Adam & Tanique married!

Adam and Tanique’s love story started in May 2010 when they first met at the Sprig & Fern in Hardy street in Nelson. Adam had been asked by his friend Lee to come out with him one evening on a double date. Lee wanted a little male support as he had his eye on one of the girls, Tanique.

Bride wearing red lipstick

It just happened to be that Adam also liked Tanique. Just before they went out that evening, Adam broached the subject with Lee, “may the best man win”, was Lee’s reply. During the evening the four decided to go and play pool, Adam had fancied himself as a decent player and he approached the pool table with supreme confidence. Little did he know that Tanique played on the Shark Club pool team and she kicked butt all night long. Since they have been together, Adam said that he has evened the score (yeah right).

Bride holding her white veil

Love quickly bloomed and in November 2010, they moved in together. A year later during November 2011, Adam and Tanique were sitting outside on their deck enjoying a lovely meal and a glass of wine when Adam decided to pop the question. Adam has always believed in being traditional and felt that he should do the right thing and ask Tanique’s father for permission to marry his daughter, so he did, via a text. Tanique’s father took some time to reply after discussing it with her brother.

Bride with veil over her face

Once the approval from Dad came through, Adam got down on one knee, asked the question and presented Tanique with the engagement ring. The ring was a big brass Jaguars head, which Adam had brought her as a gift on impulse that very day, his intention was to replace it with the “proper” ring. Tanique loved it and wouldn’t hear of changing it.

Brides modern wedding shoes

They then planned to have their wedding on the 8th of December 2012 at Nelson wedding venue, Fairfield House.

Bride ties her fathers tie

Bridesmaides wearing olive green dresses

On the wedding day,Tanique got ready at her mum’s best friends house along with her lovely bridesmaids, Ilisa and Nicola. Earlier in the morning the girls from Tonic Hairculture and Beauty did a beautiful job with their hair and makeup.

Bride holding a glass of bubbly

Groom arrives at Fairfield House in Nelson for his wedding ceremony.

Adam arrived at Fairfield House looking very handsome and extremely relaxed.

Groom smiles before wedding ceremony at Fairfield House in Nelson.

Adam is from Sunderland in the North East of England, when he first arrived in New Zealand six years ago, he made some good friendships. And now on this special day his friends were there by his side.

Bride arrives to Fairfield House in Jaguar wedding car.

Adam has always wanted to own a mk11 Jaguar, so he was adamant that they would have two of them for their wedding cars, particularly as they are British.

Bride and her father walk up the hill at Fieldfield House in Nelson.

Tanique walked up the grassy aisle with her father and brother in-law Mike, who has always been there for her in tougher times.

They say that pictures speak a thousand words, they sure do.

A lot of Adam’s family and friends couldn’t make it over from the UK, but they were in Adam’s thoughts all day.

Groom signs his marriage license during wedding ceremony at Fairfield House Nelson

Such a cute couple.

Bride and groom kiss during wedding ceremony at Fairfield House in Nelson.

Marriage Celebrant Diane Strong pronounces, “you may now kiss the bride”.

Bride and groom hold each other after wedding ceremony at Fairfield House in Nelson

After the group and family photos the newlyweds moved inside Fairfield House for a little personal time, even though there were two cameras clicking away. Actually it was quite funny, here I thought that we were the only ones taking these shots, when I turned around there were a bunch of family photographers getting in on the act as well.

Tanique recently had this amazing tattoo done and we certainly wanted to feature it in some of their untraditional wedding photos.

Urban wedding street photography by Nelson Wedding Photography

Adam and Tanique have since told us that the best part of their day was getting away from it all and having a quiet beer at their favourite pub, the Sprig and Fern Tavern; just the two of them (and two professional wedding photographers of course).

Bride and groom outside Hardy St Sprig and Fern in Nelson

Warrick, Tanique’s brother in-law had kindly provided us with his Harley Davidson for this urban street look.

Bride and groom drink beer outside Sprig and Fern Hardy Street Nelson

Bride and groom sitting on Harley Davidson outside Hardy St Sprig and Fern Nelson

Now time for some modelly photos.

Bride and groom sitting on Harley Davidson motor bike outside Sprig and Fern in Hardy Street Nelson

It started to rain while taking these shots, glad that we were under cover.

What an amazing wedding dress!

Bride riding Harley Davidson in Hardy Street Nelson

Love this shot – go girl.

Reflection of bride and groom in window.

This is a reflection taken from the front window of the Sprig.

This peace of advice is displayed in the window of the House of Gifts, Chrissy spotted it and thought it was quite funny.

Brides red sneakers

Wedding shoes off, sneakers on!

Adam and Tanique love the train station along Atawhai Drive and this was to feature in their location photos.

Bride and groom at train station along Atawhai Drive in Nelson.

Bride and groom at train station along Atawhai Drive in Nelson

Bride and groom hug each other at train station along Atawhai Drive in Nelson

Black and white photo of bride in Nelson train station.

It was now very bright and sunny, so we needed to create some mood through portable lighting.

Our next stop was just around the corner on this old boat.

We have had our eye on this location for some time now, we just needed the right bride and groom to create a fashion style of wedding photography.

Bride swirling her wedding dress at Fairfield House in Nelson.

Back to Fairfield House for the reception and what a wonderful meal we enjoyed.

Weddding rings and bouquet

Another fantastic wedding with so much laughter, emotion and fun. Like all the weddings that we post on Storybook, this is only a tiny selection of the photos actually taken on the day.

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