Drylands Marlborough wedding…

Dan and Hayley first met in a local bar close to where they both lived. They hit it off straight away and after a few months they moved in together. Dan is a southern man (from Invercargill) and Hayley is a city girl (from Wellington). Their friends often joke about how opposites really do attract – Dan’s a pilot and Hayley hates flying!

Bouquet on a pole in the vinyard at Marlborough Vintners Hotel

Dan proposed to Hayley at his family home in Invercargill. It was something that Dan had planned on doing for some time and the only person that he had told was his father. Dan’s dad was over the moon and when he heard the news he quickly went out and told lots of people and in doing so very nearly mentioned it to Hayley. Sadly, Dan’s father passed away suddenly and it was during the time after the funeral when all the family were together that Dan felt that it was the right time to pop the question.

Brides wedding detail displayed in vinyard at Marlborough Vintners Hotel

Dan’s flying career saw them move to Blenheim for a year. The Marlborough region is such a beautiful place to get married, so they set the date.

Brides silver wedding shoes hang from grape vines

Last winter, Hayley phoned us to see if would be available to photograph her wedding at Drylands in Marlborough as she loved our style. And this is where we come in.

Bride and groom getting ready for their wedding at Marlborough Vintners Hotel

Both the bridesmaids and groomsmen got ready at one of Blenheim’s popular wedding venues the Marlborough Vintners Hotel.

Groom stands in vinyard at Marlborough Vintners Hotel near Blenheim

Now you must admit, Dan certainly does look like a pilot.

Wedding rings and boquet

The Marlborough region is spoilt with so many talented wedding suppliers. Hayley’s bouquet was provided by Nina from Pink Poppie and all of the stationary was designed by Leanne from Vanilla Hayes.

Groom with his groomsmen at Blenheim vinyard Marlborough

Yes, they are all pilots, can’t you tell.

Two beautiful flower girls

These two little sweethearts are Hayley’s flowergirls and the daughters of one of her bridesmaids.

Flower girl watches as the bride has her makeup applied

Bridesmaids help the bride get dressed in the room at Marlborough Vintners Hotel

Hayley’s elegant wedding dress was designed and made by Bernadette Thomas also from Blenheim. She is an amazing designer and has been well known in the wedding industry for many years.

Hair dresser hputs the veil on the bride

The early preparations are such a lovely and also important part of the day, there is always a little anticipation for what’s to come and that slightly nervous feeling knowing all eyes will be upon you.

Bride puts on her garter

Placing the garter on the brides leg

Mother of the bride places a flower on her father

The final touches for Hayley’s proud father.

Bridesmaids wearing purple dresses

The bridesmaids wore the perfect colours, matching nicely with the green of the vineyard.

Bride stands under a pagola at Marlborough Vintners Hotel

Pure gorgeousness!

Bride walks across the lawn at wedding venue Marlborough Vintners Hotel

I really like this shot that Chrissy took.

Groom waits for his bride to arrive for wedding ceremony at Dryland Marlborough

Their Catholic wedding ceremony was held on the front lawn at Drylands Marlborough.

Guests mingle

Guests mingle on lawn outside Dryland Restaurant in Marlborough near Blenheim

Pictured top right is Hayley’s mum and step father, they both own a very successful photography business in Wellington and chose to enjoy this day instead of being behind the camera.

Bride walks up the isle in front of two large trees at Dryland Marlborough wedding venue

Bride hugs her father during wedding ceremony

We finally had a cloudy day, that sure makes our job a little easier with not so much squinting and deep shadows around eyes.

Some Catholic wedding ceremonies can be a little serious, but not this one, there were plenty of laughs to be had by all.

A guests view of the Catholic wedding ceremony at Dryland Marlborough

Bride and groom walk down the isle in front of their guests


Guest carring a basket of rose petals to throw over the bride

Guests throw flower petals over the bride and groom

The custom of throwing flower petals over the bride and groom originated with the ancient Assyrians, Hebrews, and Egyptians as a symbol of fertility and good wishes for a bountiful life.

Guests congratulate the bride and groom

Just after the hugs and kisses the guests were in for a treat, unbeknown to them there was going to be a flyby. The guests knew that something was happening, but they didn’t know what, Dan and Hayley were standing out on the lawn waiting and there was virtually silence. For about ten minutes I felt most of the guests eyes looking at me, I’m sure that they were thinking why are they just standing there, aren’t they meant to take the family photos?

Plane flys over wedding ceremony at Drylands in Marlborough

The roar of the Nangchang soon gave the show away.

Guests watch the Nan Chang fly over wedding ceremony on the lawn in the front of Dryland Vinyard

The pilot (Mark) happened to be the MC at Alice and Kerry’s wedding that we recently photographed.

Nang Chany preforms a flyby over wedding ceremony near Blenheim

We thought that he was going to just do a quick flyby, but instead he stayed around for a while and really put a show on for us all.

Family and guest photo

Time for the group and family photos.

Groom stands on the wing of a Bristol Freighter at Omaka in Blenheim

For the first of the location photos we went to Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre. My parents used to live towards the bottom of Parkers Road in Tahunanui right at the end of the Nelson airstrip. As a young boy, I remember watching these old Bristol Freighters slowly rise above our house, the sound of their engines was at times rather nerve racking.

Bride stands next to old Biplane at Omaka in Marlborough

Now, it’s not every day that you get to photograph a beautiful bride and a biplane.

Bride and groom kiss with an old biplane in the background

And a groom of course.

Bride smiles at her groom while sitting in a biplane

Groom dips his bride on the grass at Omaka Aviation Hertiage Centre

This was copied from Dan and Hayley’s wedding invite.

He was out with his mates enjoying a Speight’s when a city girl caught his eye after a drink…maybe three. It was quite clear to see this was a pair destined to fly, they say opposites attract and clearly, that’s fact. When you look at Hayley and Dan but rather than make a thing of it Dan put a ring on it, not bad for a true Southern Man!
So festivities are due and we’d love it if you could join us to share the occasions of Hayley and Dan (the city girl and Southern man) celebrating their recent engagement.

Bride and groom watch the Nang Chang fly by

While we were taking some shots, the Nangchang took off from the runway right next to us, this was unplanned and he took off fast, “did you get it?” Dan yelled out, “Sure did”.

Bride and groom next to old planes at Omaka in Blenheim

Again to our surprise, we were treated with more photo opportunities as the Nangchang parked up beside us.

Bridal party walk up a road

A short distance from Drylands Marlborough is a gravel road lined with large popular trees. Hayley’s mum had spotted this location awhile back – thanks Helen.

Bridal party all hug

Whenever we say, “pinch the nearest bum”, the girls always do but the guys don’t, It’s always good for a laugh.

Bride dances on a gravel road next to Dryland Marlborough

Bride holds out her veil

Hayley put on the moves…

Groom walks up to thje bride during wedding locoation with Nelson Wedding Photography

Love this shot!

Bride walks arm and arm with her bridesmaids

Bridesmaids laugh with bride during wedding location photos at Dryland Marlborough

Great times with your best friends.

Groom holds the brides wedding train

The bridal party went back to mingle with the guests at Drylands Restaurant while we continued having fun.

Bride and groom share an intimate moment

Knowing that their bridal party weren’t watching, yelling out and whistling (not that they were), Hayley and Dan put on a little of that romantic stuff.

Brides veil flyes in the air as she kisses her groom

Bride and groom under the veil

Wedding reception held at Dryland Restaurant in Blenheim Marlborough

Back at Drylands Marlborough for the wedding reception where everything looked amazing.

Lollie table

Yum, we love lolly tables and so do our kids, especially when the bride and groom tell us to take some home for them.

Bride and groom cut the wedding cake

Cutting of the cake and cuteness and I don’t mean you Dan.

It was certainly nice to have been given the opportunity to photograph a wedding in the beautiful Marlborough region and we’re excited about heading back there next wedding season.  Dan & Hayley we hope your love flys high.
Daron & Chrissy X


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