Beautiful Spring wedding…

Dan and Devon’s wedding was officially held on the last day of winter and what a stunning day it turned out to be. They chose to resite their wedding vows in front of friends and family upon Kina Heights overlooking Nelson and the beautiful Tasman Bay.

Gols and silver wedding rings

Their love story started about 3 1/2 years ago when Devon was looking for a mechanic to repair her car, as it worked out, Dan was recommended to her by a friend. Not only did Devon get her car fixed, she came away with a new man in her life. After about a year their relationship went to another level, so off to Michael Hill Jeweller to buy engagement rings. Gets getting ready before his weddingb ceremony

When we first met Dan he was very quiet, you can never judge a book by it’s cover though. On the wedding day, Dan was very excited that he was marrying the girl of his dreams. Often grooms can be a little shy in front of our cameras to start with, but not Dan, he was a dream to photograph – he was the ‘man’.

Groom and his son get dressed

This young fella is Marshall, Dan’s son. This beautiful Greenstone necklace was given to him during the ceremony to forever remind him of this very special day.

Groom standing with his grand Father

This is one of those priceless moments as Dan’s grandfather is caught in a little daydream.

Collage of groom getting ready with his groomsmen

“Does anyone know how to tie a windsor knot?” was the question asked by the groom and groomsmen. Good old Google came to the rescue with a full list of instructions as well as a little help from a visitor.

Black and white photo of groom with his groomsmen

Ties and jackets on, let’s go and have some fun taking photos…

Page boy wearing his black suit7

Young Marshall is a real sweetheart, he found a sea shell, he was adamant that I should take it home, he also shared his chewing gum with me. Thanks Marshall, I felt very special.

Groom drinking beer with his bestman and groomsmen

Nothing like a few drinks to help ease the pre-ceremony nerves.

Black and white wedding photo of groom drinking beer with groomsmen


Bride getting dressed with her bridesmaids

Devon’s parents, Peter & Debbie own a beautiful modern home overlooking the Riwaka plains. When we arrived there was such a happy buzz of excitement and I remember Devon saying,  “It all seems real now that you guys have turned up”. When we arrived hair and makeup were finished, the bridesmaids were dressed and Devon’s dress was going on. She had to be one of the most organised brides ever, which was great as it allowed us lots of time for really beautiful photos before the ceremony.

Brides mother helps put on the veil

This is such a special moment and each wedding I go to gets me thinking that one day this will be me putting the veil on one of our two daughters. I wonder how I will feel on this day? I know I’ll feel proud, happy and a little sad as well that my babies are all grown up and quite frankly I’ll probably be a blubbering mess. There’s a standing joke in my family because I’m a bit of s softie and I’ve been known to cry even watching Shortland Street (actually on a number of occasions, hehe). I’m always hearing awww mum… and 4 pairs of eyes are looking at me.

Brides father and grandmother watch her getting ready

Grandma and dad relaxing and taking in all the girlieness.

Beautiful bride holding her yellow bouquet

Devon is super cute and really sweet to go along with it.

Brides gols wedding shoes in the shoes

Bride holding her bouquet made of yellow Roses

Dan’s aunty is Nan Hovendon who has put together some of the most amazing wedding bouquets for our brides over the years and we were delighted to finally meet her. Devon chose lemon and cream roses, perfect colours for Spring.

Beautiful bridesmaids wearing yellow dresses

Mel and Jemma were great fun to be around and I was certainly loving those dresses, they looked so elegant and pretty and the flowers couldn’t have matched more perfectly.

Brides veil covering her face

Gorgeous Devon.

Lots of laughs and happiness and it was nice to have three generations together (top right).

Creative wedding photography by Nelson Wedding Photography

A shot through the stair railings.

Bride standing behind curtains

We were just about to head away, while Daron was packing our camera gear into the car, I spotted this potential shot behind a sheer black curtain – nice!

Wedding ceremony over looking Tasman Bay

The wedding ceremony was held on Kina heights not far from Mapua and we could not have asked for a better day. When we arrived we were greeted with a beautiful smile and hugs from one of the sweetest marriage celebrants you will ever meet, Diane Strong.

Groom watches as his bride walks up the isle

“Here she comes Dan”.

Bride arrives at wedding ceremony in a black Mazda RX7

The ceremony venue was on top of a steep hill, we couldn’t see the wedding cars coming, but we could certainly hear them – great big thumping boys toys – wow, what an entrance.

Bride walks up the isle on the Kina Heights near Nelson

I love the ‘first look’, certainly no words are needed here.

Bride and groom laugh during their wedding ceremony

Devon was, to say the least, very happy to see her man.

Bridal party during wedding ceremony on Kina Heights in Tasman Bay

We’ve been lucky enough to have a wedding at this location previously, I don’t think that there are better views anywhere. You can see right over to Nelson and to D’urville Island on a good day. Unfortunately, this section is for sale and this may be one of the last wedding ceremonies to be held here.

Bride and groom resite theirt wedding vows

These two didn’t actually stop smiling all day and it become contagious for everybody.

Bride and groom poor sand during their wedding ceremony

Pouring of the sand symbolizes the joining of two people and two families coming together as one.

Bride and groom are pronounced husband and wife

Special hugs for Marshall.

Mother hugs the bride

And Devon of course.

Ceremony hugs and kisses

Bride and groom kiss after wedding ceremony

Dan and Devon are best mates, they enjoy doing everything together, hunting, fishing, drag racing and virtually everything outdoors. Just before they got married, this lovely young couple bought their own mechanical business – Baymec. So if you are looking to get your car repaired or need a Warrant of Fitness, give them a call.

Intimate black and white wedding photos

Black wedding cars

Hot, hot, hot!

Bride and groom kiss on Kina Beach Nelson

After the ceremony, we went for a stroll along Kina beach to capture some beautiful wedding photos.

Groom catches his bride with a fishing line

“Catch of the day”.

Bridal party walk with linked arms

How’s this for a great looking bunch of people!

Bride and groom sit on a hanging seat

The weekend before the wedding we met Dan & Devon to check out some options for their location photos. While we were walking along the beach we met this kind gentlemen that allowed us to come back and use these old wooden seats on his property.

Dan got to sit in the throne.

Friends forever – love this shot.

Groom and groomsmen have fun

Chrysler 300C Wedding car

Now, this is one very hot Chrysler 300C.

I can’t believe how the evening mist came up so quickly?

Groom holding an old gun

Dan and Devon enjoy hunting, not that you would use this vintage Blunderbuss mind you.

We have photographed here before, it’s starting to look a little worse for wear, but perfect for rustic wedding photos.

Bride and grppm having fun with guns

Back out with the guns (please note that all care was taken during filming and no animals or bridal party members were accidentally shot).

Great to see a couple laugh so much together…

Marshall was enjoying every moment of this day.

A little more romance..

And of course some more laughter.

Mudcastle wedding reception

The wedding reception was held at the Mudcastle in Upper Moutere.

Dan’s speech was really funny, he did a great job at keeping everyone entertained.

The Mudcastle is an amazing wedding venue, it offers beauty, elegance and romance.

Wedding reception held at the Mudcastle in Nelson

Dan and Devon, it was an absolute honor capturing your wedding day and a fabulous start to our wedding season. Keep the laughs coming, you’re going to have an amazing future together.

Daron and Chrissy X


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