Mark & Jen married!

Like every wedding there is always a story to tell. Mark and Jen had been together for eight and a half years before they decided to tie the knott. When they first met, Jen was only 16 years old and was working after school at BP in their home town of Blenheim.

Groom getting dressed.

Mark had taken a shine to Jen when he spotted her while cruising around with his best friend Lyndon. When Mark first saw Jen he knew that she was the one, most nights he would turn up at the gas station to see her…

Groom and groomsmen wearing black suits and white shirts.

One night Jen’s car got green stickered and she was stuck in town, this was the perfect opportunity for Mark to spend some time with her. Lyndon (pictured far left) was with them and knowing Mark as well as he did, knew he was going to need a wee ‘push’ in getting things started between these two… so he left to get breakfast and told them in no uncertain terms that things better be official by the time he was back. Nice one Lyndon!

Grooms shoes

Black and white wedding photo of groom and groomsmen.

And now on this special day, Mark was here with his best friends.

Weddings bands in silver box

The night before the wedding the girls stayed at Warrick House in Nelson.

Bride and bridesmaids get dressed at Warrick House in Nelson.

When we arrived everyone seemed to be very relaxed even though Jen’s makeup artist had called in sick and that’s something that you don’t want to hear on your wedding day. But thankfully, to the rescue came one of her friends.  Angela had dropped everything at a moments notice and had driven all the way from Blenheim. What a wonderful job she did with Jen’s makeup (phew).

Mother and bridesmaids help the bride to dress at Warrick House

Jen’s mother, father and sister were also present as the girls got ready. Jen’s mother avoided me like I must have had the black plague, as she hates having her photo taken. That’s alright, I told her later that she wasn’t as tough as she made out to be (haha).

Father watches his daughter and bride get ready at Warrick House in Nelson.

Dad watches quietly in the background.

Bride looks down at her wedding flowers in window at Warrick Housr in Nelson.

Jen looked absolutely stunning.

Wedding detail

Bride and her briday party smile at Nelson wedding photographer

And so did the bridesmaids – beautiful!

Bride with veil over her head looks out the window at Warrick House Nelson

At Warrick House there is a small turret room, just perfect for a few glamour shots.

I must admit we had to move a bit of furniture around, well worth it though.

Bride talking with her father at Warrick House

Time to go…

Bridesmaids walk with bride in front of Warrick House in Nelson.

Excalibar wedding car

The Excalibur is such a cool car, Mark and Jen wanted this beauty as their wedding car the minute they decided to get married here.

Wedding ceremony in the Nelson Cathedral

Jen had wanted to get married in the Nelson Cathedral ever since she was a little girl. One day, her older sister told her that she couldn’t get married there as she wasn’t the right religion- Jen’s dreams were crushed!

Bridal party stand at Altewr in the Nelson Cathedral

Twelve months ago Jen learn’t that she could in fact be married in the Nelson Cathedral. After hearing that great news, there was no other place to consider. All their family and friends travelled over from Blenheim to share this special day with them.

Hello Mr & Mrs Armstrong!

Intimate photo of bride and groom in the doorway of the Nelson Cathedral

The brooch in Jen’s hair was her late nana’s, so it has special meaning, as is each other item of jewellery she was wearing on the day. A lot of it was actually made by her poppa who unfortunately couldn’t join them on the day.

Groom standing in doorway of the Nelson Cathedral

Mark looked very handsome indeed.

Bride and groom kiss in the isle in the Nelson Cathedral

This is the first time that we have photographed a wedding in the Nelson Cathedral. This summer, there are only four weddings held in the Cathedral and we are photographing three of them, can’t wait to come back.

Romantic wedding photos taken inside the Nelson Cathedral

Once the ceremony was over the lights in the Cathedral were turned off and it became quite dark to photograph in. To get beautiful wedding photos we just had to look for nice natural light.

Bride looks up to the stain glass windows in the Nelson Cathedral

Moody wedding photos from Nelson Cathedral

Loving the black and white.

Bride and groom while sitting on wedding car outside the Nelson Cathedral

The bridal party had already left for our second location at the Queens Gardens, before we joined them we took a few more shots from outside of the Cathedral.

Bride and groom side under the tower at the Nelson Cathedral

After arriving at The Queens Gardens, Mark and Jen joined the bridal party and enjoyed a few snacks, a glass of bubbly and time to relax before more photos.

Bride kisses groom in trees in the Queens Gardens in Nelson.

Reflection of bride in grooms glasses

I spotted Jen’s reflection in Mark’s sunglasses – different.

Bride and groom walk hand on hand next to pond in The Queens Gardens in Nelson.

The Queens Gardens is such a beautiful place this time of the year.

Bridesmaids help the bride with her wedding dress in the Queens Gardens

Groomsmen run across bridge in The Queens Gardens

“The bouquets really suit you boys”.

Bridfe and her bridal party talk to each other on the bride in the Queens Gardens Nelson

Groomsmen hold wedding flowers while laughing out loud

Now, I can’t say what was said to get the guys laughing so much, but believe me, it had us all in hysterics for some time.

Bridal party hold the bride and groom in their arms

Some fun with the bridal party…

Groom laughs with bridesmaids

Bridal party laughing and having fun in the Nelson Queens Gardens

Thank you Mark and Jen, we had a fantastic day with you both and your awesome bridal party. We have many more hundreds of beautiful wedding pictures for you to enjoy and Chrissy is excited about designing an amazing photobook for you to treasure. All the best, Daron and Chrissy.


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