Founders Heritage Park wedding….

It’s not very often that you can say you met your true love high above the clouds, but that’s how Morgan and Hope met. Hope is an Air Stewardess for Air New Zealand and one day while Morgan was flying enroute between Napier and Nelson, he began to banter and flirt a little with Hope. Morgan had just found his match as Hope quickly responded with comebacks and wit that left Morgan rather speechless. Considering his line of work as the Global Development Manager for Enza, this was quite some achievement. Over a pottle of water and a few lollies, Morgan gave his phone number to Hope on a sick bag, charming to say the least.

Grooms lappel flower

At that time Hope wasn’t looking for a relationship, but after doing a background check she decided four weeks later to give Morgan a call. After meeting, their relationship went into full flight mode. Morgan said, “I married Hope the day I met her because from that first night, she never left my home”.

Groomsmen putting tie on groom

Funnily enough, I also met Hope in the air on a flight from Nelson to Auckland earlier this year. Hope and Morgan had booked us to photograph their wedding 18 months ago, but at that stage we hadn’t met and only corresponded via email. I was meeting up with my sister in Auckland before we both flew to Australia to visit our Aunty. I boarded the plane and said hello to the stewardess, thinking to myself, ‘that face looks familiar’. During the flight Hope came up to me and said “Hi, you’re photographing my wedding in November”. I clicked instantly and realised that it was Hope as I had recognised her as being one of our number one Facebook fans. Funny old world it is.

Grooms scent

Not long after I arrived back from my lovely holiday (I think poor Daron needed a holiday by then), we officially met with Hope and Morgan. Daron and I like to give and receive a bit of cheek, so of course the four of us hit it off straight away.

Groom and groomsmen getting dressed

After living with Hope for a couple of years, Morgan took her to the beach for dinner one evening and proposed to her while she had a mouth full of burger (great timing Morgan, Hope says you’re a real charmer – love it). Hope couldn’t reply straight away as she thought it was a bit rude to talk with her mouth full, but then she managed a delighted “YES”.

Groom and groomsmen wearing black bests and white shirts

As usual we started with photographing the guys in the morning. We really enjoy this time on the wedding day as it enables us to build up a relationship with the groom and his groomsmen. Most of the time it’s the guys that are unsure about having their photos taken but by the time we’re finished with them, they’re quite relaxed and realise it’s not so bad after all, in fact it’s quite fun.

Groom with his grandfathers watch

Morgan spends a lot of time travelling overseas with his job but he gets through it knowing that he is coming home to Hope.

groom and groomsmen drinking whishy from flasks

Morgan loves Hope for her big heart and selflessness as well as her quick wit and sense of humour. The guys each received a gift from Hope, being a flask filled with Whisky along with a personal message printed for each of them.

Grooms whisky flask

This was Morgan’s message…

The guys were rather delighted as you can see!

Brides bouquet sitting on park bench

Arriving at the home of Hope’s parents, I got busy photographing lots of gorgeous detail which I really love to do.

Brides bracelett in bouquet

A beautiful autumn coloured bouquet from Bluebell Florist along with lots of pretty accessories really put a smile on my face, after all I am a girl and I like pretty things.

Brides wedding accesories

Bridesmaids help to put the wedding dress on the bride

Meanwhile Daron was busy photographing the happenings inside and from the laughter I could hear there was a lot of hilarity going on. The girls were having a great time, but then again how could you not around Hope – she’s rather delightful to say the least.

Bridesmaide tieing up the back of the wedding dress

When talking with the bride during her planning meeting with us, we always suggest to allow plenty of time for the dress to be tied up and in some cases have a practise run.

Bride and bridesmaids getting ready for wedding ceremony at Founders Park

After the dress process, the girls chilled out with a drink and opened presents from Hope. Again there were personal messages which bought many tears (eeek don’t ruin your makeup girls). We decided not to put any of the teary shots in this Storybook as they are quite personal and no one really looks that good when they’re a blubbering mess. One of the bridemaids in particular will know exactly whom I’m talking about, especially during the reception as well!

Mother putting earrings on the bride

Mum puts the earrings on, it’s a very proud day for her parents today, Hope being their only daughter.

Brides pre-ceremony wedding photos

Bridemaids holding vibrant coloured wedding bouquets

Love the colours in the bouquets.

Bridesmaids wearing mourve dresses

Hope’s special friends all looking very lovely on this beautiful day.

Bride sitting on park bench

And the bride herself looked pretty amazing in her gorgeous dress. I love the detail on the bodice as well as all the layers – a real princess dress!

Bride smiling for Nelson Wedding photographers

Picture perfect…

Brides bright coloured wedding bouquet

Bride smiling in window

The girls were so organised with being dressed and ready, we had plenty of time to take lots of beautiful photos of Hope who happens to be Miss Photogenic herself. These are just a handful of some of our favorites with Daron and I both shooting from different angles.

Glamour bride wedding photos

Stunning model wedding photo of bride

Stunning makeup from Karen at Artistic Beauty.

Bride looking down with veil over her face

Bride posing like a model

Bridesmaids really enjoying themselves

I can’t mention why the girls were cracking up here, this is a family show so we’ll keep it an inhouse secret.

Bride arrives to Nerlson wedding venue Founders Heritage Park

Hope arriving at Founders Heritage Park where they chose to have their wedding ceremony in front of the pond surrounded by willow trees, how exciting!

Bride in convertable wedding car at Founders Park in Nelson

Wedding ceremony at Founders Heritage Park Nelson

Hope walked up the isle to her beloved Morgan in front of approximately 150 guests, to the song ‘Stealing Cinderella’. It was the perfect song and I’m sure everybody there would agree that she sure did look like Cinderella.

Ceremony on the lawn beside the pond at Founders Heritage Park Nelson

It was a very hot day with absolutely no clouds in sight – days like this certainly make us wedding photographers work a little harder while dealing with such harsh light but Daron and I are always up for the challenge.

Bride and groom smile at each during wedding ceremony

Wedding ceremony at Founders Park

There was a special reading during the ceremony from a book called ‘Sometimes Love Finds You’ featuring little monsters. All the guests were complety captivated, the characters in the book along with the storyline certainly related to the bride and groom, especially Morgan, it was very funny.

Founders Heriatge Park Nelson weding venue

Rachel Schappers marriage Celebrant

Brides puts wedding ring on grooms finger

The wedding vows were very touching, I love how these guys look at each other.

Bride and groom kiss during ceremony next to the pond at Founders Park Nelson

Bride and groom sign amrraige lisence at Founders Park

Bride and groom walk down isle at Founders Heritage Park

Well, hellooo husband!

Group wedding photo taken at Founders Heritage Park in Nelson


Bride laugh with her bridesmaids at Founders Park Nelson

After the family photos we headed out of the bright sun for some shade under the willow trees and I tell you, these girls were very naughty and it carried on all day and into the evening – certainly no lack of humour here.

Bride and groom under willow tree at Founders Heritage Park Nelson

Intimate wedding photos taken at Founders Heritage Park in Nelson

These two lovebirds only had eyes for each other.

Newlyweds having location photos at Founders Park Nelson

Intimate black and white wedding location photos

We put a lot of our images into black and white as well as colour and sometimes we can’t decide which we like best so often show a selection of both on Storybook.

Brides closes her eyes while resting on grooms shoulder


Groom in train at Founders Park

We met Hope for a coffee at Founders Park a few days before the wedding. While walking around looking for photo locations we spotted the train in the shed and decided it would be a great prop (large one at that) to use in some photos. It worked a treat inside and out of the carriages.

Bride and groom inside train carraige at Founders Hertiage Park in Nelson

Good photography is all about working with and finding the right light and of course a very cute bride and groom.

Bride and groom kiss next to train at Founders Park

Outside the train things were getting a little steamy…

Daron’s shot…

Fashion wedding photos from Nelson Wedding Photography

My shot. Two very passionate professional photographers are better than one, sorry couldn’t help with a little self promotion.

Bride smiles at groom next to train at Founders Park in Nelson

Groom laughing with hsi  groomsmen

We had a wee refreshment stop beside the train tracks. We can never reiterate enough to our brides and grooms to eat and drink plenty during the day, especially when it’s hot. Even the wedding car drivers need to keep up with the fluids.

Bride laughs with her bridesmaids next to blue wall at Founders Park

Here we go again, first with the girls…

Groom laughing with groomsmen during wedding location photos

And then the guys.

Bridal party having fun at Founders Heritage Park

All together now.

Bride and groom kiss on Nelson Boulder Bank

The next stop was on the rocks at the Nelson Boulder Bank, this area has been a popular choice with our couples of late.

Whether the tide is in or out, it really doesn’t matter, as there’s always plenty of rocks to work on.

“Ok guys, time to head back to Founders for the reception and a nice refreshing beer”.

Unfortunately, when we got back to Founders Heritage Park the gate had been locked, but this didn’t worry the girls, out came some more bubbly. What was really funny was while we were waiting for someone to unlock the gate (and it took awhile), the girls had to go to the bathroom, so they asked a complete stranger if they could use her toilet. The lady was extremely accommodating, so one at a time the job was done.

Cute, “you would make a great actress Hope”.

Bride and groom ride in convertible Ford wedding car

Riding in Hope’s fathers black Thunderbird was a highlight for Morgan today – it sure is one cool car.

Back at the Granary the bridal party were greeted in before we sat down to enjoy a lovely meal from Spit Roasters Gourmet Mobile Catering – delicious!

Bridal Party arrive at wedding reception in the Granary at Founders Park Nelson

Wedding cake by Stella Flour studio

Another awesome cake from Stella at Flour Cake Studio.

Hope had been really busy before the wedding planning and making all the table decorations. Everything looked fabulous and I especially loved the candles in the apples, what a great idea.

Table settings at wedding reception at Founders Park

Bride and groom laugh during their wedding reception at Founders Heritage Park Nelson

And now the stories came out, I’m not sure who was picked on the most, Hope or Morgan.

Plenty of laughs here.

Grooms speech during wedding reception aaaaaaaaaaat Founders Heritage Park

Morgan and Hope both spoke so well during their speeches. When Hope started her speech she directed the guests to the exit doors etc as if she was on the a flight announcing the pre-flight safety info – very funny.

Bride and bridesmaids in tears during wedding reception at Founders Heriatge Park

I’ve never seen so much laughter AND crying all in one day.

First dance

Morgan and Hope ripped up the dance floor to the awesome sounds of Antony from ‘Dog on the Bonnet’, followed by the guests and now the party had started.

It’s not a real party without the throwing of the bouquet, so of course there was an influx of girls rushing to see who could catch it.

“Oh yeah, dad’s behind the bar”.

Time to say goodbye for Daron and I. Wow what a day, loved every bit of it Morgan and Hope and can’t wait to catch up soon and hear about your honeymoon in Thailand, it’s such a magic place. Keep the wisecracks coming guys and you’ll be laughing for the rest of your lives together.

Daron and Chrissy X


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