Kaiterteri Beach wedding

Kerry and Alice were good mates before they officially got together. Through a mutual love of vino, hunting, fishing and flying, they realised they were meant to be together and there’s been no looking back since. Today is 10-11-12, it’s the day they have been planning for the last year and one they will smile upon forever and ever. Daron and I get to help create and capture these memories – how special is that!

Groom and groomsmen wearing camo vests

For their first date, they carried rifles and a few bottles of wine into a hut on Kerry’s family farm, where they preceded to drink the wine and scare away any potential trophies, but love had blossomed and soul mates were found.

Groom doing up his cufflinks

Kerry and Alice decided to incorporate their love for hunting into their wedding day by having camouflage vests tailor made by Stoney Creek – very cool.

Groom with his bestman and groomsmen drink beer before the wedding ceremony.

We started the day with photographing Kerry, Tony and John along with a few family members. Everyone was in great spirits and why wouldn’t you be when spending one of the most awesome day’s of your life with your best mates – cheers boys!

Alice, Natalie and Leisha got ready at Little Kaiterteri in a beautiful home only a short walk from where the beach ceremony was held.

Bride places her earrings.

When Alice walked out of the bedroom with her wedding dress on, looking so pretty and elegant, I thought to myself ‘WOW’, Kerry’s eyes are gonna pop.

While Alice and the girls got ready, there was a lot of laughter and excitement for the day ahead.

Bridfe wearing her veil over her face.

How gorgeous does Alice look? pretty stunning I think.

Alice bought a selection of brightly coloured parasols for some of the guests to use during their outside beach ceremony. I think that the kids were the first ones to grab them – very cute.

Bride laughing with her bridemaids

Loving the green bridesmaids dresses…

Bride holds her veil and wedding flowers

Just divine.

Bride  laughing with her parents before her wedding ceremony at Kaiterteri Beach

Alice is Blue and Loretta’s second and last daughter to marry, a very special day for them as well.

Bride arrives to wedding ceremony at Kaiterteri Beach in Nelson

It’s quite significant that Kerry and Alice chose Little Kaiteri to become husband and wife. Kerry proposed to Alice here with a bottle of champagne and a gorgeous engagement ring – how could a girl say no to that.

Bridal party stand with bride and groom on the golden sand at Little Kaiterteri Beach near Nelson

There is something very special about having a Kaiterteri beach wedding, people travel from all over the world to visit here and it’s just in our back yard – we’re so lucky.

Bestman holds wedding rings during wedding ceremony along Kaiterteri Beach Nelson

For a wedding ring, Alice made a joke by presenting Kerry with a Cheezel, it was rather funny, especially when Kerry preceded to eat it.

Groom places gold wedding ring on brides finger

But now for the more serious stuff…

Family and friends laugh at Nelson Wedding Photographer

Celebration time!

Bridal party walk along the beach at Little Kaiterteri

A stroll with your best friends.

Bride and groom sit on rocks at Little Kaiterteri Beach near Nelson

We love this kind of wedding photography, getting out amongst it all and creating dramatic images. Last time we were here Daron dropped his $9000 camera which landed on a rock and then fell into the water.  As I stood there in shock horror, Daron just grabbed a back up camera and carried on as if nothing had happened – but not this time, he was very careful as he climbed around on the rocks.

Bride holds her veil in the air at Kaiterteri Beach

Well, we really didn’t think Alice would actually climb up on those rocks in her wedding dress, especially as there’s only a very thin ledge on top. But this girl is a legend and game for any sort of adventure that comes her way – go Alice.

Bridal party stand with bride and groom at Little Kaiterteri Beach Nelson

The bridal party were certainly a fun group to be around.

When Kerry first saw this photograph on Nelson Wedding Photography Facebook, he commented that it looked like they were sitting on top of a mountain and not at the beach.

Intimate moments between the bride and groom

On the way back to the wedding reception we stopped at these beautiful fields which were covered with yellow flowers.

Bride and groom kiss in field of yellow flowers

Chrissy’s magical photography…

Good times…

Groom and groomsmen wearing gray suits

Groom and groomsmen play fight i8n field

And of course, boys will be boys….

But I think Kerry thought that this was a much better idea than running around.

Bride and groom with the veil over their heads.

Bride smiles at her groom with veil over their heads

Groom dips his bride in field covered in flowers by Motueka

Kerry was telling us that they had spent a lot of time practicing for their first dance, so we told them to show us some moves – pretty impressive!

Brides jumps in the air holding her white veil

Alice you’re so much fun to be around!

Bride walks through flowery field.

Table settings at wedding reception

The wedding reception was held at the Riwaka Rugby club rooms, everything looked absolutely wonderful and what a delicious meal we had.

Guests laugh during speeches at wedding reception

Throughout the speeches there were many laughs from the parents and guests.

Bride and grooms first dance during their wedding reception

Kerry and Alice’s first dance was very special, you good actually feel the love between them.

Fireworks at wedding reception at Riwaka Rugby Club Rooms

All I can say is that our first wedding of many this summer went off with a very big bang. But it doesn’t end here, stay tuned for ‘Kerry and Alice – Part 2′, to be continued…

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