Adam & Sarah married!

We’re really excited to be sharing Adam and Sarah’s Storybook with you. Their wedding day was perfect in every way, from the sweetly scented roses to the evening sunset, an absolute dream wedding filled with love and happiness. Pour yourself a glass of wine, sit back and relax as their day unfolds.

Silver wedding rings

Adam is a kiwi lad, but moved to Sydney at the young age of 11. Adam and Sarah knew each other in high school, but didn’t start dating until much later after meeting at Sarah’s 18th birthday.

Before I carry on with the story, I must ask, “Is that a man ironing?”.
Despite living in Sydney, Adam is extremely patriotic and still calls Nelson home. He first bought Sarah back here in 2008. Not surprisingly, Sarah fell in love with our beautiful city and they have been back a number of times since. Upon their last visit in January 2012, Adam proposed to Sarah on the top of Walters Bluff which has fabulous views over Nelson. They decided immediately that this was the place they wanted to marry. Adam and Sarah were very fortunate to have such amazing family and friends that were willing to travel to New Zealand to share this special day.

Groom and groomsmen laughing as they get dressed

With a year of planning (not an easy task from another country), today has finally arrived and the boys are getting ready at Adam’s fathers house. They all looked extremely handsome in their tails.

Groom and groomsmen drinking cold orange juice

Nothing like a fresh orange juice to start the day.

After photographing the guys, we arrived at Melrose House, where Sarah had booked their private rooms for the morning’s preparations and pre-wedding photos. We couldn’t have asked for a better venue with the high ceilings and large windows letting in the most beautiful light, we were in photographers heaven. To top it off we were treated to the glorious smell of fresh roses from Bluebell Florist in Richmond.

Bridesmaids help each other with their necklaces

Sarah chose her sister Elise and her best friend Kimberley as her bridesmaids. These lovely girls looked gorgeous in their elegant bridesmaid dresses and they really did help make the day extra special. Brides elegant dress hanging in the window at Melrose House

Bride having her makeup applied at Melrose House in Nelson

A very proud sister and father look on as the finishing touches of makeup are applied.

Father watching the bride getting dressed

Brides sister and mother get ready at Melrose House Nelson

Daron and I really enjoyed capturing the happenings of the morning, there was so much happiness and laughing, the excitement was contagious.

Bride putting on her earring.

Sarah you’re simply stunning!

Bridesmaids laughing as they get ready at Melrose House Nelson

Sarah gifted Elise and Kim a lovely pair of swarovski crystal earrings each, but they were also in for another surprise; a pair of bright pink gumboots each which you will see later in our Storybook.

Elegant wedding photo of bride

Bride laughing as she opens a gift

And the gifts kept coming, Sarah received a lovely pearl bracelet from her parents – the perfect finishing touch. Not to forget that the two wee flower girls arrived just at the right time – such cuteness!

Bride standing in the window of Melrose House

I’m sure Sarah could have walked straight out of a wedding magazine. You can imagine how my jaw dropped when she first walked into the room wearing this most exquisite wedding dress.

Beautiful bride with a veil over her face

Bride walks up the stairs at Melrose House

Brides long train on the stairs at Melrose House Nelson

Bride looks in the mirror at Melrose House

Elegant photo of bride looking out the window at Melrose House

As you can see, this is why Melrose House is pretty spectacular to photograph in, with it’s majestic stairway and bay windows.

Bride laughs as the flower girls run around her

These gorgeous girls are Adams nieces, they were having a lot of fun all dressed up with lovely flowers in their hair.

Bride with her bridesmaids at Melrose House Nelson

Check out the girl’s necklaces – very funky, and they really worked perfectly with the dresses.

Flower girls wave at the guests

Daron and I headed to St Mary’s Catholic Church in Nelson were the flowergirls were waiting excitedly for the wedding car to arrive.

Wedding ceremony in St Mary's Catholic Church in Nelson

I don’t think Adam could keep his eyes off his beautiful bride and who could blame him.

Guests watch wedding ceremony at St Mary's Catholic Church in Nelosn

St Marys is a large church with a choir loft upstairs, excellent for getting great views from above as well as below.

Parents light the candels during wedding ceremony at St Mary's Catholic Church in Nelson

Lighting the candles during a Catholic wedding ceremony signifies, “two have become one’.

Preist talks during ceremony

Bride and groom walk down the isle at St Mary's Catholic Church Nelson

A very excited bride and groom, very happy to be pronounced Mr and Mrs Chesterman.

Bride and groom wave to cars from inside Betsey The Black Cab

After the hugs, congratulations and family photos, the bridal party jumped into one of the London Black Cabs and followed me out to the old house in Richmond, where we had permission from the owner to take our location photos. Daron jumped into “Betsey” the Black Cab with Adam and Sarah so they could have a quick stop off at The Boathouse (reception venue), for a few photos of the setup before the guests arrived later on.

Bride dances on the road

I love a bride that is not afraid to show her excitement on her special day, ok, there might have been a little motivation from Daron whom was standing in the middle of the road.

Wedding reception at the Boat Shed

Bridal party laugh as they walk together

As we arrived at our favourite old house, a jet flew past at the perfect time creating a little interest in the cloudless sky.

We always try to create something a little different for our couples, even at the same venues that we have photographed previously.

Romantic wedding photos

Love the intimate look.

Bride laughs as her veil flyes in the air

Sarah, I can see why Adam adores you so much. Not only are you beautiful, but sweet, kind and a lot of fun.

Bride and groom laugh ad they hold each other

It really did give me the warm fuzzies seeing how happy these two make each other feel.

Bridal aporty have fun during their wedding location photos

Now check out the pink gumboots! I asked Sarah how she possibly managed to get all their wedding clothing and foot wear to New Zealand along with everything else?

Bride and groom smile at each other while sitting in window of old house

Of course, we had to have some photos in the love heart window, my favourite window in all of Nelson.

Bride wearing red gumboots

The girls totally rocked their pink gumboots.

There is something very special about black and white wedding photos.

One gorgeous looking couple, that’s for sure – hopefully there will be some cute little Chestermans running around one day?

Nicely captured Daron, love this shot!

Groom laughs with his groomsmen

The guys were having a great time, two Aussies and one Kiwi.

Bridal party laughing and having fun during wedding location photos


Groom standing next to the Black Cab

These shots were taken with a touch of lighting that presents a really nice look.

Bridal party laugh while standing in front of two Nelson Black Cabs

The Black Cab turns around in a feild

We have certainly seen The Black Cabs a lot this wedding season, next stop The Boat House.

Guests laugh during wedding reception at the Boat House in Nelson

We photograph a lot of wedding receptions, this is a wonderful time to capture those natural shots without the guests really even knowing it, the pictures are great to look back on.

wedding reception at the Boat House in Nelson

During the speeches Neil (Adams father, pictured bottom left) said that Australia had lost something really big and New Zealand had gained it and that was Sarah. What a nice thing to say I thought. Oh and by the way today is Australia day, so it was eally nice that it was celebrated by a lot of the Australian guests here in New Zealand.

Sunset wedding photos by Nelson Wedding Photography

After the speeches had finished, we saw an amazing sunset developing, so we stole Adam and Sarah away for a short time to capture some of our favourite shots of the day.

Romantic sunset wedding photos

Turn the lights off and this is what we capture…

Bride and groom look out to sea during a Nelson sunset

Perfect end to a perfect day!

Sunset wedding photos by Nelson Wedding Photography

Adam and Sarah, your wedding day was an absolute dream to photograph, I’m sure Daron and I enjoyed it just as much as you did. We would love to catch up with you both during your next visit to Nelson.

Daron & Chrissy xx

View a short video clip taken from Adam & Sarah’s wedding day


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