Mark & Katie married!

Mark proposed to Katie on Christmas Eve 2011 beside the Serpentine in Hyde Park. They are both New Zealanders but have lived in London for two years. Like a lot of our couples, they chose to come home to celebrate their wedding with family and friends in sunny Nelson. We certainly put on the weather for them, it must have been close to 30C on their wedding day, quite a contrast to the harsh winter back the U.K.

White wedding shoes in stone window

We met with Mark and Katie for the first time a couple of days prior to their wedding. The first thing I noticed about Katie was her gorgeous blue eyes and amazing coloured hair with beautiful ringlet curls. Our eldest daughter would die for hair like that, but unfortunately she has to make do with the hair curler that she got for Christmas.

Daron and I arrived at the home of Katie’s parents where the girls were preparing for the big day. They were all in great spirits and Katie was so excited to be finally getting into her wedding dress.

So much thought goes into choosing just the right accessories.

The final touch – an exquisite veil trimmed with lace.

Bride putting on her harter

As I am writing this storybook, it got me wondering about the tradition of the ‘something blue’ worn by the bride, so I did a bit of research. The colour blue is believed to have come from the Virgin Mary, who is often portrayed in a blue robe. Blue is a symbol of purity and most often something blue is in the garter the bride wears.

It was lovely to meet Katie’s parents as we had been corresponding with her mum for the last year. She has been a big help to Katie with planning the wedding, no easy task when the bride lives half way around the world.

Bride and bridesmaids look up at Nelson Wedding Photographer

A lovely bunch of girls wearing pretty light gold dresses.

Elegant photo og bride on a leather seat

Beautiful bride – how gorgeous does she look today.

Brides shoes under white laced wedding dress

Bride poses for Nelson Wedding Photographer Daron Graham

Bridesmaids holding their bouquet from Bluebell Florists in Richmond Nelson

As usual the girls at Tonic did a lovely job with hair and makeup.

The Black Cab wedding cars at brides home

This is Marianne, she owns the London Black Cabs that you often see driving around town. These cars were the perfect choice of transport for the wedding day, incorporating the London part of Mark and Katie’s lives into their wedding.

Groom amd groomsmen in the entrance of St Marys Cathloic Church in Nelson

A very happy groom waiting in anticipation for his beautiful bride to arrive.

Bridesmaids and bride arrive at St Marys Church Nelson in the Nelson Black cabs.

Bride gets out of Nelson Black Cab at St Mary's Catholic Church in Nelson

Willow Florist arranged this lovely traditional wedding bouquet for Katie – very nice.

Bride and father walk up the isle at St Mary's Catholic Church in Nelson

The ceremony was held at St Mary’s Catholic Church in Nelson. It has a choir loft upstairs which provides the opportunity for one of us to be photographing from above while the other is below, great when a bride walks in with such a long veil.

Wedding ceremony at St Marys Church in Nelson

Guests photograph dride vand groom getting married at Mt Marys Catholic Church in Nelson

There are always a lot of digital cameras at weddings, it’s great to see.

Preist speaks of love during wedding ceremony at St Marys

Bride and groom while putting on wedding rings at Catholic ceremonySpecial moments as Mark places the ring on Katie’s finger.

Bridesmaids laugh during wedding ceremony at St Marys Church in Nelson

Bridal party satnding at the alter at St Marys Catholic Church

Bride and groom walk down the isle at St Marys Catholic Church in Nelson


Brides holds her dog after wedding ceremony

This is cute little Benji who also dressed up for the occasion in a bow tie. He is a much adored member of Katie’s family and often referred to as the fourth child. I can totally understand that as we have a little dog called Benji as well and he is our baby, I couldn’t imagine life without him.

Family and guest photo at the front of St Marys Catholic Churtch in Nelson

Bride and groom in the back seat of The London Black Cabs in Nelson

After the family photos, the bridal party jumped into the black cabs and we headed off to the Nelson Boulder Bank for the location photos.

But first, just a quick walk along the Collingwood Street Bridge.

Although Mark and Katie enjoy living in London, they both miss the wide open spaces of our lovely New Zealand. Katie, being a country girl, was really keen on having photos in the grasses, so we found the perfect place on our way to the Boulder Bank.

Bride and groom kissing in long tussock grass at the Nelson Bolder Bank

The grasses were really tall so Daron climbed up a ladder for this shot. The bridal party relaxed with some food and drink nearby, we had earlier suggested they bring umbrella’s for shade which I’m sure everybody was thankful for.

Bride and froom walking through high grass at the Bolder Bank in Nelson

Bride and groom sitting on a log along the Nelson Bolder Bank

We headed onto the rocks at the Nelson Boulder Bank, a great spot for wedding photos and not tide dependent.

Bridal party watch as the bride and groom kiss along the Bolder Bank in Nelson

Bride holds balloons as she kisses her groom along Nelson Bolder Bank

Daron and I had bought some helium balloons for the occasion, unfortunately most of them had popped in the heat but the three surviving ones served their purpose.

Brides veil flys in the air along The Nelson Bolder Bank

A guest of wind sent Katie’s veil flying and created some magic for us. This shot will definitely be a full page in their photobook, which I’m excited about designing.

If you want a good laugh from the bride, just tell the groom to nibble on her neck, works a treat.

Daron and I had been for a drive a few days ago and spotted this cute little chapel in Atawhai, it is extremely old and something a little different.

The boys all looking very handsome in their white shirts and cream vests, certainly a lot cooler than wearing all black.

After completing the location photos we arrived at the Yacht Club where the reception was being held. The guests were enjoying drinks and nibbles out on the deck overlooking the Nelson Harbour.

Guests at wedding reception at the Nelson Yaught Club

I had a little chuckle as I arrived, a launch cruising past had hooked a nearby fisherman’s rod and he was not too happy. Of course the driver was oblivious to what was happening so I think in the end the fisherman had to cut the line.

Bride and groom the wedding cake at reception at the Nelson Yaught Club

After the cutting of this very amazing cake, Daron and I put our cameras away and headed home for a relaxing and much needed dip in the pool with our kids. It was a fabulous day Mark and Katie, we hope you didn’t get too sunburn’t but I’m sure you enjoyed the warm weather before heading back to the winter in London. We wish you well for your future together. Daron and Chrissy X

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