Nelson Cathedral wedding

Scott and Vanessa’s dream wedding was magical, everything was so well planned down to the tiniest detail. For eight years Vanessa had been traveling back and forth from America to New Zealand working as a ski instructor. During one of her trips home to Nelson, she went to a party with her friend Emma (matron of honor) it was here that she met Scott.
Scott was rather taken back by this gorgeous young lady with her storys of travel and adventure. Foolishly, he didn’t ask for her phone number that night, so he decided to track her down through her sister’s facebook. This led to their first date and eventually a wedding proposal where Scott popped the question during a romantic picnic overlooking the Nelson harbour.

Brides perfume bottle and purse

When Scott and Vanessa first enquired to whether Daron and I were available to photograph their special day, we were already booked for that date. Fortunately, they were able to change their wedding date to the following weekend with a little help from the lovely Shelley, who was at the time the events co-ordinator at the Nelson Monaco Resort. So here we are one year later and really excited about capturing all those magical moments as this day unfolds.

Brides elegant wedding dress hanging from a tree

Arriving at Vanessa’s parents home, there was a very excited bride and bridesmaids preparing for the big day.

Bride and groom hold their white wedding bouqets

Vanessa is such an organised person. When we arrived she had everything laid out beautifully on the table; flowers, shoes, perfume, jewellery, gifts etc. There was even an extra bridesmaid dress for herself so we took a photo of all the girls wearing them. Such a gorgeous colour and style.

Bride getting ready with her bridesmaids

I love the moment when a bride puts on her dress. It’s the moment that it all becomes so real, a moment that often reduces parents to tears.

We’ve seen so many stunning wedding gowns this season, just one beautiful dress after another. I really look forward to seeing the bride wearing her dress on her wedding day.

So much thought goes into selecting the brides accessories and I love to photograph them.

Bride holding her white rose bouquet

Beautiful Peonies – lovely.

Bride smiling with her father

Mums are super special on your wedding day, Noelene we can see where Vanessa got her looks from!

Elegant wedding photo of a beautiful bride lying on her bed.

Our brides often ask us to take some beautiful glamour shots during the early preparations, it is a time when a bride looks at her best.

Black and white photo of bride during pre-ceremony photoshoot

Attractive bride with her veil over her face

Groom standing outside the Nelson Cathedral

For the groom’s pre-ceremony photos we arrived at the Nelson Cathedral a little earlier than usual. Scott was looking a little nervous, but it didn’t take long for him to loosen up.

Groom with his groomsemen standing outside the Nelson Cathedral

The groomsmen were looking very dapper in their wedding suits from Barker’s Menswear.

Guests wait for the bride to arive at the Nelson Cathedral

We were very excited to be photographing in the Nelson Cathedral again, such an amazing church which lots of different angles to photograph from.

Bride arrives to the Nelson Cathedral in the Excalibar wedding car

Vanessa arrived in style to her wedding in the awesome looking Excalibur.

Bride and her father walk up the isle in the Nelson Cathedral

It’s always great when a bride wears a long veil such as Vanessa’s, especially when photographing from above.

Bride smiles at her guests as she walks up the isle in the Nelson Cathedral

Check out the wee girls expression on the right – absolutely priceless. Perfect timing Daron!

Organist plays as the bride walks up the isle in the Cathedral Nelson

The organist provided some beautiful music during the ceremony.

Nelson Cathedral wedding ceremony

Groom resites his wedding vows to his bride during their wedding ceremony at the Nelson Cathedral

Brides parents watch the bride and groom during wedding ceremony in Nelson's Cathedral

I’m sure I spotted a few tears as Vanessa’s parents listened to the vows they spoke to each other.

I wondered where Daron had gone, he went upstairs for a few more shots.

Groom plays the piano during wedding ceremony in the Nelson Cathedral

During the ceremony with Scott playing the piano and his father singing, they performed a hymn called “Your Love Overwhelms Me” by Everett Perry. It certainly made it all the more special.

Bride proudly watches her groom play the piano during their wedding ceremony at the Nelson Cathedral

Bride and groom kiss

The very happy newlyweds….

As the church bells rang loudly over Nelson, guests threw coloured rose petals over the bride and groom as they made their grand exit from the majestic Nelson Cathedral.

Broom and groomsmen sit in the pughs in the Nelson Cathedral

After the hugs, kisses and family shots we headed back inside the Cathedral for the start of the location photos.

We love creating magic in low light.

Moody photo of a beautiful bride looking at burning candels

Or in this case candle light.

Bride and groom hold each other in the foria of the Nelson Cathedral

Daron’s photo is on the right, while I went up to where the organist plays and shot down at this delightful young couple.

Bride stands on stairs in the Nelson Cathedral

Spectacular and this stunning wedding dress is just to die for – love love love it!

Bridal aprty on the steps outsode the Nelson Cathedral

Vanessa wanted some iconic Nelson photos, so we spent some time around the Cathedral steps and the top of Trafalgar Street.

Bride and groom stand on steps oveer looking Trafalgar Street in Nelson

We certainly had a few on-lookers also taking photos, along with the odd toot from cars passing by.

Balck and white wedding photo of bride and groom outside the Nelson Cathedral

Bride and groom run across the road in Nelson

Every girl feels like a princess on her wedding day, so we had to have the Cinderella shot, only this time she ran away with her Prince Charming.

Bride and her bridesmaids run up the stairs outside the Nelson Cathedral

It was another bright sunny day, with wedding photography timing is everything.

Groom and his groomsmen walk with their jackets over their shoulders

“Work it boys”.

A very happy group pf friends.

For the second part of our location photos, Scott and Vanessa had permission to use this private property. There were bridges and waterfalls, rustic chairs and beautiful big old trees, even a large pond. Oh, we were in photographers heaven.

These two didn’t take too much prompting for the kissing shots.

Bride and groom hug each other during wedding location photos in Nelson

We found this old chair and moved it so we could see a reflection in the pond.

This is one of those candid shots I really love taking with my long lens, no Daron, you still can’t have it!

Bride looks down at her elegant white wedding dress as she sits on a rock

It was nice to be out of the hot sun and into the shade.

Bride and groom walk amoung Oak trees in a Nelson park

While the bridal party sat by the pond relaxing and enjoyed some food and a few drinks. Scott, Vanessa, Daron and I, had fun exploring these beautiful gardens.

A match made in heaven.

Groom holds the brides dress as they walk across a bridge

The reflections in the pond along with the rustic colours were just amazing.

Bride and groom kiss with their refection in a pond

Groomsmen drink sparkling wine in Nelson Park

While Daron photographed the guys and the Excalibur, the girls and I went out to play.

Bride laughjs with her bridesmaids in a garden park near Nelson

We walked through the trees and past the pond…

Bride stands on a large rock in a private garden in Nelson

And came to this beautiful big old rock – wow, I love this picture.

Bride with her bridesmaids sitting on a rock

Bride and groom walk hand on hand on dried leaves under a canopy of trees

It was now time to leave this beautiful place and head to the Monaco Resort for the wedding reception.

Bride and groom walk into the marque at the Brand Mecure Nelson Monaco Resort

“Everyone stand for Mr and Mrs Shepard”.

Table settings in the marque at the Monaco Resort Nelson

During wedding receptions there are always lots of cool things to photograph. Along with beautiful Lisianthus flowers decorating every table there were delightful china teacups filled up with lollies (yum I love it when that happens).

Check the cake out!

Guests laugh during wedding reception in the Grand Mecure Nelson Monaco

With two cameras we are constantly scanning the reception for anyone that smiles.

Father of the groom speaks during wedding reception at the Monaco Resort in Nelson

Bruce, Vanessa’s father proudly welcomes Scott to his family.

Bride laughs during speeches at her wedding reception at the Grand Mecure Nelson Monaco Resort

Bridesmaide speaks during wedding reception at Nelson's Monaco Resort

And now it’s time for a little dirt?

Groom laufhs during his speech in the marque at his wedding reception at the Monaco Resort in Nelson

In our opinion, Scott took the grooms speech award out, he virtually read the entire speech from this phone, at times there was complete silence as he scrolled through the pages, it was very very funny!

Bride and groom look across the pond in front of The Grand-Mecure-Monaco-Resort

We had previously planned to leave the reception for a short time and take some photos in front of the Monaco Resort as the sun went down.

Bride and groom wedding photos at sunset

The light was just amazing to work with, along with a little help from Daron’s portable lighting.

Bride swirls her wedding dress outside the Nelson Monaco Resort

I suggested that we walk across the road and create a little magic between the palm trees. I have had my eye on this spot for a while now.

Bride and groom kiss next to palm trees in front of the Grand Mecure Nelson Monaco Resort

Sunset wedding photos at the Monaco Resort Nelson

Band plays during wedding reception at the Monaco Resort in Nelson

Arriving back to the reception all the guests were in great spirits and ready to party.

First dance during wedding reception at Grand Mecure Nelson Monaco Resort

Talk about the first dance, boy, did these two put on a show. Vanessa had a dress change and she was twirled around the dance floor like a real pro.

What a magic day thoroughly enjoyed by all. Scott and Vanessa you’re a match made in heaven, enjoy the start of your new lives together, there are many many more amazing adventures coming your way. Daron and Chrissy X


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