Beautiful wedding in Nelson Cathedral

Greg and Rachel’s love story started just before Valentines day four years ago. Their first meeting was a set up by Rachel’s Aunty Jo and Greg’s dad, Randal. In hindsight, Rachel believes that it was her Aunty Jo’s last ditch attempt to keep her in the country, as Rachel was planning to move to Melbourne three weeks later! Greg and Rachel officially got together on Valentines Day (that didn’t take very long, must have been love at first sight?). Over the following weeks, Greg wooed Rachel and convinced her that it was worth staying in Nelson for a little longer to see what would develop between them. What developed was a match made in heaven.

Brides purple and pink bouquet

With a mutual love of diving, Greg and Rachel headed to Waikawa Bay in Picton to explore an old ship wreck with some of their friends. Little did Rachel know that a wedding proposal was about to happen. As they headed into the murky depths, Greg appeared above her holding a white card saying “will you marry me”? Rachel replied with an underwater kiss and the ring was transferred from his BCD (buoyancy, control,device) to hers.

Collage of the bride and bridesmaids getting ready

The following year they decided that they needed another hobby they could enjoy together, so they took up pistol shooting. Greg is still trying to convince Rachel that an alternative to a drown the gown photoshoot would be to run around a range with her pistol, hmmmm, not so sure about that one Greg?

Brides father wearing a top hat

When Daron and I arrived at the Jones’ residence the morning of the wedding, there was a buzz of excitement in the air as four pretty bridesmaids dressed in purple were getting prepared for the big day ahead. Rachel’s dad Ian was also very excited and looking rather handsome in his top hat and tails.

Brides wedding detail

Rachel’s peal necklace, ‘something old’,  belonged to her grandmother.

We love photographing the detail shots and are always looking for unique ways to display them.

Greg is a true romantic and has always treated Rachel like his princess. The wedding dress she chose was the perfect princess dress and along with the guys wearing tails and top hat, it was a very impressive looking bridal party.

Brooke (flowergirl) and Jaxin (pageboy) checking each other out – so precious!

Greg and Rachel agreed earlier on, that they wanted a traditional wedding, so they chose to pledge their vows in Nelson’s most iconic Church, the Nelson Cathedral. We were really excited to be photographing here again and arrived a little earlier for some pre-ceremony shots of the guys.

Groom and groomsmen wearing trails and top hats

There is only one word for how these guys looked and that is ‘COOL’, actually two words, ‘VERY COOL’.

Groom and groomsmen through their top hats in the air

With hats like these how could you not want to throw them in the air.

According to Rachel, Greg hates having his photo taken. You wouldn’t think so though, he was a dream to photograph. Weddings can often bring out something special in people, it’s just a matter of having fun!

Bride arrives at Nelson Cathedral in vintage car

Rachel and Ian arrived in grand style to the Nelson Cathedral in this beautiful old Rover.

When Rachel got out of this rather unique looking vintage car, it made me think of Cinderella arriving to the ball. Only in this case it was Rachel arriving to her wedding, the pumpkin was blue and she didn’t have to be home by midnight.

Wedding ceremony in the Nelson Cathedral

With beautiful organ music playing, Rachel walked up the red carpet to her prince charming.

Bride and her father laugh as they walk up the isle in the Nelson Cathedral

These two are so close and it sure did show.

Bride walking up the isle in Nelson Cathedral

Working together all day, Daron and I automatically seem to know when to move out of each others shots. It’s sometimes a little uncanny how one of us can walk into the others frame and within a split second look up and quickly move out of the way. This shot was taken at the same time as the previous image, Daron knew that I wanted this shot so he stayed low.

Bridal party stand at the alter in the Nelson Cathedral

Bride and groom light candles during wedding ceremony

The ‘lighting of the unity candles’ originated a very long time ago, even before Christianity. It is now a very popular part of the traditional wedding, symbolizing the union of two individuals becoming one in commitment and also the joining together of two families. I think it’s a great tradition and so lovely to watch.

Bride and groom laugh during wedding ceremony

It was a lovely heart felt ceremony with plenty of humor.

While I was shooting from the isle, Daron moved around the back for a series of really nice shots. With such a spacious church we get to move around heaps without interrupting the service.

Bride and groom walk down the isle in the Nelson Cathedral


Floer girl throws rose petals over the bride and groom

Jaxin and Brooke thought this was kind of fun and so did all the guests.

Guests congratulate the newlyweds

There go those hats again!

Hugs all around – these precious moments are lovely for the bride and groom to look back on. They give me the warm fuzzies as I love lots of hugs.

What a great looking bunch. I think the guys were all quite chuffed with their tails and hats, not to mention their canes.

Bridal party group photo after wedding ceremony

Maybe it’s my imagination but it does kind of look like Cinderella’s pumpkin don’t you think?

Wedding location photso inside the Nelson Cathedral

There are all sorts of nooks and crannies inside the Nelson Cathedral and we discover something new every time we photograph in there.

Elegant weddings photos in the nelson Cathedral

Once the lights have been turned out, it’s becomes very dark. To capture these shots it’s just a matter of finding pockets of light to work with.

Groom and his groomsmen walk down a path

So gentlemanly…

Bridesmaids wearing purple dresses while holding parasols

So elegant…

Bridesmaids hold out the brides wedding dress

Bride swirles her wedding dress

This dress was made for twirling.

Groom wearing top hat and tails

“Greg, you really are the model groom”.

Bride lying in a tree

I don’t think Rachel thought in her wildest dreams that those two crazy photographers would ask her to climb a tree wearing her wedding dress. I can still see the look on her face, but that didn’t last long especially with the bridal party supporting the idea. Well, actually this was my idea, so I’ll change that to one crazy photographer. In saying that, Daron is normally the more adventurous one of us and it’s normally him climbing stuff.

Not only is the Nelson Cathedral pretty cool inside, but there are so many amazing areas to photograph outside as well.

Bride and groom stand on the rocks next to Tahunanui Beach in Nelson

With the wedding reception being held close by at the Nelson Yacht Club, our second location was further down the road upon the rocks. We love where wedding photography takes us and today we have photographed the bride and groom outside two of Nelson’s most iconic sites, Nelson Cathedral and Fifeshire Rock.

Moody wedding photos along Rocks Road in Nelson

Bride and groom sit on rocks next to the sea in Nelson

Waves crash over the rocks whiel they kiss

Good timing.

Creative wedding photographs

Beautiful picture of a beautiful couple!

Wedding reception in the Nelson Yacht Club

Back at the Nelson Yacht Club, the bride and groom arrived to a raucous of cheering and clapping. Let the festivities begin.

Bride and groom cut the wedding cake

Greg and Rachels friend Kirsty made this beautiful wedding cake, nice job Kirsty!

Speehes during wedding ceremony in the Nelson Yacht Club

Not only is Randal (Greg’s father and best man) a very funny and talented speaker, he also owns the oldest fruit winery in town and made all the yummy boysenberry wine for the wedding. Greg and Randal’s next challenge is to teach Rachel the art of wine making – I will certainly look forward to trying some Rachel, pop around anytime.

Wedding table settings

We photograph a lot of receptions throughout the wedding season, we really like to kick back and capture the natural shots, not to mention enjoying a glass of wine while doing so (but just one).

Father of the groom making his speech

Randall pulled out all sorts of dirty laundry on Greg, it was extremely funny.

During the reception, we had planned to take Rachel and Greg out for a few sunset photos. Some of the guests had followed us out to watch and Greg, being the funny guy he is, decided to get the garter off there and then (rather amusing for us all).

Bride and groom kis on a deck in front of the Nelson Yacht Club

Romantic wedding sunset photos

Wedding reception sunset

First dance inside the Nelson Yacht Club

We are sure that a lot of practicing went into the first dance – well done guys, it was fun to watch.

Post wedding it was our challenge to pick out a relativity small amount of photos from a huge selection to post on Storybook. It’s always fun doing so, as we get to relive the day all over again. Thanks Greg and Rachel for choosing Nelson Wedding Photography, your day was magical and we enjoyed it immensely. We wish you the very best with your future together.
Daron & Chrissy X

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