Wedding at Old St Marys Convent Blenheim

We were looking forward to this day as we had not previously photographed a wedding at Old St Marys Convent in Blenheim. Situated on 60 acres surrounded by beautiful gardens, vineyards and olive trees, Old St Marys Convent is an idylic venue just perfect for a wedding ceremony. Like many of our couples, Greg and Rebecca live overseas and chose to get married in this part of the world.

Rebecca grew up in Tua Marina which is half way between Blenheim & Picton, while Greg grew up in Burra in South Australia. They currently live in the same house that Greg grew up in on his family farm – to be continued….

Today Greg had his best mates with him, Tim and Scott. We instantly liked these guys the minute that we met them. Of course being Aussie’s, out came the Kiwi sheep jokes and moreso a blow up sheep. Now this is a family show, so I won’t talk about the antics that followed with this poor little sheep.

Haha funny guys, more sheep jokes…

Just up the road from where the guys were getting ready was Brayshaw Heritage Park, so off we headed for a few shots.

Oh how sweet boys!

Arriving at the girls we were greeted by young Hayley (Rebecca’s neice), she was very excited to be the official flower girl today.

A gorgeous bouquet of stunning pink roses and lillies from Mayflower Studio Florist in Blenheim.

Rebecca wore two garters, check out the one with the kiwi and the kangaroo – very appropriate.

Michelle and Krystale were Rebecca’s bridesmaids and they had the job of tieing up the wedding dress which can be an art in itself.

Rebecca’s mum Sue had the special honour of putting the jewellery on.

Just gorgeous Rebecca.

You might be thinking now that I overshot the flowers and you’d be right, love them.

Old St Mary’s Convent is amazing and also provides luxury accommodation. It is so beautiful on the inside with wooden floors and stairways, Victorian furnishings and antiques collectibles.

Groom playing pool with groomsmen at St Marys Convent Blenheim

Before the ceremony the boys shot a little snooker.

Wedding cars arrive at St Marys Convent in Marlborough

Keeping with the Aussie theme, the wedding cars could only be Holdens of course.

Last minute touches…

With family and friends arriving from Australia and as far away as Switzerland, this was a day of celebration indeed. Greg and Rebecca had grins from ear to ear throughout the entire ceremony.

Greg proposed to Rebecca last July during a trip to Europe. They were staying with Rebecca’s brother and family in Switzerland, and they all decided to spend a few days in Tuscany. While in Tuscany, Greg and Rebecca took a train to Rome for the night to see the sights. After a special dinner, red roses and a walk, Greg dropped down on one knee in front of a beautiful fountain and proposed – they then had about six months to plan their wedding in New Zealand.

Rebecca has the most stunning blue eyes.

First special hug as husband and wife.

Hugs and congratulations all around. This was the first time Greg and Rebecca’s families had met, so it was lovely for them to get to know each other over drinks and nibbles while we went off for the location photos.

There was a wee dingy sitting beside the pond so Greg had no choice but to take his beautiful new wife for a row. I think he was a little nervous having never rowed before, he did a great job as they both came back completely dry.

Loving the dresses girls.

The guys were up to their antics again. Being the professionals that we are, we refrained from making Aussie jokes. Actually truth beknown, we would have been out classed anyway as these guys were on form.

Both Rebecca and Greg are workaholics. Greg works most days of the week on the farm and Rebecca works fulltime at the Pharmacy as well as doing client book work during the evenings and on weekends. To have a break they try to get away to Gregs shack at the beach of Moonta, otherwise they visit friends in Adelaide a two hour drive away.

“Watch out for the crocs Greg”.

They may be Aussies but they still like to climb trees.

The kiwi girls weren’t going to be outdone, so up they went as well.

We asked the newlyweds what the highlights of their wedding day were?
“Our highlights were definitely our awesome wedding party. They made it so much fun for us and were always there when we needed them and we cannot thank them all enough. It was also lovely to see our two families together for the first time. The speeches were great and the band was just awesome and of course our photographers were just amazing! We truly can’t thank them enough for being so great, they made our day so much more enjoyable with their banter and great humour”. Thanks guys.

Having fun on your wedding day is what it’s all about.

Oh, did I happen to mention that today was Valantines day? Actually I can’t remember receiving any flowers and chocolates from Daron – hmmm, noted!

We drove up the road a short way to a corn crop for our next lot of photos. Greg is a grain farmer but also we’ve just been informed that they also have 1000 sheep. “That’s funny Greg, you failed to mention that in between the sheep jokes that were directed at us”.

First of all we spotted some long grass on the road verge, it was just perfect for some dreamy photos.

For young Hayley this will be a day she will remember forever.

There was alot of smooching going on today.


I never actually realised how pretty corn can be, Daron had to stand on the fence for this shot as the corn was rather tall.

Rain threatened but never eventuated.

Back at Drylands for the reception, instead of the usual sit down meal, it was an evening of finger foods and mingling. This seems to be the Australian tradition so that people can interact more with each other.

Oh and here’s me snuggling between the two groomsmen. Daron and I have had a great day bantering with these guys and we’ll be looking back on this day with fond memories.

Rebecca’s family friend Linda made the wedding cake and for someone who had never made a cake before it was pretty awesome.

The night ended for Daron and I after the first dance and after hugs all around, we jumped in the car and drove home to Nelson as we had another wedding the following day. When we got home I said to Daron that the travel was easy and it didn’t take too long. He looked at me almost speechless (something that Daron is not used to), and replied, “honey you slept most of the way, while I drove”. He might have a good point there, hehe.

Greg and Rebecca, thank you so much for choosing us to photograph your wedding and Greg please don’t try to take any of our sheep home with you. See you next time that you are back in NZ. Greg, Daron said that we will shout you a sheep, I mean a beer.
Chrissy and Daron X



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