Destination wedding photos with Tasman Helicopters

It’s not very often that the bride and groom get to put their wedding clothes back on only a few days after their wedding, Kerry and Alice did.  We were all very excited about heading off into the hills with Andrew Gillatt from Tasman helicopters. Actually, I was a little nervous at first, but once I got used to the feeling of flying in a chopper and knowing that we weren’t going to drop out of sky, it was actually pretty awesome (except for the drop off over the Takaka Hill).

Bride and groom fly with Tasman Helicopters for destination wedding photos in Golden Bay.

We had originally planned to fly to Mount Olympus (one of the Lord of the Rings sites), but as soon as we flew over the Takaka Hill, we could see that rain was coming in from the West, so Kerry and Alice suggested that we land on a friend’s farm in upper Takaka Valley.

From where the helicopter landed we had to hike up a rather steep hill to the base of a rocky outcrop. It must have looked rather funny, Alice in her wedding dress and jandels, and myself with one shoe on and one off (blisters) ouch. We also had a bit of gear to carry between us, but we are all a rather fit and energetic bunch, so it’s what I call character building as well as fun.

Bride and groom look from rocks high on Takaka Hill in Golden Bay.

Kerry and Alice continued further up the hillside before sidling across the top of this beautiful outlook. Daron my crazy husband, saw the potential for a fantastic shot here and decided to take a more direct approach, straight up the rocks. It did make me rather nervous watching him as there wasn’t a lot to hang on to and it was a long way up and down and a lot steeper than it looks here

Destination wedding photos on rocks near Takaka Hill Golden Bay

Tasman Helicopters destination wedding photos

A little more rock climbing and some more magical shots.

Helicopter destination wedding photos with Tasman Helicopters Motueka

Nelson Wedding Photography and Tasman Helicopters have taken kissing to new heights.

Groom gets down on his kness during wedding location photo shoot.

We asked Kerry how he proposed to Alice, Mmmmm, show us.

Groom standing next to an old tree on Takaka Hill.

Kerry looked very handsome indeed.

Groom kisses his bride in long grass on Takaka Hill

Bride and groom kiss with Tasman Helicopter flying in the back ground.

We now wanted some shots with the newlyweds and the helicopter. Andrew is such a talented pilot and he knew exactly what we wanted to create some rather unique destination wedding photos.

Bride stands on a rocky outcropp as a helicopter flyes past.

We love these shots…

Bride stands on rocks holding her wedding dress as a helicopter from Tasman Helicopters flyes by.

Very cool!

Bride and groom walk down the Takaka Hill

Back down the hill for something to eat.

Groom holds a blue brollie

Nice one Kerry, the blue really becomes you…

Bride and groom enjoy a basket of food and wine on grassy hill top over looking Takaka

Terri from The Dream Maker – Abel Tasman Weddings and Events, kindly gave us a picnic basket filled with delicious food as well as a nice bottle of Vino.

Bride and groom and helicopter pilot enjoying a picnic basket.

So we all joined in…

And it was YUMMY, just what we needed after our climb around the hills.

Bride sits on old fence

This place is very special to Kerry and Alice, they have been here many times before staying in a batch nearby. So it was really neat to end up here for their photoshoot.

Bride and groom walk holding hands over looking the Upper Takaka Valley

Daron & I love working as a team, this is my shot…

Groom smiles at his bride as they walk up a hill.

And at the same time Daron took this shot.

Bride and groom throw their hands up in the air over looking Golden Bay.

Married and on top of the world.

Bride and groom kiss with Tasman Helicopters EC120 in the back ground.

Some last shots before heading back to reality. What a great evening with a fabulous couple and an awesome helicopter pilot, I think we could easily get addicted to these types of destination photo shoots. Kerry and Alice, we have a nice bottle of wine to share with you when you come to pick up your pictures.

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