Married at Gardens of the World

We instantly liked Hayden and Abby the minute we first met them, it appeared that they had a similar (warped) sense of humour to ours. As their wedding day got closer we asked Abby to send us some info for Storybook, so here goes.

Heyden and Abby think that fate got sick of trying to give them chance encounters of meeting their soul mate. They had been to some of the same music gigs together, both of their familes lived in the middle of nowhere town (Abby’s words) and they had visited the same places at the same time, but never actually met. That was until Abby moved from the Bay of Plenty to Hamilton (Heyden’s home town) to attend Uni when fate finally put them together.

We’ll continue with their love story soon, but for now, it’s their wedding day. We started our photographic coverage with the boys at the Monaco Resort.
Across the Village lawn from where the boys were getting ready was another wedding party having the grooms pre-ceremony photos taken. These guys were rather quiet in comparison to our noisy bunch. There was so much laughter coming out of our room, especially once the boys started dressing up in their costumes (solely for the photos we hoped). This was Act one.

Act two:
We were rather impressed by how quick these guys got changed from one outfit to the next.

“You bad boys, you”.

Groom and groomsmen wearing super hero marsks

Act three:
When the guys walked out of their room wearing these super hero masks, we said to each other, “that’s cool”, that was until they turned around…

Wait for it….

Well, we didn’t know where to look and I don’t know who was laughing the hardest, family members watching, Daron and I, or the housekeeping staff at the Monaco. Now the guys thought that their antics would stop here, but NO, Daron suggested they all run down the Village Green. Heyden said, “no way”, Daron replied, “Boys, if you are going to talk it, you have to walk it, in this case, run it” – they did!

Sorry boys we had to fuzz your butts out, this is a family show.

“You boys look so much better with your clothes on”.

The fun continued…

Mummmmm, YUCK!

So how did these love birds actually meet? Heyden first saw Abby when he and a friend ran into a class room very late for a Linguistics lecture at Uni. In front of 150 unimpressed students the reaction was 300 eyes sternly looking at these two who were now disrupting the class. Abby was one of the students that actually looked away, but not before Heyden spotted her and thought that she was the hottest babe he had ever seen.

The attraction didn’t stop there. Hayden wanted to sit next to Abby in class, but he felt a little intimated by his friend Morgan who was seated right next to her. Instead Heyden kept turning around until he caught Abby’s eyes. Funnily enough, Morgan was here today as Heyden’s Bestman.

Still not getting anywhere, Heyden had another chance to get Abby’s attention. This time Abby and her friend Nadine (Matron of Honor) arrived late at a marketing tutor class, so the four of them (Hayden, Morgan, Abby & Nadine) were put together on an assignment. They all became good friends, but not much more as Abby had a thing going with one of Heydens footy mates. To be continued…

While we were taking the photos a kid rode past on his scooter. Heyden being Heyden couldn’t resist having a turn.

Gotta get Dad in on the fun as well.

Across the other side of the Monaco Resort with the girls, things were a little more laid back, even the flowers girls Antonia and Sophia were relaxed while watching TV.  When we arrived everything was going to plan perfectly, the bridesmaids were fully dressed and ready to assist Abby with her dress preparations.

It’s almost time to put your stunning wedding dress on Abby, eeek so exciting.

But first a little snuggle time with mum.

Love photographing the wedding detail – so many gorgeous things.

Abby’s mum gifted her these cute little viles of fairy dust and dandelions for good luck. As a little girl she was always a firm believer in magic and fairies and is still waiting patiently for a letter from Hogwarts to say she’s off to school with Harry Potter. Hmmm sounds a bit like me when I was a little girl.

Back to the love story; one night at a club, Heyden’s team mate was not paying much attention to Abby and to make it worse another creepy team member was hitting up on her. Heyden came to the rescue, not once but twice that evening. Abby’s glandular fever flared up and she got really feverish. Heyden virtually took the shirt (surprise, surprise, it was spongebob) of his back to keep her warm during the taxi ride back to her house. From that night on they became a couple and not long after, Heyden told Abby that he loved her.

Well how did young Heydz (as better known) come to propose?
Heydz, Abby, Morgan and Nadine rented a batch at Hot Water Beach in the Coromandel for Abby’s birthday. On their last night while walking on the beach under a stunning sunset, Heydz got down on one knee and proposed.

Heyden was about to turn up blind folded for a sneaky pre wedding kiss with Abby.

No peeking Heyden!

Special time with mum and dad.

Lisa from About Beauty at Monaco did a stunning job of Abby’s makeup today.


This was just the start of so much more fun to come.

Oops, there goes the veil.

Heyden & Abby’s wedding ceremony was held at Gardens of The World in Hope, there was hardly a cloud in the sky with the Nelson sun certainly putting on a show.

Check out Heyden’s face? He looks like the cat that’s about to get the cream – priceless!

Abby happily walked up the isle to the song ‘Kiss Me’, on the arm of her proud father.

It’s hard not to feel the emotion when a father gives his daughter away to another man.

A view from above with marriage celebrant Ange Pearson conducting the ceremony.

According to Greek mythology, humans were orginally created with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two seperate parts, condeming them to spend their lives in search of their other halves.  That’s what it was like finding Heyden quoted Abby, “we are the same soul in two bodies and without him, I’m not myself”.

Two photographers, two angles, capturing magic moments.

How cute…

Before leaving for the trees at Rabbit Island we took a few beautiful wedding photos around the pond at Gardens of The World. Abby was very keen to get out of the direct sun.

Very cool wedding car.

In the hot summer months, finding places to get the bridal party in the shade is so important (sunburnt faces are not a good look). We love it when our couples give us the heads up for finding special places for them.

“Abby, work it girl”.

Whispering sweet nothings.


Honestly, Heyden couldn’t stop smiling all day long. It’s hard to believe that when we first met this handsome young groom he told us that he wasn’t so good in front of a camera – yeah right, that’s what they all tell us!

Come to think of it the bridal party didn’t stop smiling all day either – love it.

We jumped back into our cars and drove a short distance to this area that we had spotted a few weeks back. Our photographic style is based around placing a bride and groom into a beautiful scene with flattering light and then waiting for the right moments.

We certainly had a lot of great moments with this lot, I really didn’t want the day to end.

Hmmmm, what’s going on here?

The day before the wedding my dear husband took a saw and ladder and pruned some dead bark hanging down off this tree. He’s been known to actually do pruning on the wedding day in order to get the right shot.

Wedding reception at the Honest Lawyer in Nelson

Next and final stop for the day was the wedding reception at The Honest Lawyer.

Bride and groom laughing during wedding reception at the Honest Lawyer in Nelson

We always capture so many happy moments during our reception coverage.

Guests laughing during wedding reception at the Honest Lawyer in Nelson

The speeches were awesome.

“I caught the bouquet”.

What can we say about today, other than, Heyden you are nuts (in a nice way of course) and Abby you looked stunning. It was such a fun day and we so wish you both the very best.
Daron & Chrissy X

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