Nathan & Katie married!

We met Nathan and Katie a year ago at Josiah and Rachel’s wedding, where Nathan was his bestman. After capturing stunning sunset photos along Nelson’s Boulder Bank we arrived at Founders Heritage Park for Josiah and Rachel’s reception. I remember showing Katie a few location photos on the back of my camera, half an hour later I got my camera back after it circled the room amongst the guests. Chrissy and I were also very delighted that Nathan and Katie had asked us to photograph their wedding, and here we are.

During the last twelve months, Nathan and Katie have planned their wedding from their residence in Melbourne. For their ceremony venue they chose to get married at the source of the Riwaka River at the foot of the Takaka Hill.

Bride shoes and sign to beach apartments

The girls got ready at the Coastal Palm Apartments in Motueka.

Bride yellow bouquet and pearl necklace

Half of the fun is the build up to the wedding, so much thought goes into the wedding detail with choosing the right colour schemes and styles.

Wedding bouquet made of yellow roses and pearl necklace

Roses have been very popular for bouquets this wedding season, last year we saw a lot of bouquets made up of Lilies.

Bride having her hair and makeup applied.

When we arrived, Katie and the bridesmaids were enjoying the final touches to their hair and makeup.

Bride looks in the mirror as she gets ready.

As Katie got ready she kept saying, “I’m so happy”¬† her happiness was infectious.

There was certainly a buzz in the air! Katie’s sister Olivia also got married a couple of weeks ago so certainly a lot of excitement for their family.

Bride wearing her white wedding dress and veil stands in front of bright coloured painting.

I spotted this vibrant painting on the wall, Ummmm, that will make a beautiful backdrop.

Bride smiles after having her hair and makeup.

But not as beautiful as the bride.

Bride wearing her white veils lies on the bed.

Groom and groomsmen wait for the bride to arrive at the source of the Riwaka River.

Meanwhile, Nathan and his groomsmen were setting up for the ceremony at the Source of the Riwaka River. As the time got closer for the brides arrival, the boys stood in position.

Bride arrives to her wedding ceremony in the Excalibur at the source of the Riwaka River.

We have had the privilege of photographing the Excalibur a few times this wedding season, I just love this car!

Flower girl carries rose petals

Very cute…. and you guessed it, this is Chrissy’s shot.

The bride and her father walk up the aisle at the ceremony held at the source of the Riwaka River.

There is something very special about Katie, she’s quietly spoken and has this sweet gentle nature.

Groom smiles as he watches his bride walk up the isle at the source of the Riwaka River.

And a lot can also be said about Nathan, it’s great when you first meet people and hit it off right away.

Groom and guests watch as the bride walks up the aisle at the source of the Riwaka River

It was a sunny day and the trees had began to drop their leaves, perfect for an autumn wedding.

Groom places the brides gold wedding ring on her finger.

Placing the rings and reciting the vows is a very special part of the wedding ceremony.

Grooms father takes photos as the bride and groom walk up the aisle.

Nathans father is also a photographer and a super nice guy, of course Harvey had to get in amongst the action as well.

Bride and group stand with guests at the source of the Riwaka River

Time to celebrate with friends and family.

Bride and groom stand on moss covered rocks next to the Riwaka River near Motueka.

It had been many years since I visited the Source of the Riwaka River, as a child I remembered that it was rather dark and gloomy. These light conditions were always going to be a little challenging for us, but that’s what we love about wedding photography.

Bride and groom stand on moss covered rocks at the source of the Riwaka River

This time, Josiah was Nathans bestman, Josiah kindly assisted me with holding my lights as we created these magical wedding photos.

Romantic weddings photos taken at the source of the Riwaka River

With the lack of direct sunlight the temperature was rather cool, but not as cold as the water flowing from underneath the ground.

Wedding cars drive along a country road in autumn.

Chrissy jumped out of our car to capture these shots in motion.

Excalibur wedding car driving down the road from the Source of The Riwaka River.

Bride lies on grooms lap as he sits on gold coloured rocks at Kaiterteri Beach Nelson.

Nathan and Katie chose their second location for their wedding photos at little Kaiterteri  Beach, we had been here a few times lately, even one of the locals came up to me and asked if this was our home away from home. The trick was now to do something different and take advantage of these rather dramatic looking rocks.

Groom dips and kisses his bride on the rocks at little Kaiterteri Beach.

The tide was coming in quickly so we all ended up jumping from rock to rock to avoid getting wet.

Bride sits on grooms lap and kisses him on the golden rocks at little Kaiterteri Beach near Nelson.

Groom and groomsmens stand on rocks with their pants rolled up.

“Ok boys, climb up there”.

Bridal party sit on a large rock at little Kaiterteri Beach.

The girls thought that it was a good idea as well.

Groom kisses the bride on her forehead on rocks at little kaiterteri beach.

Chrissy certainly captured the moment when taking this photo.

Bride and groom walk hand on hand along the golden sand at Kaiterteri Beach near Nelson.

As well as this one.

Next, we headed up the hill for an elevated view of Kaiteriteri Beach.

Bride looks down at her wedding bouquet as she sits on a rock on a hill over looking Kaiterteri Beach.

Isn’t this view amazing, how lucky we are to have such beauty at our back door.

Bride and groom kiss on hill over looking Kaiterteri Beach.

Bride and bridesmaids holding their bright yellow wedding bouquets.


Bride and bridesmaids stand next to wedding cars along the Motueka River.

Hot girls… hot cars…

Bridesmaids wave from the back seat of the black Cadilliac wedding car.


Bridal party walk down High Street at the Grand Mecure Nelson Monaco Resort.

The wedding reception was held at the Grand Mecure Nelson Monaco, first a short walk along High Street before joining the guests in the reception marque.

Groom lifts the bride up and kisses her in High Street at theGrand Mecure Nelson Monaco Resort.

And maybe a last kiss for now. Nathan and Katie you guys are
awesome we had such a great time today and look forward to
seeing you both again some day. Hope you are having a fantastic
honeymoon in Thailand.
Daron and Chrissy.

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