Shannon & Lisa married!

As planned we arrived at The Monaco Resort to be greeted by Shannon and his groomsmen all dressed and ready to go for some pre-ceremony photos. Well, not quite! None of the guys were ready and in actual fact, Shannon couldn’t find half of them. One thing that we have learnt over the years photographing weddings is, even the best of plans sometimes don’t come together. So, we decided to look for the guys and then go and play some cricket on the Village Green.

Groom and his groomsmen play cricket on the Village Green at the Monaco Nelson.

Of course Shannon had to have the first bat.

Groom hits the cricket ball at the wedding photographer.

Watch the photographer…

Groom dives for the cricket wickets.

Outta there! Shannon thought that he was in and that the third umpire should have been called – NOPE!

Groom and groomsmen celebrate getting married with drinking beer.

Great times with your best mates.

Orange roses for wedding flowers

Nice – soft pastel roses for the parents and grandparents.

Bride has her makeup applied.

Lisa and her bridesmaids got ready at Lisa’s parents home in Stoke.

Flower girl has her hair plattered.

This is little Lucy who was really excited about being Shannon and Lisa’s flower girl.

Page boy puts on his black wedding jacket.

And this is Luke who wasn’t too sure what all the fuss was about.

Page boy and flower girl hold hands.

Adorable, these two are the same age and hit it off really well (maybe best friends in the making).

Page boy and flower girl dance on lawn.

Chrissy took them outside for some fun and dancing.

Bridesmaide places the earrings on the bride.

Lisa didn’t stop smiling all morning and why should she, she was about to marry her, “best friend”, those words were spoken during the wedding ceremony.

Bridesmaids help the bride with her white wedding dress.

Lisa’s lovely dress came all the way from Paris.

Mother and bride laugh.

We really liked Lisa’s parents, they made us feel so welcome in their home, even after I started moving furniture around.

Bride and her matron of honour clap their hands.

“Hey girl”, you are about to get married!

Groomsmen run to meet up with the bridesmaids at the Monaco Resort.

The wedding ceremony was held at The Monaco Resort. When we
arrived, Shannon and his groomsmen were waiting patiently but once
the music started to play, the groomsmen ran down the
village green to meet the bridesmaids …

Bridal party dance up the isle of The Grand McCure Nelson Monaco Resort.

And this is the reason why, they danced up the isle much to delight of the guests.

Groom watches his bride walk up the isle at The Grand McCure Nelson Monaco Resort.

The dancing was very entertaining.

Brides walks up the isle with her father at The Grand McCure Nelson Monaco Resort.

Following the bridal party was the beautiful bride and her father.

Bestman runs to pick up wedding ring from Paul Harris Jeweller at The Grand McCure Nelson Monaco Resort.

The hilarity was not quite over yet, when the bestman was asked if he had the wedding rings, he reached into his pocket, realised that he didn’t have the rings and then suddenly ran off to Paul Harris Jeweller to get them (the man deserves an Oscar).

Bride and groom laugh during wedding ceremony at The Grand McCure Nelson Monaco Resort.

What a hoot!

Groom places a gold wedding ring on the grooms finger.

Now for the more serious stuff.

Brides father laughs during wedding ceremony at the Monaco.

Maybe not…

Grooms mother speaks during wedding ceremony.

Shannon’s mum had some really nice words to say.

Bride and groom walk down the isle at The Grand McCure Nelson Monaco Resort.

The bridal party danced their way up the aisle, now the bride and groom were dancing their way down the isle.

Family and guests through their hands in the air for Nelson Wedding Photographer.

While I take the large group shots, Chrissy likes to shoot in close and capture some of the funny expressions.

Page boy and flower girl eat from the lollie table at wedding reception.

Inside the reception marque was a lollie table, these two little ones just about had their eyes pop out of their heads when they saw this. (Note to self, don’t forget to grab a bag on the way out tonight).

Bride and groom walk up High Street at the Monaco with the flower girl and page boy.

This day was filled with so many surprises; while we photographed the bridal party around the Monaco Resort the big red double decker bus took the guests to Founders Heritage Park for a few social drinks.

Bride and groom in front of Monaco Resort in Nelson.

The dark clouds were threatening us with a potential party pooper – come on sunny Nelson, live up to your reputation.

Bride walks in front of the Monaco Resort in Nelson.

Bride vand groom sit amoung flowers in front of The Grand McCure Nelson Monaco Resort.

Bride and groom hold each other in the bay window at the Monaco Resort.

These newlyweds have a story or two to tell, for such a young couple
they have seen so much of the world. They recently returned to New
Zealand after travelling around Europe, Shannon as a tour cook and
Lisa as a tour guide.

Balck and white wedding photo of bride and groom in a bay window at Nelson Monaco Resort.

We asked Shannon if he was a qualified cook, he told us that he got the
job having no prior experience, he learnt as he went – don’t you just love
the Kiwi spirit.

Romantic wedding photos take at The Grand McCure Nelson Monaco Resort.

Bride sits on grooms lap inn a window at the Monaco Resort in Nelson.

Magazine style wedding photos taken at the Monaco Resort Nelson.

Groom sits in a bay window at Nelson's Monaco Resort.

Bride looks out the window from the reception in the Monaco Resort.

We love photographing in and around the Monaco Resort, its a great place for a wet weather option as well.

Bride and groom celebrate their marriage with a glass of sparkling wine.

The big red double decker bus was running a little late returning from Founders Park to pick up the bridal party, so we took Shannon & Lisa with us to Tahunanui Beach. The others would catch up to us a little later when the bus arrives back to transport them.

Bride and groom drink wine on the sand along Tahunanui Beach Nelson.

Nothing like relaxing with a glass of bubbly on the beach after devoting the rest of your lives to each other….

Bride lies on her groom surrouded by orange tussock grass at Tahunanui beach Nelson.

It started to rain – I liked this comment that Katy posted on Facebook: I’m so stoked it rained on your parade – these photos are AWESOME! Love the clouds! You both look very pretty also.

Bride and groom look out to sea from sand dunes at Tahunanui beach in Nelson.

The spits of rain only lasted a few minutes – Phew!

Bridal party watch the bride and groom kiss on sand dunes at Tahunanui beach Nelson.

The bridal party arrived and we had some fun.

Bridal party walk arm in arm along the sand at Tahunanui Beach.

Groom and groomsmen jump in the air at Tahunanui Beach Nelson.

We wanted some cool guy shots – jumping won the vote.

Bride and her bridesmaids stand on sand dune surrounded by tussock grass.

The girls jumped as well, but this won the cool girls shot.

Wedding bridal party jump in the air at Tahunanui Beach Nelson.

“All at once, go”.

Bridal party in the big red double decker bus.

All on the bus, we are now heading for Founders Heritage Park in Nelson. I jumped on the bus with the bridal party to capture some of the hilarity (and there was plenty of that), while Chrissy followed us in the car. Good thing that we didn’t need a sober driver.

Guests make an arch way for the bride and groom at Founders Park in Nelson.

At Founders we were greeted by the guests….

Guests drink whisky at wedding reception.

And more drinks.

Nana tryed to sort me out with her walking stick? I think that she really
did like me?

Guests and bridal party travel to the Monaco Resort in the big red double decker bus.

Two levels of the double decker bus full with guests, we head back to The Monaco.  It’s now raining, we lucked out again.

Bride and groom ride to the Grand McCure Nelson Monaco Resort in the big red double decker bus.

Now, I would like to say that I had nothing to do with this, but I can’t.

Bride and groom walk through a guest arc at the Monaco Resort.

It’s been a fun packed afternoon and it’s now time to judge the two wedding cakes, one made by Lisa and her bridesmaids and the other by Shannon and his groomsmen.

The winner was based on which cake attracted the noisest cheer from the guests???

You can only guess which cake won…

What a fantastic day it has been, weddings are often what you make it. Shannon and Lisa, with the help from family and friends really made it happen. We look forward to seeing some of your travel photos and don’t forget the t-shirts when you come back to NZ next.

Daron & Chrissy

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