Mick & Laura married!

They met at the Spring Racing Carnival in Melbourne. Laura (a kiwi girl) from Motueka had taken a gap year in Melbourne and was working in a pharmacy in the city, before heading back to start University here in NZ. Mick was an apprentice electrician and living in northwest Victoria. After a fun day at the races, he stopped at the closest pub and there was Laura with some friends, dressed up to the nines and looking pretty gorgeous.

What started off as just a bit of fun at the pub soon turned into a beautiful romance with Mick and laura now living and working in Darwin. Nine years later, with some crazy adventures behind them, fishing and pig hunting in very remote places while trying not to get eaten by crocodiles, two dogs and a baby girl, here we are photographing their beautiful wedding.

The morning of the wedding we met with Mick and his three best mates at The Grange in Motueka. This is a Georgian Colonial era Homestead built between 1851 and 1863, and as it houses a large number of people, most of Micks family who came over from Australia were staying here as well. We were greeted by the smells of freshly brewed coffee and a great family atmosphere.

There are 1.6 acres of rustic gardens at the estate so first stop was a beeline to this magnificent tree we spotted, it’s actually one of New Zealand’s tallest English Oaks. There you go Mick, you’re actually standing underneath a historic New Zealand tree.

Really nice grey suits, always our favourite colour to photograph.

And three more handsome lads, a really nice bunch of guys to be hanging out with.

This cute little poppet is Elsey, Mick and Laura’s pride and joy.

Cheers boys, time for Daron and I head to Laura’s parents home on Peach Island.

Daron being a car guy got straight into photographing the wedding cars.

Amy, Emma and Ashley are Laura’s three gorgeous sisters. Emma and Ashley also live in Darwin and traveled back for the wedding, Emma with a brand new three week old baby. Their dresses were just stunning and the icing on the cake were bouquets of brightly coloured gerberra’s put together beautifully by Micks sister.

There was such a hubbub of activity when we arrived and six little cuties all under the age of three years old were being looked after by family members. I thought at the time, it must have been pretty amazing for Laura’s parents to have all their girls home as well as their six grandchildren, one of whom they had only just met for the first time. This is what weddings are all about – families coming together to celebrate special moments like this.

How’s this for a gorgeous necklace? we were delighted to have so many beautiful things to photograph.

Our eyes nearly popped out when we saw this wedding dress, it’s what I call a dress with flounce and we couldn’t wait to photograph Laura wearing it.

So beautiful and perfect for Laura’s slim figure.

Great shot Daron!

Stunning, can’t wait to see the look on Micks face when he sees his beautiful bride.

Pretty blue eyed Elsey seemed to be fascinated with the necklace as well, maybe one day sweety you’ll get to wear it..

We arrived at the ceremony venue and our lovely friend, Nelson celebrant Diane Strong was having a good old laugh with the guys, she certainly knows how to get rid of the pre-wedding nerves.

This amazing view of the Motueka Valley and Tasman Bay is from the grounds of Awatea, luxury boutique accommodation owned by two very lovely guys called John and Scott. If you ever want to get away from it all and surround yourself by the peaceful natural beauty of the mountains and forest, river and bay, then this is certainly the place to go.

With the sounds of ‘Love Love Love’ echoing over the valley, a very excited bridal party walked up the rose petal isle.

Mick and Laura had eyes only for each other.

On top of the world – what a view!

Everybody celebrated the newlyweds by releasing balloons into the sky, I don’t think we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day.

And now for the big boys, Laura bought these gigantic balloons all the way from Australia to use in photos.

Down the road we found a little hay shed, perfect for a bit of shade and time for the bridal party to relax over a beer or two.


Nine years later and these two lovebirds still know how to put on the romance and also have a few laughs together. Laura told us she thinks Mick is a ‘whole lot of sexy’ (except for his love of western movies), and Mick thinks she is just as gorgeous as when he first met her.

Love this car.

Daron’s shot…

My shots…

There was a great hedge of trees by a little gravel road, and while dodging the dappled light, a little magic was created in here.

Gotta have the cool car shots.

We had an audience, I think the cows were rather interested in what was going on across the paddock. Couldn’t resist taking this shot.

Laura’s parents Alan and Judith had organised a huge marque outside on their tennis court for the reception – how perfect was that and not far to get home.

Lots of laughs during the reception, it’s so much fun photographing this part of the day.

First dance as husband and wife.

Group hug!

The light looked amazing, so Daron quickly snuck Mick and Laura out for a few twilight photos. If we’re covering reception and time allows, we love to do sunset shots. Location is also important and it just happened that this pond was only a few minutes walk away, so we really lucked out there.

The reflection was just magic and I can imagine one of these shots will be on the wall in no time.

Thank you Mick and Laura for choosing us to capture your special day. We hope many more adventures come your way and please keep out of the way of the crocs.

Daron and Chrissy x


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