Gina & Carlo married!

On Easter Sunday 2012 we had the pleasure of photographing Jeremy and Teresa’s wedding in St Mary’s Catholic Church in Nelson. Almost twelve months later we were back there again, this time photographing the wedding of Carlo and Gina (Teresa’s sister), it was certainly great to see everyone again.

Brides yellow wedding bouquet

Carlo and Gina’s love story started nine years ago when Pasquale (Gina’s father) happened to see family friends, Carlo, Ferdi and Peter walking past his house. The boys were from Wellington and were visiting Nelson for the weekend, so Pasquale invited them in for a drink. When Gina first laid eyes on Carlo, she was rather impressed to say the least and I’m sure the feeling was mutual.

Bride getting dressed

They didn’t really talk much then, but a few months later when Carlo was back in Nelson for a soccer match, they got talking and hit it off straight away. After Carlo returned to Wellington they kept in contact via text and in Jan 2006 Gina moved to the capital where their relationship developed and the rest as they say is history.

Brides sisters and father

Carlo proposed to Gina on Whitehaven beach in the Whitsundays in September 2012. Carlo could not have chosen a more perfect location as he knows how much Gina loves the beach. It was the last day of their holiday and while lying in the sun, Carlo turned to Gina and asked the question, of course Gina said YES – very romantic.

Brides boquet and bottle of perfume

Parents watch as the bride gets ready

Gina and her two sisters, Carla and Teresa got ready at their parents home in Grove Street. It was like Deja vu when we pulled up to the house. Once again Pasquale and Brigida made us feel really welcome in their home. I think that Daron even got a coffee, not that he needs it though. For those of you who know Daron, its like giving the energizer bunny a double set of batteries.

Bride with her bridesmaids

Three gorgeous girls, it was a real pleasure photographing them once again.

Bride with her parents

Everything about Gina today was simply stunning, the amazing dress which could have been designed for her personally, the lovely lace veil and the softly scented roses – you’re one lucky man Carlo!

Bride with veil over her face

We have so many gorgeous photos of Gina but I picked this image for Storybook as I keep getting drawn to it. We shot through the veil, giving it a soft antique look, there really is something quite special about it.

Black and white photo with veil over the brides face

Bride looking very elegant

Groom wearing a dark grey suit

Carlo, Peter and Ferdi got ready in rental accommodation at the corner of Manuka Street. Normally that wouldn’t need mentioning, but today was the Collingwood Street Trolley Derby. I know that Gina was rather concerned about this, firstly, would car parks be available for guests and more importantly, would the loud speaker noise be too loud during the wedding ceremony?

Groom smiles during pre-ceremony photo shoot

There was nothing to worry about, as the Nelson City Council kindly allocated parking for the guests and we had a park right in front of the church set aside for us also. As for the speaker noise, we never heard a thing, phew!

Groom with his groomsmen

Groom walking up the hill towards St Mary's Church in Nelson

The ceremony was held at St Mary’s Catholic Church just a short walk up the hill for the boys and some family members. On the right is Peter (best man) and on the left is Firdi (Carlo’s brother). Carlo and Ferdi own a restaurant in Wellington called “Fratelli”. Next time you’re in Wellington, go and have a meal and say hi, I’m sure the food is amazing.

Bride arrives ti St Marys Church in a Black Cab

When Gina arrived in the London Black Cab, she looked absolutely radiant.

Bride walks up the isle at St Marys Catholic Church in Nelson

Pasquale knows the drill, this is the third time he has walked a daughter up the isle in St Mary’s.

Wedding ceremony in St Mary's Catholic Church in Nelson

It was lovely seeing so many familiar face again as we have photographed a number of Italian weddings in this church.

Bride and groom resite their wedding vows

Groom places his wedding ring on the brides finger

Father Patrick traveled down from Wellington to officiate the wedding ceremony, he’s a really great guy.

Bride and groom exchange wedding rings

Well, there is a story behind this shot. It started a few years back at St Mary’s Catholic Church where we were photographing another Italian wedding. Unbeknown to Daron, he wasn’t meant to be standing at the head of the isle when the bride walked up. As he was taking the shots, Father Patrick was trying his best to get Daron’s attention, he eventually leaned forward and told him to, “Get lost” (with respect of course).
Father Patrick recently mentioned to Gina that he didn’t want photographers standing at the top of the isle and he couldn’t remember who the photographer was that had done this. When we met with Gina prior to her wedding, she mentioned that she was sure that it wouldn’t have been us (gulp) nothing more was said (chicken Daron).
During Carlo and Gina’s wedding, Daron played by the rules and was being a good boy (well almost). During communion, Daron walked into the isle to get some shots, this is the look that he received from Father Patrick when he saw him partly blocking up the isle and slowing guests down from moving forward. As you can imagine Daron scarpered out of there pronto! During the reception, Father Patrick and Daron had a really good laugh over this.

Bride and groom look at parents during their wedding ceremony

Bride and groom walk down the isle

These two are such a great looking couple together.

Bride and groom walk out the front of St Mary's Catholic Church


Guests congratulate the bride and groom

As with all weddings we take lots of shots of the hugs, kisses and congratulations, if can be a fun and emotional time.

Family and guest photo

Wedding group image

Bridal party walking in The Queens Gardens in Nelson

Our first photo location was just down the road at the Queens Gardens. The bridal party looked fantastic and I think these would have to be my most favourite suits – very smart.

Bride and groom get intimate in The Nelson Queens Gardens

Carlo and Gina certainly showed a lot of magic between them.

March is a beautiful time of the year to photograph weddings as the leaves are beginning to drop and change color.

Bride and groom walk hand on hand through the Queens Gardens in Nelson

The day started off sunny, but the forecast for the late afternoon was rain (we were crossing our fingers that it would hold off).

Bride and groom kiss next to the water wheel in the Queens Gardens Nelson

Groomsmen next to water wheel in Nelson's Queens Gardens

Sure do love those suits!

Bridesmaids cartry the brides dress

It’s so nice to see three sisters happily sharing this wonderful day.

Bride and groom next to the fountain in the Queens Gardens in Nelson

As for these two, they were rather preoccupied at times.

Romantis wedding photo taken the Queens Gardens in Nelson

Groom dips his bride under trees in the Queens Gardens

Just gorgeous.

Groom lifts his bride up

Bride walk and laugh

Bridal poarty having fun

We asked the guys to pick up the girls, but we think the girls were onto it though?

Bridal poarty standing on the bridge in the Queens Gardens

Bride and groom walk across the bridge in the Queens Gardens in Nelson

Their walk of life is just beginning as husband and wife, so much to look forward to.

Groom kisses bride on Tahunanui  beach in Nelson

Gina loves the beach as do I, so we happily headed off to Tahunanui beach where it couldn’t have been more perfect. It was getting dark with threatening rain clouds looming and with the use of portable lighting, we were able to create magic as well as drama. This is my close up shot…

Bride and groom kiss next to a tree along Tahunanui Beach

And Daron’s wide angle.

Groomsmen jumping off a snad dune

There’s something about sand dunes that just turns men into boys.

Bride dances while holding out her veil

Stunning bride, stunning dress and stunning veil makes for one VERY stunning portrait.

Loving the veil and I’m soooo excited as I get to design a spectacular photobook for these two lovebirds – I can’t wait to get started.

The black cab arrives at Seifreids Estates

Just as the sun went down and a few drops of rain fell, the bridal party arrived at Petite Fleur at Seifried Estates in Betsy the Black Cab. We were all excited about enjoying the rest of the evening’s festivities.

Bride and groom walk into wedding reception at Petite Fleur

We all enjoyed a delightful meal and then the speeches started, well…..

Brides father'speech during wedding reception at Seifreids

Now, we’ve heard some hilarious speeches in our time, but Pasquale’s has to be my favourite. He captivated us all, had everybody in hysterics and tears of laughter were streaming down faces.

Quets laughing during reception speeches

Groom laughing during wedding reception

Bestman speech

Now it was Peter’s turn – more tears of laughter.

Cutting of the wedding cake

First dance

With the dinner and speeches over, the lights went down and Carlo and Gina got the party started with a spectacular dance. They were so awesome, I could have watched them all night, “you guys totally rocked the dance floor”.

Bride and grooms first dance

Unfortunately we couldn’t watch them all night as we had three precious children to get home to, but we sure had grins from ear to ear as we drove home. Carlo and Gina your wedding was such a beautiful yet fun filled day. We’ll come and enjoy a meal at “Fratelli” next time we are in Wellington.

Daron & Chrissy X


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