookies.

Nick and Emma decided to get married back in New Zealand at Tim & Suzi’s home (Nicks parents). Being a small intimate weekday wedding, I photographed here today without my lovely wife Chrissy.

The ceremony was held on the front lawn next to the marque that was beautifully set up for the reception. This was a hands on wedding with most of the decorations made by family members.

This is little Jack, he looked sooooo cute!

These vibrant coloured flowers came from Suzi’s garden – just beautiful.

Looks like I may have some competition here today, at least he’s a Canon guy like me.

It’s always nice to see a mixture of textures and colours.

Rather captivated with all of this was young Jack.

Nicks sister Saskia and brother Ben, along with Emma’s sister Ninon all made up the bridal party today.

Upon her entrance Emma looked absolutely stunning!

Emma’s step father Christophe and her mother Fabienne travelled all the way from France to share this special day.

As Emma walked up the isle, Nick had trouble holding his emotions back. There were also a lot of teary eyed guests, it’s a good thing Chrissy wasn’t here as I’m guessing she would have been a blubbering mess by about now.

There were plenty of ohhhhs and ummmms from wee Jack.


The marriage license was signed and the ceremony continued…

Marriage celebrant Ange Pearson officiated this very touching wedding ceremony.

“YES – married”.

Special moments captured forever.

“Cheers everyone”.

Good air boys.

Now I must say that Emma was a little unsure about having the location photos taken, both her and Nick felt a little conscious being in front of the camera. Well that didn’t last for long at all, there were plenty of laughs and everyone had a ball, including myself.

Check out this extremely old Totara tree, well over one hundred years old, perfect for a family photo.

These two lovebugs were so happy to be married.

It sounded really cool when Emma’s family spoke in French, including Nick who can speak fluently. “Bonjour everyone” (that’s all the French I know).

Tim and Suzi own the lost amazing property up the Wairoa Valley, hmmmm, we might be coming back here again!

Man, that boy can run!


It’s moments like these that will be treasured forever and one day Jack will be able to show these photos to his own children.

“Oh no mum & dad (maman et papa) where are you taking me”?

Meet Emma’s family.

Mum with her favorite girls.

Nick was a little tired from climbing around in the hills.

I asked this lot to give me a serious “All Black” look, four out of five isn’t bad.

Meet Nicks family…

For this photos I strolled to the top of this nearby hill. “By the way Tim, the electric fence wasn’t turned off, it was a shocker “.
Nick and Emma, we wish you the very best and keep having fun with that little boy.
Daron X

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