Sunrise to sunset

A perfect winter day’s wedding…

Graham and Carina enjoyed their first date at The Honest Lawyer Hotel. Very quickly their friendship turned to love. Twelve months later they were back here again, this time to get married!

Honest Lawyer hotel at sunrise.

Graham and Carina chose to recite their wedding vows to each other as the sun rose. When we arrived at The Honest Lawyer it was still dark, thankfully their wasn’t a single cloud in the sky, especially after having had two weeks of bad weather.

Wedding ceremony at the Honesy Lawyer wedding venuein Nelson.

With braziers burning, fairy lights sparkling and the sun about to rise, the scene was set for a beautiful, magical wedding ceremony.

Fire brazier's burn as the sun rises for wedding ceremony.

Not to mention that the braziers helped to keep our hands warm also.

Bride gets dressed in the Rose Cottage at the Honest Lawyer.

Carina was really excited, what an amazing feeling it must have been to wake up and know that you will be marrying your best friend and all before breakfast.

Bride places her wedding assoccories.

Groom stands outside the Honest Lawyer in Nelson.

While Carina was getting dressed in the Rose Cottage, Graham and his guests kept warm inside the Honest Lawyer, with the exception of coming outside for this photo.

Candels burn in wedding recption at The Honest Lawyer Nelson.

The breakfast/reception was held in the Banquet Room at The Honest Lawyer, where the wedding theme was based on “light”. Beautiful candles glowed throughout the room creating a lovely ambience.

Guests arrive at winter wedding ceremony at The Honest Lawyer in Nelson.

The guests arrived all rugged up in scarfs and hats, ready to enjoy the celebrations and festivities.

Bride walks up the isle during sunrise wedding ceremony at the Honest Lawyer Nelson.

As the sun rose in the sky, the beautiful bride slowly walked in, framed by a halo of golden light.

Frosty morning wedding ceremony at the Honest Lawyer.

As the frost settled the grass turned from green to a thin layer of white.

The bride and groom recite their vows during a winter wedding at the Honest Lawyer Nelson.

This very intimate ceremony was officiated by Nelson Marriage Celebrant Rachael Schepers. Graham and Carina personally wrote their own vows, I’m sure that all the guests were touched by their words, Daron and I certainly were.

Sun rises as brisde and groom recite theit vows.

The start of a new day and a new life together.

Bridemaids smile at each other during winter wedding ceremony.

Carina has three precious daughters who were a big part of the day’s celebrations, they were also exceptionally good speakers – Carina must have been the proudest mother on earth.

Bride holds her red bouquet.

Everything about this early morning winter wedding was just beautiful.

The last 6 months must have been a lot of fun for Carina and her daughters. They each got to choose their own tiaras and jewellery and also put their own bouquets together, awesome girly time, I’d say.

Bride and groom sit at head table during winter wedding reception at the Honest Lawyer in Nelson.

Daron and I were asked to join the guests and enjoy a tasty buffet breakfast put on by the staff at the Honest Lawyer. Everything looked gorgeous in the sparkling candlelight (not to mention the chocolate malteses which I feasted on after my breakfast).Guests write down funny comments at wedding reception.

The guests were given a questionnaire to fill out, some of the comments were really funny and a lot of fun was had writing them.

Bridal party laugh at comments written by their guests.

There were even more laughs at the bridal table as they read them.

Wedding cake and candels

Bride and groom cur the wedding cake during morning reception at the Honesy Lawyer Nelson.

Mmmm, two delicious cakes which topped off our breakfast nicely.

Bride sits in the pine trees surrounded by ferns.

With the breakfast festivities over, we jumped on a bus together with the bridal party and some of the guests and headed to Rabbit Island. It was important for Carina and Graham to have trees and the ocean featured in their wedding location photos.

Bride and groom laugh and hold each other in the trees behind Rabbit Island in Nelson.

Pure happiness!

Bride holds out her white veil.

The sun’s rays shone between the tree tops, lighting up Carina’s veil beautifully.

Bride and groom kiss in the trees after their winter wedding ceremony at the Honeat Lawyer.

Bridal party have their photos taken by Nelson Wedding Photographers.

Bridal parties wearing black have been really popular over the last two wedding seasons.

Bestman and bridesmaids run along dirt road at Rough Island.

We didn’t want the bridal party to get too relaxed, “ok guys, skip”.

Bridal party hug each other during wedding location photos.

Such a beautiful thing when two families become one.

Bride leans up against her groom.

Trees are really important to Carina so before the wedding day, Daron and I checked out the lighting and found some great areas to work in.

Bride and groom walk hand on hand along a country road in Nelson.

Bride walks among tall pine trees.

We came across this awesome tunnel of trees with had just enough
light shining through to create an awesome effect.

Bride looks like a princes as she walks through a row of pine trees.

Just gorgeous.

Princess brides holds ger white wedding dress in pine trees.

I love this picture, it’s like a fairytale with the Princess Bride walking through the forest. Carina even loves trees so much that she had one embroidered into the bodice of her dress, how cool is that.

Bride and groom pose for Nelson wedding photographer in Pine trees at Rabbit Island.

This image and the one below are taken at the same time. Daron and I can photograph the same shot but get entirely different looks from using different lenses and having different perspectives. This is my shot…

Sun shines through the pine trees upon the bride and groom.

and this is Daron’s.

Groom watches as his bride ios photographed.

Bride and groom smile at each other as they strol through trees.

A stroll through the pine trees before we head for the beach.

Bridal party sit on an old log along Rabbit Island.

Such a nice looking family.

Bride and groom stand on the beach at Rabbit Island.

Bride and groom sit on a boat as the sun sets during winter wedding photos.

I suggested to Daron earlier in the day that as well as capturing the light at sunrise, wouldn’t it be wonderful to capture the sunset as well.  While I had to go home to our children, Daron, Graham and Carina met at Monaco to capture these amazing shots, awesome work hubby.

Brider and groom kiss on old boat at the back on Monaco in Nelson.

Love this!

Bride and groom look at the mountains as the sun sets.

Sun sets as the bride and groom kiss.

Bride and groom watch the sunset on the beach at Monaco.

Bride and groom dance on Nelson beach.

Just stunning when the sun sets and the light changes colour from minute to minute.

Bride holds out her wedding dress veil as the Nelson sun sets.

Bride and groom dance on the beach at sunset.

Dancing at sunset.

Newltweds smile for Nelson wedding photographer Daron Graham.

Bride and groom look at the bright coloured water at sunset.

The perfect ending to a perfect day, sunrise to sunset!


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