Tata Beach Golden Bay wedding

Andy and Leigh just love to play in the snow. Andy is an accomplished skier while Leigh loves to snowboard, so it seemed likely that their paths would cross on a mountain top somewhere. Who would have thought for a minute that they would actually meet at a skiing resort in Bamph Canada, not to mention that they would both end up coming from the same town – Nelson, New Zealand! Total randomness.

So how did this chance meeting come about? They had both decided to travel to Banth for the ski season. Leigh went by herself and knew absolutely no one (brave girl), while Andy went with a good friend. The powers of Facebook were at play, a mutual friend had sent both Andy and Leigh a message that suggested they meet up.

They both started emailing each other and soon realised that they knew many of the same people. From there they started to hang out together. Leigh was extremely impressed on how good Andy could ski, which she told us later, took the emphasis off Andy’s mo that he had been growing for Movember (surely it wasn’t that bad Leigh?)

Romance took over and after their stint at Banth they decided to travel to Perth in Western Australia to make some money for further travel. Leigh is a real winter fan and much to her disgust they went from minus 30 degrees below to 30 degrees above – ouch.

We’ll come back to their love story in just a moment…
Today it’s the 8th February 2014, Andy and Leigh’s special day. The wedding ceremony was held on the golden sands of Tata Beach in Golden Bay. It made sense to have their wedding here. Firstly, Tata Beach is such a stunning location and secondly, Andy’s parents own a bach here, not to mention they both had close friends and family that live in nearby Nelson.

The wedding was based on a vintage theme. Leigh had spent countless hours making most of the wedding detail by hand, such as the bow ties for the groomsmen, the button holes and the bridesmaids bouquets – love it!

So how did Andy propose?
While living in Perth, Andy made a whole day of it by creating a treasure hunt with cryptic text messages that Leigh had to work out. Once she solved the messages they then had to go and actually do the event which included a facial, nails, lunch, drinks and shopping. After strolling through a park, Andy asked Leigh to marry him. They were both so excited, but they soon realised that they had a wedding to pay for as well as overseas travel, so they extended their stay in Perth to save some money.

The wedding date was set, Tata Beach was the chosen ceremony venue. They then needed to look for Nelson Wedding Photographers and that’s where we came in.

Special gifts for the groomsmen, “don’t drink it all at once boys”.

Loving the style….

Tim and guy are Andy’s brothers, Tim lives in New Castle in OZ while Guy lives in Wellington where he’s an intern doctor (following in his father’s footsteps). Matt and Sam have been Andy’s best mates since childhood. It was like having lots of Tom Sawyers running around.

It was an absolutely stunning day for a beach wedding, luckily the heavy rain that had hit the Nelson and Golden Bay region over the previous days had gone offshore (phew).

These are the bouquets that Leigh had hand made herself – unbelievable awesomeness.

The wedding day is a special time in ones life where individual tastes, styles and colours can be expressed – I was loving everything.

As usual there was a buzz in the air when we arrived to where the bride and bridesmaids were getting ready. In actual fact the house was full with people, check the dog out on the TV (bottom right).

Two generations….

Leigh has the most gorgeous blue eyes and aqmazing cheekbones, she’s what I call a natural beauty and our camera’s loved her.

Bridesmaids all dressed and ready for a little fun.

Leigh had known Trace, Kat and Jess since the start of high school. Trace and Kat live on the Gold Coast, Jess lives in Melbourne and Gigi lives in Adelaide. It was a very special time for them to be all together in such a beautiful location.

Leigh is loving her pink wedding shoes and so am I.

It’s going to be a big day for this little fella.

The ceremony was held right out in front of where the girls got ready, “don’t peek girls, the boys have arrived”.

Daron took this shot….

But he was soon upstaged by Andy’s father, Rob. It’s funny how people come together. Years ago after Daron trekked to Everest Base Camp in Nepal, he wrote and published a book titled, “In the shadow of Everest”. Rob had spent time as a doctor working with the Sherpa people high in the mountains of the Solo Kumbu (Everest region). Daron and Rob got to know each other after Rob read his book – it’s such a small world. Daron did such a great job writing his book that while visiting Sir Edmund Hillary at his home in Auckland, Sir Ed actually asked Daron to personally sign a copy for him, this was one of those special moments in Daron’s life.

Happy parents look upon.

Sometimes when you first meet a couple, you get a feeling that they’re perfect for each other and that’s how we felt when we met Andy and Leigh. They’re so cruisey and are totally into enjoying life doing the things they love.

It was so hot and boy did that water look good. The sand was burning my feet so much that I had to take the odd detour to the water to cool them down – ahhh.

“You may now kiss the bride”.


So much in love, so happy to be married and so many adventures to look forward to.

There’s Rob again, quick Daron get in there pronto!

For their location photos, Andy and Leigh wanted someting that differed from traditional wedding photos and we were certainly the right wedding photographers to deliver that. After strict approval from the owners we were granted permission to photograph at the old Tarakohe Cement Works.

Being in this enviroment meant that a little more structure was required to get the desired photos. There were all sorts of hidden area’s that could easily twist an ankle or rip the wedding dress, we had to be very careful indeed.

I absolutely loved the guys outfits and in fact the whole wedding theme, it worked so well with this enviroment.

Parasols make great props, they also offer shade from the bright sun, especially on days like today.

“Cuddle up everyone”.


Crazy, there were limestone stallities hanging from the air vent.

Harsh enviroment for moody wedding photos – very cool!

While Daron shot the big scene….

I got in a little closer.

Boys and beer on the wedding day go hand in hand.

I actually love how the girl’s dresses were all so different but yet matched perfectly.

Next port of call, Pohara Beach.

One of my favorite shots of the day!

Back at the reception venue, the bell rang and the bridal party were greeted in by the guests.

The marque looked amazing, there were treasures everywhere. On the lead up to the wedding, Leigh had an absolute ball searching trade me, op shops and refuse centres for the right kinds of things.

A few days after the wedding Andy and Leigh headed to Las Vegas in the States and they’re now enjoying some Spring skiing in Colorada. We wish you both the very best and we’ll catch up with you when you return home.
Chrissy & Daron X

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