Jason & Dani married!

Like so many couples that we have photographed this summer, Jason and Dani returned to their hometown of Nelson to get married. From their home in Christchurch they planned to have their wedding ceremony and reception at Founders Heritage Park in Nelson.

As with most weddings, we start our day with photographing the groom and groomsmen. These three are trouble when they get together, they are best friends and have been for a long time.

GGroom and groomsmen wearing gray suits with pink ties.

Rob is on the left with the happy groom in the middle and Nick (alias crab) on the right.

Bottle of perfume in an orange bottle.

Next we arrived at Dani’s mothers house for the getting ready shots. We are always on the lookout to creatively photograph wedding accessories. This clear perfume bottle appeared to change colour when photographed in front of the orange kitchen wall, good spotting Daron.

Brides white shoes sitting on an orange flower vase.

Again, something a little bit different.

Bride has her makeup applied by Nelson wedding makeup artist.

Dani’s friend and makeup artist also travelled up from Christchurch and what a beautiful job she did with the girls’ makeup.

Bride has her wedding dress tied up by her bridesmaide

We loved the decor throughout Kate’s home, especially the bright red.

Flower girl smiles at her grandfather

This is Jason’s niece Scarlett, she just couldn’t wait to show off her pretty dress to grandad.

Flower girl hugs her grandfather.

One of the highlights of being a professional photographer is capturing precious moments like this.

Bridesmaide helps the bride to put on her white lace veil.

The final touch, putting on the veil.

Bridemaids help each other to put on their necklaces.

I love the choice of bridesmaid dresses, both different and the colours complimenting Holly and Jess perfectly.

Bridesmaid slides the garter up the brides leg.

Last but not least, on with the garter.

Brides sits holding her wedding bouquet in front of burning candles.

Wow, I must say Dani was positively glowing and her beautiful
smile was infectious.

Bride places her pastel coloured wedding bouquet on her white wedding dress.

Dani’s bouquet of sweet smelling roses was perfectly matched to the bridesmaid dresses. I for one am all for having gorgeous colours in the bridal party.

Bride stands in doorway at the end of a hall.

It was now time to leave for Founders Heritage Park in Nelson.
One last shot of Dani before she got into the wedding car.

Excalibur wedding cars from World of Wearable Arts and Classic Car Musuem in Nelson.

This is not just any normal wedding car, it’s the Excalibur hired from the World of Wearable Arts and Classic Cars Museum – very cool!

Grandfather holds his granddaughters hand at wedding ceremony at Founders Park in Nelson.

Magic moments…

Page boy and ring bearer walk holding hands up the aisle during a wedding ceremony at Founders Heritage Park in Nelson.

Jason’s nephews, Alfie and Lucas made a grand entrance as they walked towards the aisle.

Family and guests watch the ring bearers walk up the aisle.

Dani’s sister and mother enjoyed watching these two little cuties, as did all the guests, us included.

Bride and her father walk hand on hand up the aisle at Founders Park wedding venue in Nelson

John was one very proud dad, after all, it’s not every day that you give your daughter away.

Wedding ceremony on the lawn beside the pond at Founders Heritage Park in Nelson.

For their wedding ceremony, Jason and Dani chose the grass area in front of the pond – just perfect!

Bridesmaids hold their pastel coloured wedding bouquets during wedding ceremony.

Page boy and ring bearer bring the wedding rings to the bride and groom.

Here’s Alfie and Lucas again, this time delivering the wedding rings, well done boys.

Bride puts the wedding ring on the grooms finger outside next to the pond at Founders Park in Nelson.

During the wedding vows, Jason spoke, “You are the best thing ever to hit this earth”, that was just too sweet for words.

Groom kisses the bride as she signs her marriage licence.

Excalibur wedding car parked underneath the Bristol Freighter at Founders Park in Nelson.

Of course Daron being a guy, he just had to get this shot!

Bride and groom stand of jetty next to the pond at Founders Park.

The light was dancing in and out from behind the clouds, this certainly added a nice look to our photos.

Groom holds the brides face as he kisses her.

Bride stands in front of stain glass windows in Church at Founders Park.

“Angel of Mine”, I thought of this song when I first saw this
beautiful photo which Daron took.

Brides lies on the alter in Founders Park Church.

Bride and groom hold each other in the Church at Founders Park in Nelson.

Young love.

Bride and groom walk down the street at Founders Park Nelson.

There’s that cool car again, not to mention the beautiful bride and groom.

Bridal party laugh while walking up the main street at5 Founders Heritage Park in Nelson.

I LOVE this shot of the bridal party, everyone’s enjoying themselves and the colours look stunning.

Bride and groom kiss on a verander at Founders Heritage Park wedding venue.

These guys were pretty good at giving us the romantic stuff.

Groom laughs out loud.

And the laughs as well….

Groom and groomsmen have fun outside the fire station at Founders Park.

Crab, you’re the man. With a nick name like that, he unvoluntarily invited us to pick on him all day.

Bride and her bridemaids carry their parasols while walking up the streets at Founders Heritage Park in Nelson.

I think that Crab did a good job of getting everyones attention.

Groom and his groomsmen pretend to fill up the Excalibur with petrol at Founders Park.

“Where do we fill this thing up?”.

Groomsmen jump of train at Founders Heritage Park wedding venue in Nelson

Of course with train carriages around there was no stopping the guys having some fun, Founders Park is just one big playground.

Groom pulls the brides garter with his teeth on the railway tracks at Founders Park Nelson.

“Now now Jason, this is a family show”.

Bride and her bridemaids sit on wheel seat at Founders Park in Nelson.

It was time out for the girls…

Groom and his groomsmen play on old tractor at Founders Park in Nelson.

while the boys kept playing.

All together again for a group shot, Mmmmm really loving
these colours.

Bride and groom look at Nelson wedding photographer while sitting on wine barrels at Founders Park Nelson.

Jason really wanted some photos around the wine barrels,
glad that he suggested it.

Groom kisses bride while sitting on wine barrels.

Ahhhh, more snuggling….

Bride stands on rocks along Nelson boulder bank during a sunset.

We headed down to the Boulder Bank for a short time, it just happened to be that the yacht races were on. This is one of our favorite shots from the day – STUNNING.

Wedding photos on the Nelson Bolder Bank at sunset.

And such a perfect day it has been for this gorgeous couple.

Daron often takes the panoramic look while I shoot in close with a long lens.

Black and white wedding photo of the groom dipping his bride at the Boulder Bank Nelson.

Displayed on Storybook is only a very small selection of photos chosen to tell the wedding day story. Jason and Dani have hundreds of amazing photos to enjoy, I’m going to have fun designing their photobook. We had an awesome day with you both, stay safe in Christchurch.
Daron & Chrissy


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