Stunning Nelson vintage wedding…

Tim and Shareena’s wedding day was a dream come true. Their special day was made up of getting married under trees surrounded by stunning gardens, along with a vintage themed including horse and carriage, classic cars and rowing on on a picturesque pond.

Shareena and Tim started dating in highschool, but decided to go their separate ways as Shareena was heading to Christchurch Teachers College while Tim stayed in Nelson to complete his mechanics apprenticeship. Returning to Nelson during the school holidays, Shareena popped around to Tim’s house to say hi. Realising that they still wanted to be together, they gave the long distance relationship a go for a couple of years until Shareena finished her training and returned home to start her teaching career here.

25th of January 2014, this was Tim and Shareena’s wedding day. When we arrived for the grooms pre-ceremony photos we were greeted by this cute little fluff ball called socks.

It’s always funny watching the groom and his groomsmen trying to do up their ties, especially when they don’t normally wear them. Thank goodness there’s always a mum to come to the rescue.

Most of the time the guys start out with a beer in the morning. Sometimes I have to put my stern motherly voice on and tell them, “only one boys, it’s a very long day”. All that seems to do is attract laughter, mmmmm.

It would be fair to say that most grooms feel a little nervous about having their photos taken. However, once we turn up and have a little fun with them, they soon transform into the perfect models.

We always get a good laugh out of the groom when we tell him that we’re going to blur his mates out.

When we arrived at the Grand Mercure Nelson Monaco Resort, one of our favorite makeup artists, Emma Hollis, was finishing the final touches on Shareena. She already looked amazing and she wasn’t even in her wedding dress yet.

It is so important to hire a professional makeup artist on your big day, it really does make a difference for photos, especially closeups.

Shareena’s two fabulous sisters and best friend were having a little chillout time. Their dresses would have to be some of my favorites to date, the colour and style was very feminine and flattering – absolutely lovely.

No wonder shareena was so excited to get her wedding dress on, it was just beautiful.

The Monaco Resort is such a gorgeous place for the bride and her bridesmaids to stay the night before the wedding, whether they are getting married there or not.

One of those gorgeous moments captured forever.

Tim’s going to be blown away when he sees his gorgeous bride.

We have a little trick up our sleeves for the girls and it always seems to get a reaction like this.

Love the bay window, a must have shot if you’re at the Monaco.

A pretty rose bouquet beautifully put together by Bluebell Florists in Richmond.

Okay girls, lets go get married!

Bride riding in horse and carriage to wedding ceremony

Shareena’s father Pradeep had organised an awesome surprise for his daughter. Instead of arriving to the ceremony in a wedding car as planned, he secretly arranged for her to arrive by horse and carriage. Daron and I along with the bridesmaids and marriage celebrant were the only ones that knew of the surprise. A few minutes before the ceremony was due to start the guests were asked to stand out on the road for the bride’s arrival. It was really funny when one of the neighbours drove out of their driveway to be greeted by all these people and two photographers looking like the paparazzi, the look on the drivers face was priceless.

After a glimpse of the beautiful bride arriving in style, the guests moved quickly back to their places – time to get this show on the road.

Daron and I had to run like mad to get in front of the horses for this shot. Phew, good thing we had plenty of porridge for breakfast.

I love this venue. It’s a private property in Richmond with park like grounds surrounding a large pond filled with ducks and geese. Now Shareena is rather terrified of large birds and they seemed to take a liking to her when we met up here a week before the wedding. Daron had to keep shooing them away. Much to Shareena’s relief there were no geese to chase her today as they had been herded into a nearby paddock this morning.

A very proud and happy dad, two down and one to go – come on Jeela (no pressure).

Last year Shareena and Tim traveled to the UK for a year where they worked and lived the London life. They got to experience lots of once in a lifetime things like the Royal Ascot Races, the Olympics, sailing around the coast of Turkey, visiting Ireland for St Paddy’s day and Oktoberfest – wow, so many adventures!

Now Tim actually asked Shareena’s parents for permission to marry their daughter just before they left for the UK. Every time that Shareena phoned home they were expecting to hear news of an engagement, but the news never came. Before coming home to New Zealand to live, Tim and Shareena enjoyed a 24 day trip around Europe, experiencing many amazing things like climbing the Eiffel Tower, Gondola boat rides in Venice, tobogganing on snowy hills in Switzerland, snowboarding on the slopes of Austria to name a few (feeling envious right about now). On the last night in their London flat (on an airbed I might add), Tim proposed in true romantic style down on one knee and told Shareena how much he loved her and that he never wanted to be without her – awwww.

So many happy people celebrating this special day with them.

While the guests mingled and enjoyed refreshments, we went out to play and what a great little paradise to play in.

Daron shot through the fence for this shot – kind of cool I think, the horses look like they’re hugging as well.

Horses and cart, cool cars – total awesomeness.

To me true love never stops developing, it just grows stronger and stronger.

Love this photo of the girls, Shareena’s going to treasure this one for sure.

Down on the pond was a little dinghy for us to use, even the big scary swan following was not going to wipe the smile off Shareena’s face (oops, one must have got out).

While these two lovebirds rowed out on the pond, friends and family came out to watch and have a few laughs also. We had a real little following, it was great.

On the morning of the wedding Daron put on Facebook, “please let it be cloudy”, Shareena told us later that when she read that, she thought, “please let it be sunny”. We were glad that the sun god listened to Shareena and not Daron, as the bright sun really gave us vibrant colours to photograph.

Awesomely fun and crazy bridal party – love these guys.

Bride in a horse carriage, bride in a boat and bride on a rope, this girl is game for just about anything.

Love the vintage cars.

Eeek – married!

Daron jumped in the car with Tim and Shareena for the drive to the Boathouse. Quite a good view through the back window and there I am following behind the bridal cars.

Cute hat Tim!

We recently photographed a groom and his groomsmen in this spot a few weeks ago and have been itching to get a bride here. How perfect that it was right down the road from the Boathouse.

Picture perfect.

Once the reception started we put down our cameras and enjoyed a well earned beer. We were also kindly asked to stay for dinner and we enjoyed getting to taste Pradeep’s famous indian curry – Yum, thanks guys!

This was the perfect wedding in so many ways. Thank you Tim and Shareena, we wish you both the very best with your new married life together.
Daron & Chrissy X


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