Mel & Courtney married!

This was our first time photographing a civil union wedding. Like all couples getting married, Mel and Courtney wanted beautiful photos from their special day.

Bride has her makeup applied.

We started the day with the bride getting ready.

Bride having hair and makeup for civil Union wedding.

A week before the wedding, Courtney came down with a bad case of pneumonia (I shouldn’t really say bad case, I have never heard of a good case of pneumonia). Considering her illness, Courtney did so incredibly well on the day, especially given the fact that the newlyweds didn’t get home until 3am the following morning.

Makeup artist looks at the bride.

Mel & Courtney’s friend and makeup artist said to us, “when I have finished applying the makeup to a bride, I stand back and look at her as if I was seeing her for the first time”. This was Jaz’s reaction – very funny!

Black and white civil union wedding photo.

Courtney looked so extremely happy, and why shouldn’t she, she was about to marry her BEST friend.

Bride sits on her Vesper Scooter.

Very cute…

Gold wedding rings on a model Jeep.

Glen James Jeweller designed and made Courtney’s beautiful wedding ring. What’s with the model Jeep you may ask? Glen had been running a promotion where winning couples drive a Jeep for a month – we had the Jeep for the day.

Bride arrives to civil union wedding at Kaiterteri Beach in a red Jeep.

And here it is, the full size version.

Mel arrived at the ceremony venue at Little Kaiterteri beach a few minutes before Courtney. We quickly ushered Mel off to hide behind a tree, we then told Courtney that Mel would be arriving soon. Courtney waited for that special moment not realising that Mel was coming from a different direction.

Brides look at each other for the first time on the day.

Courtney figured it out…

Bride holds her parasol and hugs her bride.

This moment was very emotional – come on Chrissy, no tears!

Two brides walk hand on hand to their civil union wedding ceremony.

This was such a relaxing wedding, everything moved at it’s own pace.

Same sex wedding between two girls at Kaiterteri Beach.

For Mel & Courtney, their dreams had come true.

Bride waves to guests during civil union wedding on Kaiterteri beach.

Bridesmaids wear red dresses for civil union wedding.

We couldn’t have asked for a better day, it was just beautiful.

Brides recite their vows during their civil union wedding.

And so were these two.

The location photos started on the rocks at Little Kaiteri – such beautiful contrast with the red bridesmaid dresses.

Mel and Courtney got caught up in the moment and completely forgot about the cameras.

They both pretty much laughed all day.

Two brides talk while sitting bon rocks at Kaiterteri beach

Back to the romance.

Same sex wedding at Kaiterteri Beach near Nelson.

We moved to a different part of the beach, it was here that I dropped my camera on rocks and then it fell into the salt water (Grrrrrrrrrr). It doesn’t matter how good your gear is, salt water makes a mess of things rather quickly.  I grabbed another camera and carried on photographing these two lovebirds. I think that Mel and Courtney were more concerned than I was, especially when they asked me how much the camera and lens were worth ($9000) whoops!

Two brides hold each other while standing on rocks at Little Kaiterteri Beach.

We carried on as if nothing happened, this was their day.

Civil union wedding at Kaiterteri Beach.

Two brides walk through a field of yellow flowers.

We left Kaiterteri and heading towards Upper Moutere, we spotted this field full of vibrant flowers – so perfect.

Good on ya Glen for helping Mel over the fence, which brings up a good point – everyone was too chicken to touch the electric fence to see if it was turned on – I did but mind you I had just drowned my camera and that was shocking enough!

Two bride standing on bridge.

I love structure and dimension in wedding photos.

Two brides kiss in the middle of the road.

And maybe a little leg.

Window light shines on a bride.

This message was posted on Nelson Wedding Photography Facebook.
“In Europe we purchased an old farm with buildings over 700 years old on it. One house that was about 120 years old was fascinating, we couldn’t see in it when we bought the place but once we moved in and started cleaning, it was like walking into a moment in time. Old shoes by the door, a leather hat hanging on a peg, just stunning! The room in this picture should be preserved like that, keep it a secret”.
For that very good reason we will keep this location anonymous, it would be a shame to have the property exploited..

Black and white wedding photo of bride next to a window.

Same sex wedding photo of two brides kissing.

Two brides kiss in old rustic house.

Right, let’s see what’s outside – these guys were lots of fun.


Bride sits on her brides lap.

There were all sorts of nooks and crannies everywhere.

Brides look through window in an old shed.

And a rustic old shed.

Mel & Courtney created their own magic, we just needed to get in the right position to capture it.

Black and white wedding photo of two same sex brides hugging in grass next to a rustic shed.

I stood on the top of an old fence to get this shot, Chrissy reminded me not to drop my camera (again) very funny!

Lesbian wedding photo.

It had been a long day and Courtney was beginning to feel tired after her illness, they both told us later that they enjoyed this time relaxing and enjoying these special moments.

While they enjoyed some quiet moments I was standing on top of a wobbling fence trying to keep my camera still – great fun, loved it.

Creative wedding photos of lesbian brides.

Time now to head back to Nelson for the reception at the Yacht Club.

Not before getting some shots of the Glen James Jeweller Jeeps (that plug is going to cost you Glen).

Bridal party sit on two Jeeps.

What an absolutely awesome day, we wish you both the very best for your future and thanks for letting us share this day with you.
Daron & Chrissy.

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