Stunning wedding at the Monaco Resort Nelson

Owen and Stacey’s love story started over a game of pool at a bar in Hamilton. The game almost lasted for two hours (Owen reckons he was trying to let Stacey win). Their phone numbers were soon swapped, but unfortunately this potential young love affair didn’t go any further as Owen was living in Western Australia and Stacey was about to leave on her big OE to Europe for five months. But good things always come around and a year later Owen sent Stacey a text and it was all on from there. After some very large phone bills, Stacey decided to go to Perth for a holiday. Romance soon blossomed and two weeks after Stacey returned home to Nelson, Owen followed,  and they set up home in Hamilton.

Groom puts his tie on

After returning to Perth for work opportunities, Owen proposed to Stacey during her favorite song at a Slash concert. She screamed so loudly that the lead singer came over to see what was going on and soon everybody at the concert knew. There is also a story to be told about Stacey’s engagement ring. Owen bought the ring eight months earlier and he didn’t want Stacey to find it, so everytime that he left Perth for a two week stint of work, he took the ring with him. How’s that for dedication.

Groom getting dressed with his groomsmen

Stacey is actually Daron’s second cousin whom he had never previously met until earlier this year when we took their engagement photos along Tahunanui Beach. We had a lot of fun and got to know each other a little better.

Groom and groomsmen pose for Nelson wedding photographer

Owen and his groomsmen got dressed at the home of Alan and Vicky, Stacey’s parents. It just happened to be that they live next to Craig Boote and his seriously cool toys. He’s a super nice guy and he let us use his property (and toys) for some photos.

Groom and groomsmen walk along road

When the boys first saw Craig’s EC 130 Eurocopter and his super hot Ferrari, silence said it all.


Groomsmen standing in front of helicopter

“Pump it Owen, got to look good for your bride”.

Wedding detail in the Honeymoon suit at the Monaco Resort Nelson

After having fun taking these shots, we arrived at The Grand Mecure Nelson Monaco Resort to find a very excited Stacey and her two lovely bridesmaids. They were super organised with hair and makeup finished and all ready for the dress process.

Wedding dress on bed in the honeymoon suit at the Monaco Resort Nelson

Stacey bought her beautiful wedding dress in Melbourne, she wanted something a little different and unique – LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Bridesmaids getting dressed at the Monaco Resort in Nelson

Bride putting on blue wedding shoes

Having recently traveled around America for 3 months with Owen, Stacey found the perfect shoes – oh la la.

Bride looking at her wedding dress

A quiet moment.

Bridesmaids getting ready in the Honeymoon suit at the Grand Mecure Nelson Monaco Resort

It’s the most exciting time finally getting to put on your wedding dress. It’s the time that makes it suddenly seem real and it’s the time when emotions start to flow.

Bride placing her earrings

Bride receiving a gift from her husband

A little gift had arrived from Owen in the morning and you can see by Stacey’s expression that she was rather delighted to say the least – “nice touch Owen”.

Mother puts the brides veil on

A loving mum enjoying every moment of the preparations.

Bride having makeup in the window of Honeymmon suit Monaco Resort

The Monaco Resort – the perfect place to stay before and after a wedding.

Bride putting on lipstick in the mirror

Bride with her veil over her face

Stacey looked so gorgeous and she just couldn’t contain that beautiful smile of hers, I told her that she should be in a toothpaste ad with her massive smile and pearly whites.

Bride laughing with her bridesmaids

Bride sitting in the bay window at the Monaco Resort Nelson

Bride looking out the window at the Grand Mecure Monaco resort Nelson

Eeek, only minutes to go now.

Bridesmaides walking with bride to wedding ceremony at the Monaco Resort Nelson

Bride arrives to wedding ceremony in green chevy

The wedding ceremony was due to commence on the Village Green, but first a drive around the block in this very cool 57 Chevy. Stacey’s father Alan was waiting when she arrived and let me tell you, the tears started to flow from there.

Bridesmaids wearing blue dresses

Wedding ceremony on the Village Green at the Monaco Resort in Nelson

It’s always been a tradition for the father to walk his daughter up the isle but more and more we are seeing both parents proudly holding the arms of their daughters and I think this is so special. I mean hey, it’s mum who carries the baby for nine months, wakes up many times during the night for feeding and does most of the earlier nurturing, so good on you mums. p.s. I hope I get to walk my daughters up the isle as well (hint, hint Tayla and Gemma).

Wedding ceremony at the Monaco Resort Village Green

Another very touching and fun ceremony by Nelson marriage celebrant Dianne Strong.

Guests watch wedding ceremony on the Village Green at the Grand Mecure Nelson Monaco Resort

Bride and groom resite their wedding vows on the Village Green Nelson Monaco Resort

Wedding ceremony Nelson Monaco Resort

With every wedding Diane brings something very special and intimate to the couples that she marries.

Parents watch groom getting married

Super proud dad right here.

Monaco Resort Nelson wedding ceremony

Bride and groom pronounced husband and wife

Throughout the entire ceremony these two lovebirds couldn’t stop looking adoringly at each other. That’s why we love photographing weddings so much, it’s such a joyful and happy occasion.

Wedding ceremony on the lawn at the Nelson Monaco Resort

Now if you’re wondering what’s going on here, well Bolt (the beautiful Labrador), has Stacey’s letter to Owen attached to his collar. They have written each other a letter which has then been sealed in this box with each of them hammering in a nail. On every anniversary they plan to put another nail in the box and one day, when needed, this box will be opened. It may be a happy occasion or it just may be kept for a rocky patch. A fantastic idea I think.

Guest hug the nride and groom after ceremony

The joining of two familes and the coming together of friends.

Chevy wedding cars

Loving these Chevy wedding cars…..

First point of call, Miyazu Japanese Gardens.

Miyazu Gardens Nelson wedding location photos

Miyazu Japanese Gardens was the perfect place to go for romantic and dreamy wedding photos, especially with the spring blossoms in full bloom.

Bridal party laugh while walking down a hill at Miyazu Gardens Nelson

The bridal party were so much fun to be around and this certainly made our job a lot easier, there was non stop hilarity.

Bride and groom kiss under a Cherry blossom tree

You gotta love those Cherry Blossoms!

Romantic wedding photos under Cherry tree in Miyazu Gardens

Bride and groom kiss along a path way at Nelson Miyazu Japenese Gardens

It’s really nice when newlyweds can openly show their affection for each other with little or no prompting, especially in front of their bridal party who are usually houping, howling and wolf whistling.

Bride and groom standing on the red bridge at Miyazu Gardens in Nelson

We have so so many beautiful wedding images that it’s been a really hard decision about which ones to put on Storybook, four hours later Daron and I finally agreed on a select few.

Bride and groom pitting on lawn at Miyasu Japenese Gardens in Nelson

Our tag line is, “Your emotions, your moments, your day” and that is exactly what we both aim to capture during every wedding that we photograph.

It’s snowing petals, hmmm, I wonder how that happened Daron?

Intimate wedding photos taken at the Miyazu Gardens in Nelson

Newlyweds on bride at Miyasu Gardens in Nelson

I’m not sure what Daron said, but he got a reaction for sure.

Bridal party standing on the red bride at the Miyasu Japenese Gardens in Nelson

Amazing colour everywhere – love it!

Bride and ger bridesmaids on the bride at Miyazu Gardens in Nelson

Bride and groom driving in 57 Chevy wedding car

Next stop Hanger 58 where Stacey worked for a while.

Bride and groom in Hanger 58 bar in Nelson

The owner kindly gave the love birds a bottle of Champagne to celebrate their special day.

Hanger 58 Nelson wedding photos

We got asked if we wanted a drink also, ” no thanks guys, still working”.

Broide on stairs in Hanger 58 bar in Nelson

Stacey had previously told us about these very cool stairs, after we checked them out the day before, they became a, ‘must have shot’.

Bride and groom sitting on stairs in Hanger 58 bar in Nelson

Wedding car arrives at reception at the Grand Mecure Nelson Monaco Resort

Back to the Monaco Resort for the wedding reception in the marque. While Daron was taking the car shot, I took the bride shot.

Bride sitting on seat next to the pond at The Monaco Resort in Nelson

Bride and groom arrive at wedding reception in the marque

“Welcome Mr & Mrs Baylis”.

Wedding reception in the marque at the Monaco Resort Nelson

We enjoyed a lovely meal with exceptional service as usual by the wonderful staff at the Monaco. We also enjoyed meeting and catching up with some of Daron’s cousins and family members he hadn’t seen for a very long time.

Guests laugh during wedding reception

Great sign Stacey, sorry you aren’t the boss any more Owen!

Bride and groom laugh during wedding reception at the Nelson Monaco Resort

Bride and grooms first dance in the marque at the Monaco Resort in Nelson

Owen, Stacey and their guests danced into the night with fantastic music by ‘Summers Sons’, an awesome band of five very talented musicians.

Bride and groom dancing during their wedding reception

What an absolutely amazing day, Owen and Stacey you guys rock and we can’t wait to do your Drown The Gown photoshoot in Punakaika early next year.

Chrissy & Daron x

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