Sunny Jacket Island Wedding

Craig and Jodie chose to have their small and intimate beach ceremony on Jackett Island, a small piece of paradise just across the channel from the Motueka Wharf. Jodie’s parents own a batch here, it’s a special place, a quiet and peaceful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Many happy family moments have been spent here, making it extra special for Craig and Jodie’s wedding ceremony.

wedding ceremony on the n=beach at Jackets Island Motueka

Daron and I were quite excited to be photographing a wedding somewhere new and unique to us. Our day started with Jodie’s father Justin, picking us up in his dinghy for the short boat trip across to the island. From there we jumped on a trailer behind his 4-wheeler and headed up the beach to their home where Jodie and the girls were getting ready.

Craig and Jodie first laid eyes on each other at the Hokitika Wild Food Festival about 6 years ago. There was an instant connection and as they got talking they discovered that they were both living and studying in Christchurch. Love blossomed from there and these two have been inseparable ever since.

Collage bride getting dressed with her bridesmaids

Bride pre-ceremony-photo

Jodie was a stunning bride, she had that special glow about her and a sparkle in her eyes.

It was a glorious summers day but also extremely hot. We went for a walk with the girls to find some shaded spots to photograph in and keep them out of the sun for a while.

Bride sitting on a log holding her orange wedding bouquet

Bride walking with bridemaids

As you would have guessed by now the colour scheme for today is orange.

Groom with his groomsmen on Jacket Island Motueka

While the girls relaxed, Daron and I walked down onto the beach where the guys were setting up the marquee for drinks and nibbles after the ceremony, They were all in great spirits and I’d say quite thankful they weren’t wearing black jackets in the midday heat.

Groom wearing a white shirt with orange tie

Groomsmen running down the beach

Daron casually asked who was the fastest runner out of the three – let’s find out?

Groom and groomsmen riding a 4x4 on beach

Time for some boy action with the 4-wheeler.

The guests arrived to Jackett Island via Abel Tasman Sea Shuttles. Some of them told us later that as they neared, they were in hysterics watching the guys roaring up and down the beach, this is not something you would normally see prior to a wedding ceremony.

Guests arrive at wedding ceremony on Jackets Island with Abel Tasman Sea Shuttles

What a great way to arrive to a beach wedding.

Bride walks with her father up the isle at beach wedding

A short while later, father and daughter walked down the isle of sand. This can be a very emotional time and Justin looked so proud to be giving the hand of his only daughter today.

Wedding ceremony on the beach at Jacketts Island

This lovely ceremony was officiated by Nelson Marriage Celebrant Angel Pearson.

Bride and groom resite their wedding vows during beach wedding

I love how these two adore each other so much, they have been together 6 years and the love has grown stronger and stronger.

Bride and groom holds hands during beach wedding near Motueka

Wedding guests stand in love heart shape on beach

Craig and Jodie wanted a group photo in the shape of a love heart so Daron got the job of climbing up a very tall ladder. Funnily enough one of the young buys here today found a rock further down the beach which had been shaped in a perfect loveheart. This was later gifted to the bride and groom during the wedding reception at Seifried Estates.

Brides parents laugh as hat floats in the air

The wind blew and up and away went Justin’s hat!

Bride and groom walk down the beach on Jacketts Island near Motueka

After mingling with the guests over a nice cold drink and some nibbles, we took the bridal party away for their location photos.

Newlyweds stroll on the beach near Nelson

Groom and groomsmen standing under old Pine trees

Groomsmen wearing black suits with grey ties

Daron jokingly suggested that anyone with a free hand grab the nearest butt, I think the boys were keener than the girls.

Groom and groomsmen sitting in a tree

Next Daron had the guys climb this old tree…

Bridal party sitting on a barge in the water

And then we saw the barge. My husband being the gentlemen he is, rolled up his pants and carried the girls across one by one. We had to keep the barge carefully balanced as to avoid it tipping, it wouldn’t be a good look if the whole bridal party fell in the drink.

Bride and groom standing on a barge

Bride and groom huging

The bridal party left to catch the boat back to Motueka along with the guests while Craig, Jodie, Daron and myself carried on looking for more awesome locations.

Bride lying on a huge tree

Further down the beach I spotted another cool old tree – perfect for the bride to relax in.

Bride and groom sitting on a log over the water

Bride and groom kiss in tussock grasses

This is the walkway from the beach to the house, Justin (Jodie’s dad) spent many back breaking hours laying this. From this angle, the sky was cloudless and brilliant blue.

Groom dips his bride in long tussock grass

Love the tall tussock grasses.

Bride and groom walk through forest on Jacketts Island

Bride swining on a rope

Bride and groom riding on a four by four motor bike down the beach

It was time to leave this little piece of paradise and head for the wedding reception at Petite Fleur at Seifrieds.

Bride and groom in rowing boat to Motueka Wharf

The wind had come up making the water quite choppy, but Jodie was in good hands.

Wedding cake at reception at Petite Fleur

The reception room looked fantastic in their themed colour.

Guests laugh during speeches at Petite Fluer wedding reception

Petite Fluer reception wedding photos

Top left – this is the love heart rock I mentioned earlier.

Weddingreception photos at Seifrieds Estates near Nelson

Jody was really keen on some photos in the vineyards so after we enjoyed a lovely meal (which included scallops and crayfish – yummy), and the speeches were finished, we took Craig and Jodie out into the vineyard. It was just before dusk, the last of the golden light seemed to be dancing on the vines and it was quite spectacular to work in.

Bride and groom kiss amoung grap vines

Craig was enjoying romancing his new wife, we love capturing these tender moments.

Bride and groom get intimate in Nelson vinyard

Black and white romantic wedding photos taken in the grapes at Seifried Estates near Nelson

These guys are so cute together, they were both enjoying their day immensely and not afraid at all to get intimate in front of our camera’s.

Intimate black and white wedding location photos from Seifried Estates

They just created their own magic naturally which really made our job easy.

Bride and groom sit on the ground near to rows of grapes

Seifrieds Estates wedding venue

I love Jodie’s dress, she is so tall and slender and it really did enhance her figure beautifully.

Sunsets on grape vinyard ad bride and groom kiss

Bride lies on the stone wall outside Petite Fleur at Seifrieds Estates Nelson

I love this shot (sorry Daron you can’t take the credit for this one) hehe!

Back to the reception where the party was just getting started.

Bride and grooms first dance during wedding reception at Petite Fluer at Seifreids Estates Nelson

There’s something very special about the first dance, it’s like the bride and groom momentarily go into a world of their own.

Guests dance with bride and groom on the dance floor at Seifreids Estates Nelson

Craig and Jodie, it’s been a pleasure sharing your special day. Your future as a married couple has just started and I’m sure many exciting things are coming your way.

Daron and Chrissy X

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