Mike & Laura married!

Bestman places flower on the groom

The start of the summer wedding season is finally here and what an amazing wedding to start it with.  Mike and Laura’s wedding was perfect in every way.  Daron and I don’t sleep very well the night before a wedding, our excitement and enthusiasm gets the better of us, so as usual we were up bright and early and ready to go.  We began the day spending some time with the guys and what a lot of fun and laughter we had.

Mike looking very handsome indeed.

Groom and groomsmen standing on Monaco wharf

The guys really owned these pictures, they were so cool.

Groomsmen travel in Dodge wedding car for location photos

Loving the hot rod.

Groom and groomsmen sitting on Dodge wedding car at Monaco Back beach

The blue waistcoats looked very nice, what a perfect match with the blue Dodge wedding car.

After having a great time with the guys we arrive at the Grand
Mecure Monaco where the girls were getting ready.  Wanting
to capture every special moment of the day, Daron starts with
some very artistic shots of Laura’s amazing wedding gown.

Brides cream coloured wedding dress

The dress was sooooo beautiful,  I love this shot.

Laura’s exquisiteness definitely made our job easy.

Gold wedding rings on a pillow

Beautiful gold wedding rings.

Bridesmaids and bride lie on bed and laugh

It’s such a happy time getting ready to marry the man of your dreams, the energy in the room was just great and the growing excitement was infectious.  Daron and I feel so privileged to be part of these special moments.

Bridemaids put veil on the bride at Monaco Resort Nelson

Laura just seemed to bubble with excitement as the ceremony time got closer and closer.

Time to go to the Church on the Hill, the Holy Trinity.


Bride arrives at Holy Trinity church in Dodge wedding car

The moment has finally come…

Bride kisses mother in law outside of Holy Trinity Church in Richmond

What a lovely way to start your wedding ceremony with a special hug from your mother in law.

What a vision!

Bride and groom resite their wedding vows at the Holy Trinity Church Richmond

More heartfelt vows, I seriously have to hold myself together at wedding ceremonies, there’s no time to get soppy when there’s a job to do.  Daron always manages to sneak a little peak at me to see if he can see the odd tear, he knows I’m just a big softy after all.  I’m really a romantic by heart which is why I love photographing weddings so much.

Laura and Mike just seemed to have such a magical connection.
They were so natural together, which resulted in so many
stunning wedding images.

Bride and groom stand in field in front of old rustic house

With the formalities over the fun begins with the location shots. What an exceptional day it was with a bright blue sunny Nelson sky.

Groom kisses bride on the roof of an old red pick up truck

Laura is a country girl so a pickup truck, some hay and a field seemed just perfect.

Bridal party sit on the deck of an old red pick up truck

Again I can’t believe how all the colours were perfectly matched.  Laura couldn’t believe her eyes when she found the dresses, everything just seemed to fall into place for this entire wedding.

Bridal party stand next to their hotrod wedding cars

Bride and groom sit in the window of an old rustic house in Richmond

This just has to be my favourite picture of the day; it’s like time stood still for a moment.

Bride and groom kiss in the window of old house

Mike and Laura kept working their magic to create these enchanting fairytale images.

Black and white wedding photos of the newlyweds in the window of an old house

Bride wearing her white wedding dress and groom wearing a blue stripped vest

The look of love says it all.

Bride holds her white wedding beoquet in doorway of old house

Dodge wedding cars

Time to head to our next location.  I’m really loving these cars, I was hanging out the window of our car to get this shot.

Bride looking at her flowers leaning up against a wall covered in graffiti

As I said before, we like to make every wedding unique, create a different look at every location.

Bride and groom look at each other at Richmond skate board park

We just love the Monaco Resort, the surroundings are so
beautiful and that deliciously golden late afternoon light
is a photographers dream, along with a few rose petals.

Bride shows groomsmen her legs

As I photograph the girls having fun…

Cool groomsmen shots

Daron captures the cool guys shots.

Groomsmen jumps in the air

Looking at this image, I realised why I had sore stomach muscles the next day.  No, it wasn’t because I held a heavy camera all day long, it was from laughing at Ash.  I must say, the guy had us in hysterics all day long.  I think we should adopt him and take him to weddings with us.

Bride and groom arrive at wedding reception at the Nelson Grand Mecure Monaco Resort

Now it’s time for the reception and our day is almost over.

Yellow flowers on white wedding cake

Mike & Laura, thank you so much for choosing Daron and I to be such a big part
of this wonderful day.


Nelson Photographers – Daron & Christine Graham



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