Neil & kirsty married!

Daron and I first met Kirsty two years ago. We were on our way to a wedding when we stopped at the Honest Lawyer to grab a coffee. Kirsty was working as a waitress at the time, after seeing that we were photographers, she asked for our business card. Funnily enough, Kirsty and her fiance Neil had also met at the Honest Lawyer, isn’t it great how life can change by just being somewhere at the right time.

Brides and bridesmaids pink roses

Kirsty and Neil had originally planned to marry at Kirstys parent’s farm in Wakefield where she lives and trains horses. Six months later they decided to change the venue to the Grand Mercure Nelson Monaco Resort. In hindsight this turned out to be a great decision as the night before their wedding the rain decided to pay us a visit. For us, this was the first time this wedding season that Plan B had to be deployed. The ceremony was now to be held in the Village Hall instead of the Village Green.

Brides white wedding dress hangs in the doorway in the Honeymoon suit at the Monaco Resort Nelson.

This is such a gorgeous wedding dress, love
all the lace.

Bride and her bridemaids celebrate over a glass of sparkling wine in the Honeymoon suite in the Monaco Resort Nelson.

Rain was not going to dampen spirits today, Kirsty was just bubbling with excitement knowing that in just a few hours she would be marrying the man of her dreams.

Brides pink rose wedding bouquet.

Vibrant pink roses made up this beautiful wedding bouquet.

Brides white wedding dress hangs in stairway in Monaco Resort apartment.

Not only did Kirsty choose this gorgeous dress for her special
day, she also planned to wear it again shortly after her wedding.
Next time will be riding bareback on her horse along Rabbit Island
at sunset.

Martron of honour and bridesmaide helps the bride with putting on her wedding dress.

Bridesmaids Juanita and Fay were so much fun, they hardly ever stopped laughing all day.

Bridesmaids laugh as they place earrings on the bride.

And they were very helpful along the way.

Bride holds her pink rose bouquet in the Honeymoon suite at the Monaco Resort Nelson.

Kirsty, being a horse trainer usually wears her riding clothes
around the farm. I’m sure she felt like Cinderella today.
Bride walks down the stairs in the Honeymoon suite at the Nelson Monaco Resort.

After many months of careful planning, it was now time to leave
the Honeymoon suite and walk the short distance to the Village
Hall to get married!

Bride wearing her fitted white wedding dress looks back at Nelson wedding photographer.

“Look up Kirsty”.

Bride stands in doorway of apartment at the Grand Mecure Nelson Monaco Resort.

LOVE this shot of Kirsty looking out the doorway. Thankfully,
the rain had eased up a little.

Wedding ceremony in the Village Hall at the Grand Mecure Nelson Monaco Resort.

We arrived at the Village Hall a few minutes ahead of the bride and bridesmaids, where we were greeted by Neil, David, Josh and marriage celebrant, Heather Thomas.

Groom places the gold wedding ring on the brides finger during their wedding ceremony at the Monaco Resort in Nelson.

Special moments.

Bridal party run down High Street at the Monaco Resort in the rain.

After the ceremony and family photos we went outside to more rain. We had a lot of fun running along High Street heading for the reception area at the Monaco.

Bride sits at looks out the window in the reception at the Grand Mecure Nelson Monaco Resort.

Lovely photo of a beautiful bride.

Bride holds her pink rose bouquet while standing in bay window at the Monaco Resort.

The bay window in the Monaco has been very popular
with our brides but especially perfect for today being
so wet outside.

Bride and groom kiss in the bay window at the Monaco Resort in Nelson.

These two make such an awesome couple, they are so much
in love.

Bride looks out the door at Monaco Resort Nelson.

Arrrr, the rain has finally stopped, time to head outside.

Groom stands in front of greenery at the Monaco Resort.

A handsome groom to go with the beautiful bride and I know I always say this but I LOVE grey suits, they photograph so nicely amongst the greenery.  Add a touch of pink and purple – perfect.

Bridesmaids and groomsmen watch the bride and groom kiss in front of pond at the Monaco Resort Nelson.

It’s funny, before taking any photos we had to shoo away the ducks as they had a curiosity for the bride and groom.

Groom laughs as his bride looks at him.

To get a reaction from Kirsty, Daron suggested something to Neil that I’m not going to mention here. This was Neil’s reaction – awesome!

Bridal party laugh as they watch the bride and groom in front of Monaco Resort Nelson.

I don’t think that the bridal party heard the suggestion?

Groom laughs as his bride kisses him next to the lake outside the Monaco Resort.

Mission accomplished, we got the shots.

Bride and groom hold each other next to ropes in front of Monaco Resort Nelson.

Actually, Neil and Kirsty required very little prompting to capture beautiful wedding photos.

Groom kisses his bride cheek.

Groom dips and kisses his bride in front of the pond at the Grand Mecure Nelson Monaco Resort.

For the location photos we drove a short distance to the back of Monaco.

Bridal party open and spray a bottle of champaigne.

In this shot I love looking at everyone’s expressions – hilarious. One of our cameras will take up to ten frames a second, so you can imagine that we have a lot of laughs while editing photos.

Bridal party stand out in the rain at Monaco back beach near Nelson.

Rain or no rain it’s not going to stop us having a great time.  This bridal party were awesome to work with in these challenging conditions, really making it a very pleasant experience.

Love these black Chrysler wedding cars.

Bride and groom hold a parasol while standing on the beach at the back of Monaco in Nelson.

It started to rain again, the objective was to keep the bride and groom warm and dry and work quickly to create these magical photos that Neil and Kirsty will cherish for a lifetime.

Bride veil flys in the air as her groom kisses her at the back of Monaco.

Moody wedding photos taken in the rain at the back of Monaco Nelson.

Creative moody wedding photo taken at Monaco back beach.

It was now time to head back to the reception at the Monaco Resort, we’re all slightly wet but buzzing with excitement as we knew that we had some stunning wedding photos. It would have been easy to make the decision to stay indoors but our motto is nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Black Chryslker wedding cars drive along Monaco back beach.

Just had to put another cool car shot in.

Groom pulls the brides garter off with his teeth.

Ohhh, we almost forgot the garter shot.

Wedding cake with mountain bike and horse decorations.

Regardless of the weather, it was an awesome wedding day!  But, it’s not over yet, stay tuned for our next Storybook posting of Kirsty riding her friend Hannah’s horse Mathius along Rabbit Island at sunset. To be continued…


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